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A cost-based empirical model of the aggregate price determination for the Turkish economy: A multivariate cointegration approach  [PDF]
Zeren Fatma,Korap Levent
Panoeconomicus , 2010, DOI: 10.2298/pan1002173z
Abstract: This paper tries to examine the long run relationships between the aggregate consumer prices and some cost-based components for the Turkish economy. Based on a simple economic model of the macro-scaled price formation, multivariate cointegration techniques have been applied to test whether the real data support the a priori model construction. The results reveal that all of the factors, related to the price determination, have a positive impact on the consumer prices as expected. We find that the most significant component contributing to the price setting is the nominal exchange rate depreciation. We also cannot reject the linear homogeneity of the sum of all the price data as to the domestic inflation. The paper concludes that the Turkish consumer prices have in fact a strong cost-push component that contributes to the aggregate pricing.
Determination of the running coupling in pure SU(4) Yang-Mills theory  [PDF]
Biagio Lucini,Gregory Moraitis
Physics , 2007,
Abstract: The Schrodinger functional is used to define a renormalised coupling for pure SU(4) Yang-Mills theory, with Wilson action and suitably selected boundary conditions on the link field. The coupling, which runs with the size of the lattice, is then determined by a finite-size scaling technique through a large range of momenta, thereby allowing a connection to be made between the high energy regime and the low energy non-perturbative regime, where contact is made with the physical scale of the theory. Using data from previous SU(2) and SU(3) simulations obtained with the same technique, the running of the 't Hooft coupling defined through the Schrodinger functional is studied, and we check whether the large-N expectation that g^2*N is a universal function of the energy scale E holds down to energies of the order of the string tension. Finally, we determine Lambda_SF in units of the string tension as a function of N at leading order in 1/N^2.
Applying Unascertained Theory, Principal Component Analysis and ACO-based Artificial Neural Networks for Real Estate Price Determination  [cached]
Wanqing Li,Huawang Shi
Journal of Software , 2011, DOI: 10.4304/jsw.6.9.1672-1679
Abstract: Real estate industry is both capital-intensive, highly related industries and industries essential to provide the daily necessities. However, the real estate pricing models and methods of research rarely receive the critical attention and development it deserves. In this paper, we present a multi-resolution approach for the determination of the real estate pricing. The proposed method firstly utilizes unascertained theory to describe and quantity the price indices of the real estate, then principal component analysis (PCA) were introduced in to eliminate the real estate pricing indices having the relativities and overlap information. The representative indices from principal component analysis process substitute for the primary indexes. Thus subjective random problem in choosing indices can be avoided. Finally, Using ACO-based artificial neural networks, real estate pricing was analyzed and the results show that this method is more convenient and practical compared with the traditional one.
Pure Price of Anarchy for Generalized Second Price Auction  [PDF]
Wenkui Ding,Tao Wu,Tao Qin,Tie-Yan Liu
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: The Generalized Second Price auction (GSP) has been widely used by search engines to sell ad slots. Previous studies have shown that the pure Price Of Anarchy (POA) of GSP is 1.25 when there are two ad slots and 1.259 when three ad slots. For the cases with more than three ad slots, however, only some untight upper bounds of the pure POA were obtained. In this work, we improve previous results in two aspects: (1) We prove that the pure POA for GSP is 1.259 when there are four ad slots, and (2) We show that the pure POA for GSP with more than four ad slots is also 1.259 given the bidders are ranked according to a particular permutation.
Price Theory and Money Coupled: some Remarks on the Ayres-Martinás Theory
Zsolt Gilanyi
Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems , 2013,
Abstract: The main concern of economic science is to explain the Wealth of Nations. This tradition implies on the one hand, that wealth must be evaluated i.e.: economic science must elaborate a price theory; on the other hand, money should be integrated in economic theories because prices are expressed in monetary terms. Mainstream economic theory succeeds in price determination (with some limits) but fails on money integration, while non-mainstream monetary models succeed on money integration but fail on price determination. In this paper I argue that the Ayres-Martinás theoretical framework is a promising tentative to cope with this challenge of economic science.
On the quantum theory of pure gravitation  [PDF]
B. Ram
Physics , 2002,
Abstract: A quantum theory of the region of pure gravitation was given earlier in two papers [gr-qc/9908036 (Phys. Lett. A {\bf {265}}, 1 (2000)); gr-qc/0101056]. In this paper I provide further insight into the physics of this region.
Game Design and Analysis for Price based Demand Response: An Aggregate Game Approach  [PDF]
Maojiao Ye,Guoqiang Hu
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper, an aggregate game approach is proposed for the modeling and analysis of energy consumption control in smart grid. Since the electricity user's cost function depends on the aggregate load, which is unknown to the end users, an aggregate load estimator is employed to estimate it. Based on the communication among the users about their estimations on the aggregate load, Nash equilibrium seeking strategies are proposed for the electricity users. By using singular perturbation analysis and Lyapunov stability analysis, a local convergence result to the Nash equilibrium is presented for the energy consumption game that may have multiple Nash equilibria. For the energy consumption game with a unique Nash equilibrium, it is shown that the players' strategies converge to the Nash equilibrium non-locally. More specially, if the unique Nash equilibrium is an inner Nash equilibrium, then the convergence rate can be quantified. Energy consumption game with stubborn players is also investigated. Convergence to the best response strategies for the rational players is ensured. Numerical examples are provided to verify the effectiveness of the proposed methods.
Scaling Theory for Migration-Driven Aggregate Growth  [PDF]
F. Leyvraz,S. Redner
Physics , 2001, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.88.068301
Abstract: We give a comprehensive rate equation description for the irreversible growth of aggregates by migration from small to large aggregates. For a homogeneous rate K(i;j) at which monomers migrate from aggregates of size i to those of size j, that is, K(ai;aj) ~ a^{lambda} K(i,j), the mean aggregate size grows with time as t^{1/(2-lambda)} for lambda<2. The aggregate size distribution exhibits distinct regimes of behavior which are controlled by the scaling properties of the migration rate from the smallest to the largest aggregates. Our theory applies to diverse phenomena, such as the distribution of city populations, late stage coarsening of non-symmetric binary systems, and models for wealth exchange.
The Mathematical Statistics Theory Application on the Price Fluctuation Analysis  [PDF]
Jintao Meng,Jing Li
International Journal of Computer Science Issues , 2013,
Abstract: Grain price and output fluctuation are the normal state of market economy. It is one of the most important economic researches to understand grain price and output fluctuation law, which provides theory basis for the macroeconomic regulation and control. According to the cobweb model theory, the relationship between citrus production and price is accord with the divergence type of cobweb model .This means that simply relying on market regulation can make fluctuation between production and price bigger, go against citrus production and cultivation, thus, affecting the interests of farmers. It is well-known most farmers are concerned about the future price trend and the probability of price fluctuation. This paper uses mathematical statistics theory to study the citrus price changes, and the corresponding change trend, providing a theoretical basis for majority of farmers to better estimate citrus price change trend.
The First Order Signal in Pure U(1) Gauge Theory May be Fake  [PDF]
C. B. Lang,T. Neuhaus
Physics , 1993, DOI: 10.1016/0920-5632(94)90441-3
Abstract: We study the deconfinement phase transition of compact $U(1)$ pure lattice gauge theory with the Wilson action on {\em closed topology} lattices. In contrast to studies of compact QED on {\em hypercubic lattices with periodic boundary conditions}, we find no metastability signal at the phase transition on the lattices with the topology of a sphere. Thus the determination of the order of this phase transition has to be reconsidered. We argue that different properties of closed monopole loops on these topological inequivalent lattices might be responsible for the effect.
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