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Comparison of First Gear Performance for Manual and Automatic Transmissions
Kyle Stottlemyer
Undergraduate Journal of Mathematical Modeling : One + Two , 2011, DOI: 10.5038/2326-3652.4.1.1
Abstract: The purpose of this project is to compare the first gear performance of an automobile for both its manual and automatic transmission options. Each transmission type has a different gear ratio, which yields a different acceleration curve for each transmission throughout the torque-rpm curve of the engine. The method of integral calculus was used to find an equation which could be used to solve for time at any point in the car's acceleration. The automobile velocity versus time was then graphed to compare each transmissions acceleration trend. This process is similar to that which automotive companies may use when determining what type of transmission to pair with a particular vehicle. By observing the trends in the acceleration graphs, it was determined that there are specific advantages and disadvantages to each type of transmission. Which transmission is the “better” choice is dependent on what application the automobile will be used for (e.g. racing, day-to-day driving, towing/hauling).
Diagnostics of power transmissions system with tooth gear
Grzegorz WOJNAR,Bogus?aw ?AZARZ,Henryk MADEJ
Transport Problems : an International Scientific Journal , 2008,
Abstract: This paper presents results of laboratory tests that were aimed at detecting early stages of various faults in toothed wheels by measurement and analysis of transverse vibration speed of the transmission gear shafts. In experimental investigation, cracking of the root tooth and chipping of the tooth were detected. The laser vibrometer Ometron VH300+ was used for non-contact measurement of shaft transversal vibration speed. Gear vibrations were recorded in selected points of gear housing and gear shafts at different speeds and gear loads. Results were analyzed and compared but in this paper is presented only selected examples. This paper shows that on the basis of the transverse vibration speed of transmission gear shafts, it is possible to detect defects at an earlier stage than on the basis of the housing vibration accelerations. In the case of measuring gear shaft vibration velocity, the way of the signal generated by the defect of a gear wheel (or bearing) is shortened as well as the influence of composed transmittance of the bearing-gear housing system is eliminated. WV time-frequency analysis and complex continuous wavelet transformations were used for detection. The authors introduced a measure of local tooth damage, which was proportional to the size of damage. The results of research presented in this paperconfirmed that the defect's measure is very sensitive to the development of teeth faults.
Efficiency Evaluation of Continuously Variable Transmissions Including a Planetary Gear Train  [PDF]
A. A?tTaleb, A. Chaaba, M. Sallaou
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2013.52015

With their advantages, continuously variable transmissions have gained more popularity in the last decade by their use in mechanical transmission systems. The present paper aims to analysis the efficiency of the transmission based on the mechanical efficiency of the planetary gear train integrated in such transmission. In this analysis, we consider the mechanical efficiency of the transmission has been determined considering how the efficiency of the CVT members changes as a function of the operating conditions. The efficiency of the planetary gear train as a function of the configuration, speeds in his three input/output shafts, and also with respect to the power flow type. Results are compared with those obtained from other methods performance evaluation of the transmission, available in the literature.

?械??器  [PDF]
地质与勘探 , 1957,
Abstract: ?械??器是用来消除在爆破??生的灰尘使用的一种简单器械。它的?造(?附图)是在直?33.5公厘的管子上,按有4个?水器所?成的。共制造方法是将蓝子(2)焊在怜子的一端(见
Some effects of gear wheels strengthening with vibration-centrifugal processing Эффективность упрочнения вибрационно-центробежной обработкой зубчатых колес ЕФЕКТИВН СТЬ ЗМ ЦНЕННЯ В БРАЦ ЙНО-В ДЦЕНТРОВОЮ ОБРОБКОЮ ЗУБЧАСТИХ КОЛ С  [cached]
О.Д. Клименко,Е.Л. Селезньов
Proceedings of National Aviation University , 2005,
Abstract: There are some researching results of vibration-centrifugal strengthening influence on gear wheels power transmissions demolition stability. Приведены результаты исследования влияния вибрационно-центробежного упрочнения на износостойкость зубчатых колес силовых передач. Наведено результати досл дження впливу в брац йно-в дцентрового зм цнення на зносост йк сть зуб-частих кол с силових передач.
High Efficiency Gear  [PDF]
Florian Ion Tiberiu Petrescu, Relly Victoria Virgil Petrescu
Facta Universitatis, Series: Mechanical Engineering , 2014, DOI: no
Abstract: The paper presents an original method for determining gear efficiency, gearing forces, velocities and powers. It analyzes the way in which certain parameters affect gear efficiency. Furthermore, an original method for determining geared transmissions efficiency as a function of the contact ratio is concisely presented. With the presented relations, one can make a dynamic synthesis of geared transmissions with the aim of increasing gearing mechanisms efficiency.
V. Bogomolov,V. Klimenko,N. Mikhalevich,H. Kalyanov
Аvtomob?lnyi Transport , 2011,
Abstract: The results of conducted experimental researches of gear-change process are considered.
Spherical Planetary Ball Transmissions: Geometrical Synthesis
Mikhail E. Lustenkov
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1100486
Abstract: The paper examines theoretical problems of the development of transmissions with intermediate engaged rolling bodies in which speed reduction and load transfer are made through interaction of main gear units with balls. The distinctive feature of this type of gears is the execution of working surfaces (running ways) of the main gear units on the spherical surfaces. The design of spherical transmission with the constant reduction ratio is developed. The principle of its work is based on interaction of rolling bodies with running way of drive shaft, working surfaces of stopped gear unit and meridional grooves of driven shaft. The running way and working surfaces are made along the harmonic curves closed on sphere. The parametrical equations of interacting spherical curves of several types are received. One of these curves is an inclined circle along which a ring groove on sphere is made. Theoretical principles are illustrated by examples of design of reducer unit.
高分子学报 , 1958,
Abstract: 非晶態綫型聚合物,共有三個物理-機械狀態:玻璃態、高彈態和粘流態。從玻璃態轉變到高彈態的溫度稱為玻璃化溫度(以T_g表示),從高彈態轉變到粘流態的溫度稱為流動溫度(以T_j表示)。
Diagnosis on Surface Failure in Gear Equipment Using Time - Frequency Domain Analysis  [PDF]
Yuji Ohue, Toshiya Kounou, Katsuhiko Yazama
Engineering (ENG) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2011.38104
Abstract: In order to make more progress in the gear performance, it is important to evaluate the gear dynamics more precisely, since gear is a main machine element in motion and power transmissions. For preventing the unexpected failure in mechanical systems, a large amount of work has been carried out based on a statistical model developed by Lundberg and Palmgren [1] with reliability models using the classical fatigue theory. However, most of these works did not consider the operating conditions of machine during the fatigue process.
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