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Petition and Judicial Integrity  [cached]
Zhuoyan Xie
Journal of Politics and Law , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/jpl.v2n1p24
Abstract: The petition system (Xingfang) is one of the greatest dilemmas in China’s legal framework. Chaos was created as a result of the clash between it and the judicial system. This article is divided into three sections to analyze the interaction between petition practice and judicial integrity. The first section will identify the factors limiting judicial independence in mainland China, which is the main reason for the swelling number of petitions. Further, the characteristics leading to the failure of the petitioning system will also be explored. In the second section, the author will go on to explain the inherent conflict between the petitioning system and judicial integrity. In conclusion, the article draws together all the above strands into an overall analysis contending that the misplaced functions of petition practice should be redefined and a comprehensive reform is imperative.

- , 2015,
Abstract: 隋末唐初,徽州豪民汪华聚众起兵,带甲十万,保捍乡里,据有歙、宣、杭、睦等六州之地,归唐后封越国公。然而对于此人,不仅唐史无传,即便南宋以前官方史书也多以“贼”称之。南宋淳熙二年(1175),罗愿编修《新安志》对其形象加以重新塑造,并获成功,汪华的“英雄”形象逐渐被后世接受。进入宋代以后,徽州汪氏取得了科举考试上的巨大成功,他们或任职于中央,或掌权于地方,政治地位迅速上升。他们利用中央的敕封政策不断提高汪华神的称号与地位,借以抬高自身。罗愿利用编修《新安志》之机,从各个方面为汪华正名并取得成功,与以汪氏为核心的徽州地方政治势力的兴起密不可分。
Antidumping Petition, Foreign Direct Investment, and Strategic Exports  [cached]
Yasukazu Ichino
Research in World Economy , 2013, DOI: 10.5430/rwe.v4n1p22
Abstract: We examine how the protection-seeking effort of an import-competing industry, in the form of an antidumping petition, is affected by the foreign firm’s FDI opportunity. In equilibrium, the protection-seeking effort is either blockading, deterring, or accommodating FDI. When FDI is deterred, the protection-seeking effort decreases as the antidumping duty increases, and the foreign firm can benefit from an increase in the duty. Therefore, when the future duty depends on current exports, the foreign firm may increase its exports in order to dampen protection seeking. Namely, antidumping policy can induce more “dumping” when the foreign firm has an FDI opportunity.
太伯、仲雍奔荆蛮地望考  [PDF]
东南文化 , 2003,
Abstract: ????太伯、仲雍“奔荆蛮”的地望为今江苏江阴,具体地点为花山和佘城,佘城为太伯所筑,并可能是吴最初的立国地。
奔福德定律在审计领域的应用  [PDF]
财会月刊 , 2007,
Abstract: 本文介绍了奔福德定律的理论内涵及其在审计中应用的理论和实践成果,探讨了在审计实践中应用奔福德定律的条件及应注意的问题。  【关键词】奔福德定律审计财务舞弊一、奔福德定律的内涵奔福德定律是一个有趣的数学定律,该定律揭示了在满足特定条件的情况下,大量统计数据中阿拉伯数字1~9出现在数据首位的概率的分布规律。1.奔福德定律的推演。美国数学家、天文学家塞蒙·纽卡姆于1881年经过对大量随机数据的统计分析,发现这些数据都符合这样的规律:以“1”为第一位数的随机数要比以“2”为第一位数的随机数出现的概率大,而以“2”为第一位数的随机数要比以“3”为第一位数的随机数出现的概率大,以此类推。
Social Media and Ghana’s 2012 Election Petition—A Discussion  [PDF]
Kirchuffs Atengble
Advances in Journalism and Communication (AJC) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajc.2014.23013
Abstract: For about five decades after independence, the media in Africa had been dominated by traditional mass communication such as radio, television and the print. But with development in internet technologies, coupled with developments in mobile communication devices, such tendencies begun to wane, and the resultant effect was the blend of the old and new media. This paper therefore discusses some of the activities that were threaded on social media platforms, and then identifies particular effects that such activities had on the petition sessions. As social media was deemed to have been critical in the Arab Spring of 2010, and in the general political landscape of the continent (campaigns, political rallies, elections, etc.), it has also been a significant part of the 2012 Election Petition Hearings in Ghana.
刘奔对价值哲学的重要贡献  [PDF]
天府新论 , 2009,
Abstract: 刘奔是我国价值哲学的开拓者之一,对我国价值哲学的发展,作出了重要贡献。主要表现是:20世纪80年代初,价值哲学刚刚在我国兴起,刘奔、李连科合作写了一系列研究价值论的论文,特别是1982年他们提出了关于真理观与值观的统一的见解,对我国价值哲学产生了重要影响。刘奔、李连科还深入研究了实践与价值的关系问题。刘奔认为,价值论问题首先是一个历史观问题。对马克思主义哲学价值观念作何种理解,从最本质的意义来说,是关系到能否完整准确地把握唯物史观的重大问题。刘奔认为,价值关系是现实世界对人的发展的关系,也就是说价值是现实世界对人的发展的作用问题,这是对价值本质的精辟概括。他认为价值关系是人作为主体的特有存在方式,价值是相对于人特别是作为社会主体的人的发展而言的。价值的本质在于促进作为社会主体的人的发展。刘奔对价值哲学的又一重要贡献是有力地促进了中日两国价值哲学学术交流。
《乌布西奔妈妈》的史诗特点  [PDF]
民族文学研究 , 2015,
Abstract: 《乌布西奔妈妈》是一部流传于满族先世东海女真人中的英雄史诗,构成中国北方英雄史诗带的重要一环,并体现了鲜明的特点阐扬了集体英雄主义的核心价值观;表现了浓郁的渔猎文化特色;彰显了突出的女性崇拜观念。她具有独特的传承方式和艺术表现形式,在世界史诗园林中独树一帜。
Petition Growth and Success Rates on the UK No. 10 Downing Street Website  [PDF]
Scott A. Hale,Helen Margetts,Taha Yasseri
Computer Science , 2013, DOI: 10.1145/2464464.2464518
Abstract: Now that so much of collective action takes place online, web-generated data can further understanding of the mechanics of Internet-based mobilisation. This trace data offers social science researchers the potential for new forms of analysis, using real-time transactional data based on entire populations, rather than sample-based surveys of what people think they did or might do. This paper uses a `big data' approach to track the growth of over 8,000 petitions to the UK Government on the No. 10 Downing Street website for two years, analysing the rate of growth per day and testing the hypothesis that the distribution of daily change will be leptokurtic (rather than normal) as previous research on agenda setting would suggest. This hypothesis is confirmed, suggesting that Internet-based mobilisation is characterized by tipping points (or punctuated equilibria) and explaining some of the volatility in online collective action. We find also that most successful petitions grow quickly and that the number of signatures a petition receives on its first day is a significant factor in explaining the overall number of signatures a petition receives during its lifetime. These findings have implications for the strategies of those initiating petitions and the design of web sites with the aim of maximising citizen engagement with policy issues.
Analysis of the 2004 Venezuela Referendum: The Official Results Versus the Petition Signatures  [PDF]
Gustavo Delfino,Guillermo Salas
Statistics , 2012, DOI: 10.1214/08-STS263
Abstract: On August 15th, 2004, Venezuelans had the opportunity to vote in a Presidential Recall Referendum to decide whether or not President Hugo Ch\'{a}vez should be removed from office. The process was largely computerized using a touch-screen system. In general the ballots were not manually counted. The significance of the high linear correlation (0.99) between the number of requesting signatures for the recall petition and the number of opposition votes in computerized centers is analyzed. The same-day audit was found to be not only ineffective but a source of suspicion. Official results were compared with the 1998 presidential election and other electoral events and distortions were found.
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