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Application of Neural Networks to Identification for Efficiency Factor Model of Automobile

Wu Junfeng,Zhu Ruonan,

系统工程理论与实践 , 1999,
Abstract: Based on the neural networks principles, a method for identification of efficiency factor model of automobile motor is introduced. This factor relies on motor axis velocity and on the pressure in collector. Two groups of measured data are got, one is used for identification, another for testing the validation of the model through its predictive capacity. By comparison,it is concluded that the application of neural network technology in identification for efficiency factor model is possible, and the result is good.
语言族的L可识性、L半可识性与L强可识性  [PDF]
科学通报 , 1986,
Abstract: 郭聿琦等建立和讨论了语言族的半可识性和强可识性,给出了积分语言族可识的充要条件。本文建立和讨论了语言族的L可识性、L半可识性和L强可识性,给出了L积分语言族的L可识、L半可识和L强可识的充分条件。
Innovations in Automobile Engineering
Mohit Ojha,Arijeet Bhadra,Maharshi Bhattacharya,,Amit Kumar Sharma
International Journal on Theoretical and Applied Research in Mechanical Engineering , 2013,
Abstract: The Automobile Industry Is rapidly evolving with time. New technologies have been successfully implemented, however growing consumer demands have posed new challenges in front of the automobile industry. In this paper, we have come up with some ideas that can be used for the benefit of the customers
The Strategic Transformation of Automobile Industry in China  [cached]
Som Techakanjanakit,Meifang Huang
International Journal of Financial Research , 2012, DOI: 10.5430/ijfr.v3n3p8
Abstract: In the past few years, the global automobile industry is developing difficultly because of the influence from the financial crisis. In contrast, China's automobile production and sales are still having a blowout type growth, and jumped into the world's largest automobile production and sales market. At the same time, Chinese automobile companies continue to deepen and join with international brand cooperation; independent research and development of the independent brand production, and their technical also get greatly strengthened. Similarly, in the tide of industrial upgrading and international acquisitions, strategic transformation era of Chinese automobile industry has gradually started. This paper based on the world economic crisis brought both challenge and opportunity to the automobile industry in China, comprehensively analysis China's automobile industry development present situation and development trend in the transformation era, with case analysis of China's automobile companies, and then gives some suggestions on China's automobile industry strategy adjustment in transformation.
V. S. Demyanova,A. D. Gusev
Scientific Herald of the Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: Statement of the problem. The legislative system of legal handling of waste in the Russian Fed-eration is focused on governing the handling waste as an environment pollutant. There is almost no legal regulations for handling waste as secondary material resources. Therefore, there is a pressing need to describe directions to be taken in the recycling of automobile tires.Results and conclusions. The system of legal regulations for handling wastes has been analyzed. A growing need to utilize automobile tires has been indicated. Physical and mechanical indicators have been established and the residual durability of metal cord as a product of tire processing has been evaluated. The comparative analysis with an industrial fiber has been carried out. The most technological and economic directions to be taken in the recycling of rubber scraps in order to do-mestically manufacture tile and of metal cord to manufacture fiber-concrete of various types are suggested for a “floating floor” structure.
约束销栓混凝土柱的试验研究  [PDF]
工业建筑 , 1989, DOI: 10.23204/j.gyjz198911003
Abstract: 本文通过试验和分析表明,无论是中心受压还是偏心受压条件下,约束销栓混凝土柱,约束加宽销栓混凝土柱和名义销栓混凝土柱的承载能力、延性性能,以及对核心混凝土的约束效果,都远远优于参数相同的销栓混凝土柱;而且后者只反映本身的结构性能,不能代表高比厚大很多的钢包混凝土销栓连接的墙体结构性能;只有约束销栓混凝土柱一类(包括加宽和名义)的性能,才接近钢包混凝土销栓连接的墙体结构性能。因此,钢包混凝土销栓连接拱结构的研究,应依约束钢包混凝土销栓连接拱带等一类试验为准。
金属材料销型承载试验评述  [PDF]
材料工程 , 1988,
Abstract: 本文针对金属材料销型承载试验方法的特点,详细地介绍了润滑剂、清洗剂、销子和销孔的粗糙度及边距比对挤压断裂强度和挤压屈服强度的影响,供制定我国的销型承载标准方法参考。
Contact Dermatitis In Automobile Repair workers  [cached]
Joshi M P,Zodpey S.P,Bhatkule P R,Vasudeo N D
Indian Journal of Dermatology , 1997,
Abstract: Automobile repair workers are at risk of developing skin morbidity including occupational dermatoses because of their exposure to mineral oils, petroleum products and its derivatives and lubricating oil. This cross- sectional study was carried out at Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation workshops in Nagpur city to investigate prevalence of skin morbidity including contact dermatitis in automobile repair workers. The study included 288 (49.9%) automobile repair workers 180 (31.3%) workshop office staff and 109 (18.8%) divisional office employees. Dermatitis was the commonest skin morbidity in all the study subjects and it was significantly more prevalent in automobile repair workers. Folliculitis was detected in 13.2% of auto a€" repair workers and was not seen in the other two groups. Increasing trend of skin morbidity was correlated with the length of service of employees. Proper protective measures along with suitable washing facilities should be provided
Forecasting Model of Automobile Loan Based on Conditional Expectation  [PDF]
Liang Sun, Derong Tan, Yuqi Nie
Modern Economy (ME) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/me.2010.12013
Abstract: A double forecasting model based on conditional expectation was proposed through probability distribution of demand of automobile loan. The demand of automobile loan is the sum of all compound variables which indicated that automobile loan was credited to customer occurring in a certain period of time. Probability distribution of automobile loan was acquired using throughout probability theory. In view of such a fact, demand of automobile loan can be viewed as an conditional mathematic expectation. The forecasting model is proposed using growing function. Theoretical analysis and Case study shows that model based on conditional expectation is better than other model available with respect to forecasting demand of automobile loan.
销接节点考虑接触特性的设计讨论  [PDF]
公路交通科技 , 2006,
Abstract: 销接连接形式具有接触受力的特性。若不考虑这种特性,按现行设计思路将会夸大销轴受力的不利情况。参考Winkler弹性基础模型的假定,建立了一种新的简化计算模型。在此基础上推导出销轴跨中弯矩的设计计算公式。分析表明跨中弯矩在按规范JTJ025-86计算结果的基础上应乘以系数β进行折减,以考虑荷载沿销轴轴向的分布。销接节点实例分析证实按该模型计算的结果与接触仿真模拟的结果吻合程度较好。
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