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Reviews of Progress , 2013,
Abstract: Background: Tooth avulsion is one of the commonest types of physical sport injury. Themanagement of these cases is critical in order to prevent complete loss of tooth and its subsequentconsequences. The prognosis of such avulsed tooth depends on prompt treatment. The emergencymanagement of such avulsed tooth is made by the sports teacher who is present at the sports ground. Thefirst–aid knowledge about tooth avulsion is must for the sports teacher. Aim: The objective of the presentstudy was to evaluate the knowledge about management of tooth avulsion among sports teachers inAhmednagar District. Methods: A sample of 60 sports teachers were interviewed from different schools.The data was collected using a self administered questionnaire containing seven items which wasdistributed among the sports teacher from different schools. Results: we found that 90% of the sportsteachers were not having the first-aid knowledge about the emergency management of avulsed tooth andthe benefit of timely care. This demands an effort to properly educate sports teachers about first-aidmanagement and consequently change their attitude towards dental trauma.
Factors of satisfaction at work among professionals in the family health strategy
Karelline Izaltemberg Vasconcelos Rosenstock, Sérgio Ribeiro dos Santos
Revista de Enfermagem UFPE On Line , 2010,
Abstract: Objective: to reflect on the factors of satisfaction at work among health personnel who work in the Family Health Strategy (FHS). Method: it is a bibliographical research whose sources of information were scientific articles in the databases LILACS, SciELO, BVS and Bibliomed, and books. Results: in the FHS the quality of health services is a result of various factors is the result of various factors which are of both the definition and analysis of problems in assessing the degree of involvement of professionals with technical standards, and the humanities. The main factors of satisfaction at work are related to adequate compensation, good interpersonal relationships, enhancement of production, responsibilities and practices. Final considerations: if the teams responsible for the actions of health and managers work together, democratizing solutions, leaving policy issues to one side there will be changes in the program, making it and giving quality service to the user and the professional working conditions.
Beden Egitimi ve Spor Bilimleri Dergisi , 2009,
Abstract: This research discusses the relationships among footballers’ work (sports) satisfaction, organizational (hut) loyalty and loyalty to the leader (the coach). 75 football players were selected by handy sampling methods for the survey. Minnesota Work Satisfaction Scale developed by Hackman and Oltham (1980), Organizational Loyalty Scale developed by Mowday, Ster and Porter (1979), Scale for loyalty to Leader developed by Arnald at all and personal information of the subjects were employed in the survey.All the data obtained through the survey was analyzed with computer. The reliability coefficients of the Work Satisfaction Scale , Organizational Loyalty Scale and Scale For Loyalty to Leader have been found as 0.8622, 0.7923, 0.9318 respectively.The subjects’ attitudes regarding the questions of the survey and the relationships among demographic differences were analyzed with T-Test and one-way analysis of variance. Correlation Test has been applied to detect the relationships among footballers’ work satisfaction, organizational loyalty and loyalty to the leader.According to the results obtained through survey, there is a significant difference between the professional and amateur football players’ attitudes for work satisfaction, organizational loyalty and loyalty to the leader. (P< 0,05). However, no significant difference has been observed in attitudes for work satisfaction, organizational loyalty and loyalty to the leader in terms of whether having extra-sport income or not. (P>0,05). Significant difference has been found between the levels of work satisfaction and economic income levels. (P< 0,05).Additionally, positive-directed meaningful relationship has been found between work satisfaction and organizational loyalty (r:0,631** ), work satisfaction and loyalty to the leader (r: 0,496**), loyalty to the leader organizational loyalty (r: 0,456**).
Erkan Faruk ??R?N
Journal of Theory and Practice in Education , 2009,
Abstract: This study was carried out to determine whether the job satisfaction of research assistants at Schools of Physical Education and Sport, and their attitudes to university lecturers, varies at a meaningful level regarding some variables and to find out the correlation between them. The sample of the research includes 96 research assistants. The levels of job satisfaction were determined by the “Job Satisfaction Scale” (Ba and Ard , 2001) while attitude levels concerning lecturers were determined by the “Research Assistants’ Attitude to Lecturers’ Scale” (Semerci, 2004). The research assistants’ points and general job satisfaction, subdimension job satisfaction and quality of job satisfaction, ,image of the institution, satisfaction of job security, satisfaction with academic atmosphere and executive consultant, communication and satisfaction points with colleagues did not vary according to the different age variable. On the other hand, differences at a meaningful level in the points of salary satisfaction according to the age variable were confirmed. According to the research assistants’ service period variable, no differences were found in the job satisfaction, the subdimension job satisfaction and in the average of the points of lecturers. A moderate positive versatility among general job satisfaction with regard to research assistants’ attitude to lecturers, satisfaction from the job quality and image of the institute; communication and the satisfaction with colleagues as the subdimension was confirmed.
Mahmut ?ZDEVEC?O?LU,Yasemin YAL?IN
Beden Egitimi ve Spor Bilimleri Dergisi , 2010,
Abstract: In Turkey, researches about sports satisfaction have become widespread. This study has two aims. First of them is relations among sportive’s sports satisfactions, stresses, and aggressions. And in this direction, the second aim is the separately effect of the sports satisfaction on stress and aggression. To reach these aims, 420 sportive were interviewed at city of Antalya, and various branches. Nonetheless, data was collected trough a developed question form, and analyses were realized with SPSS 15.0 package. According to realized analyses’ results, negative relations were found among sports satisfaction with stress and aggression. Namely, while sportive’ satisfaction which is related their sports branch increase, their aggression and stress were decreasing. In this study, with assistance of obtained results, positive r elation among stress and aggression had ascertained. While sportive’ stress increase, their aggression levels decrease. According as cause-consequence analysis, the last finding were acquired from the study is sport satisfaction had determined as a significant variable which explain both stress and aggression. That is to say, sport satisfaction is significant attitude which explain sportive’ stress and aggression.
The Relationship Between Work Family Interface with Job Satisfaction among Employees in Government Organization in Iran
Mohammad H. Nekouei,Mumtazah Bt. Othman,Aminah Bt. Ahmad,Jariah Bt. Masud
International Business Management , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/ibm.2012.458.470
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to determine the influence of work family interface on job satisfaction among employees in governmental organizations in Iran as well as factors that contribute toward their level of job satisfaction. The study was conducted among workers in government sector in Iran. Samples consisted of 485 respondents selected through stratified random sampling. Data collection was conducted based on self-administered questionnaires. The questionnaire used consisted of a number of dimensions: personal characteristics; work family interface and job satisfaction. The Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) was conducted to determine relationship between variables in the model (work family interface and job satisfaction).
A study of job satisfaction and work environment perception among doctors in a tertiary hospital in Delhi  [cached]
Kaur Suminder,Sharma Rahul,Talwar Richa,Verma Anita
Indian Journal of Medical Sciences , 2009,
Abstract: Background : Many doctors are dissatisfied with their jobs, which is due to long working hours and overwork. This can affect patient care and reduce quality of care. Objectives : To study job satisfaction among doctors in a tertiary hospital in Delhi and the various factors related with it. Materials and Methods: Data collection was done among 250 doctors on tenure-based job, selected by stratified random sampling, in a teaching hospital in Delhi, by using a self-administered questionnaire. Statistical Analysis : Proportions and Chi-square tests. Results : The mean number of work-hours among doctors was 9.7 ± 2.7 hours per day, and the mean number of night shifts was 5.6 per month. About half (49.6%) of the doctors were dissatisfied with the average number of work-hours per day. Dissatisfaction was significantly more in those who had an average of> 8 work-hours per day and who had ≥8 night shifts per month. About half (45.6%) of the doctors considered their salary as ′bad,′ and this was significantly more among unmarried doctors, interns and those who had ≥8 night shifts per month. More than half (55.2%) of the doctors were dissatisfied with their choice of profession, i.e., being a doctor, as compared to other professions. Conclusions : A significant proportion of doctors were found to be dissatisfied with the average number of their work-hours and salary. Factors like the average number of work-hours per day and the number of night shifts per month were found to have a significant relation with dissatisfaction. Further studies are needed to explore how best the work-hours of doctors could be adjusted to improve their job satisfaction.
The Effect of Job Satisfaction and Family Satisfaction on Work- Family Conflict (W-FC) and Family-Work Conflict (F-WC) among Married Female Nurses in Shiraz-Iran  [cached]
Hajar Namayandeh,Rumaya Juhari,Siti Nor Yaacob
Asian Social Science , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v7n2p88
Abstract: The present study highlights the significance of job satisfaction as one of the most important work factors on W-FC and F-WC. This paper also examines the effects of one of the essential family factor which is family satisfaction on W-FC and F-WC. The respondents for this study consist of 198 married female nurses working in public hospitals in Shiraz-Iran. The findings revealed that married female nurses with high level of job satisfaction tend to report low level of W-FC. Unlike previous studies, the finding also indicates that there is no significant relationship between the respondents’ job satisfaction and F-WC, which may be explained by the specific cultural context in Iran. This study also established that high level of family satisfaction is associated with low level of W-FC and F-WC. Implications are discussed and recommendations are made regarding future researches in this area.
Work motivations, satisfaction and well-being among hotel managers in China: Passion versus addiction  [PDF]
Ronald J. Burke,Wang Jeng,Mustafa Koyuncu,Lisa Fiksenbau
Interdisciplinary Journal of Research in Business , 2011,
Abstract: Building on previous research on workaholism and on types of passion, this research examines correlates of work-based Passion and Addiction among hotel managers in Beijing China. Data were collected from309 hotel managers from 19 properties using anonymously completed questionnaires. The following results were noted. First, levels of Passion and Addiction were significantly and positively correlated. Second, managers scoring higher on Passion, and on Addiction, were both more heavily invested in their work. Third, managers indicated slightly higher levels of Passion than Addiction as sources of work motivation. Fourth, managers scoring higher on Passion also indicated less obsessive job behaviours, greater work and extra-work satisfactions and higher levels of psychological well-being. Fifth, managers scoring higher on Addiction indicated more obsessive job behaviours, lower work and extra-work satisfactions and lower levels of psychological well-being. This pattern of results was consistent with findings obtained in other countries using other occupational groups. Suggestions for addressing work motivations are offered.
Sport si Societate : Revista de Educatie Fizica, Sport si Stiinte Conexe , 2012,
Abstract: Work is a part of our lives. We often spend a lot of the day working; job satisfaction – both at the personaland at the group or organization level – represents an important aspect of our professional activity. We aim to assessthe level of job satisfaction of the members of sports groups, by attempting to describe objectively the situations of thesports groups within the city of Ia i (Romania), part of the first and second sports divisions. We have questioned 158athletes (55 female athletes and 103 male athletes playing basketball, football, handball, rugby, and volleyball). Therespondents answered to a standardized 32-item questionnaire; the items were grouped into four factors (pay andpromotion; management and interpersonal relations; organization and communication; general satisfaction). Thehomogeneity instrument was assessed for the entire scale, as well as independently for each factor. The lack ofvariance homogeneity made it impossible to get outcomes for the interaction of the independent variables such as theclub and the status. For the dimension pay and promotion, both the club type and the status of athletes exert influenceson the satisfaction of athletes. For the dimension management and interpersonal relations, the semi-professionalathletes are more satisfied compared to the professional athletes. The level of general satisfaction of the athletes withinthe teams studied is higher in the case of professional than in that of semi-professional athletes. The variable biologicgender does not influence the level of any factor of job satisfaction for the sports teams within the local communityspace.
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