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Study on 3D Geological Model of Highway Tunnels Modeling Method  [PDF]
Kun ZHENG, Fang ZHOU, Pei LIU, Peng KAN
Journal of Geographic Information System (JGIS) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jgis.2010.21002
Abstract: Geology is the base for highways and tunnels construction. With the fast development of national highway construction, highway tunnel construction project are more and more complex. The completeness and accuracy are essential for the planning, design and construction of projects, while the ground information is quite poor in systematic, reliable and timely aspects. Therefore, the development of underground road tunnels, and the implementation of informationized spatial information management is urgent for highway construction. 3D geological tunnel model is intuitive, high efficient and convenience which greatly facilitates the maintenance and security of highway tunnels construction and it will be the trend for the future highway tunnel development.
Design and Implementation of Highway Management System Based WebGIS  [cached]
Feng Xie
Journal of Networks , 2010, DOI: 10.4304/jnw.5.12.1389-1392
Abstract: Network Geographic Information System is a GIS based on Web technical standards and communication protocol of network , a product of Web technology and GIS technology, it is based on Internet / Intranet to provide users with information distributed in space, data sharing, exchange and cooperation. WebGIS make full use of network resources, a large scale to reduce costs and complexity of dealing with the implementation of the server, the client is simple, is an ideal global optimization model, replace a desktop GIS system, and provide personalized service.Based on WebGIS for the new technology platform, the highway pavement management system designs and builds roads spatial database and attribute database. The system uses dynamic segmentation technology to link road geographic information and attribute information. The system could process pavement condition evaluation and forecast by model, the decision support subsystems with analysis and decision-making. Through the establishment of highway pavement management system based on WebGIS, it is to achieve highway management scientific and effective network, it will greatly enhance the efficiency of highway management it is effective management tool to resolve the contradiction between the rapid growth of the highway and the pavement maintenance. It will provide timely and accurate decision support information.
Feasibility of Highway Tunnel Construction in Desert Area

WU Chu-gang,PENG Lian-jie,LI Gui-qian,WEN Dong-liang,LIU Fei,LI Qiang,

中国沙漠 , 2011,
Abstract: It is important for the desert region's economic development and prosperity to improve the transportation in the desert area.Hence,to carry out traffic construction in the desert area is urgent.In this paper,the problems of the desert highway is pointed out,and a new design program of the highway tunnel in the desert area is proposed on the basis of physical features of the desert.Analysis of economic benefit and demonstration of construction feasibility of the design program are made too.The concept of ene...
Pressured liquid chlorine leakage accident simulation in highway tunnel  [PDF]
LI Jianfeng, LIU Mao, WANG Wei
International Journal of Energy and Environment , 2010,
Abstract: With the national economic development, China's transportation infrastructure has also made great progress, particularly in the highway. How to reduce the accident consequence that occurred in the highway tunnel has been the tropical topic in China. The liquid Chlorine accidental leakage in highway tunnel was exemplified for the poisonous gas dispersion consequence analysis using computational fluid dynamics. First, the GAMBIT code was used to create geometrical models and generate meshes. Second, by using the FLUENT code, the Chlorine gas dispersion in the highway tunnel was simulated and the scenarios with different leak sources were discussed. Case study shows that the FLUENT code was useful on the simulation of gas dispersion in highway tunnel that serves the prerequisite for the further research.
Analysis on control blasting safety distance of the new railway tunnel overpasses the established highway tunnel

赵丰, ,薛亚东, ,李硕标, ,赵瀚翔,
, ,XUE Yadong, ,LI Shuobiao, ,ZHAO Hanxiang

- , 2016,
Abstract: 新建塔石岭铁路隧道上跨既有公路隧道,采用全断面爆破施工,为了确保既有公路隧道运营的安全,需要明确控制爆破开挖的安全施工距离。基于已有的岩体中爆破振动速度衰减理论模型,首先计算安全施工距离范围,为验证模型与参数的合理性,开展相应的有限元计算分析。计算结果得出了爆破距离与既有隧道衬砌拱顶振动速度的关系,据此可根据振动速度安全标准计算得到相应的爆破施工安全距离,从而为工程爆破设计提供科学依据。
Proposed Tashiling railway tunnel overpasses the established highway tunnel and is designed to adopt the whole section blasting construction. In order to ensure the safety of the existing highway tunnel operation, it is necessary to define the safety construction of controlled blasting excavation distance. Based on the existing theoretical model of blasting vibration velocity attenuation in rock mass, it was the first to calculate the safety construction of the project scope. Next, the corresponding finite element calculation and analysis were used to verify the rationality of the model and parameter. The results indicate the relationship between explosion distance and the vibration velocity of the tunnel vault lining. According to the safety standards of vibration velocity, the corresponding blasting construction safety distance can be obtained through calculation, so as to provide scientific basis for engineering blasting design
European Speed Environment Model for Highway Design-Consistency  [cached]
Gianluca Dell’Acqua
Modern Applied Science , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/mas.v6n9p1
Abstract: The European road network is very large, and much of it is made up of two-lane rural roads. In Italy the road network requires adjustment work to improve mobility safety management. One of the most important tools for this analysis is the operating speed (V85) profile. In many design standards, different formulations are used for estimating V85, obtained on the basis of research carried out at different times and in different contexts. The aim of the research presented in this study is to analyze driver speed behavior on two-lane rural highways. The study was conducted using traffic counters, able to record in both directions and for every passage of a vehicle, its length, instant speed and direction. The survey plan was elaborated to satisfy different research objectives. The readings were taken by keeping every section under observation for 3, 6 or 12 hours. The data were collected on 11 homogeneous sections of highway. The database consisted of free-flow passenger car speeds and various geometric data from 103 sites. Data were collected at sites to both develop and validate equations. The proposed model includes the radius of horizontal curvature and the “Speed Environment”, which is defined as the speed at which users travel in free-flow conditions when they are not constrained by the alignment of the highway.

Wu Mengjun,Xu Xibin,Zhao Mingjie,Liu Xuhua,

岩石力学与工程学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Because of the influence of karst,the construction mechanics response of highway tunnel in karst differs from that of common tunnel. Through large conformable model testing and FEM,the influence of karst cave magnitude and position on construction mechanics response is studied,and some distribution rules of displacement field and plastic field of tunnel in karst are summarized.
International Journal of Engineering and Geosciences , 2, DOI: -
Abstract: Highway route design is a difficult process due to the complex structure of the environment. The topography and the natural geographical objects constitute an obstacle for highway constructions. On the other hand, the cost parameter and protecting the environment are main two issues which planners have to consider. Thus, the priorities of the highway routes should be decided according to the requirements and expectations. At this point, Least Cost Path Algorithm (LCPA) makes it possible to investigate least cost path for highway routes. This cost can be assigned as the cost of the constructions such as avoiding slope and swampy areas or an environmental object such as keeping the forests and not damaging to agricultural lands. When the cost parameter is decided, then LCPA can calculate the least cost path from origin point to destination. In this study, new highway routes are investigated for Konya city with economic, environmentally and hybrid approaches. The cost parameter and related surfaces are generated according to the highway construction requirements and then with LCPA, three different routes are calculated. The result maps are generated and the three approaches are compared for environmental and cost parameters.

Zhou Jianchun,Wei Qin,Liu Guangdong,

岩石力学与工程学报 , 2004,
Abstract: The back analysis is made by means of the BP neural network algorithm on the mechanics parameters of surrounding rock masses in a highway tunnel construction project by NATM. The weight value matrices and tolerance vectors in accordance with input neurons and outputs can be obtained by training a set of specimens,which comes from a FEM analysis for a highway tunnel, the Pingshi Tunnel of the Beijing-Zhuhai expressway. The analogy results of the BP network produce a good agreement with the FEM calculations.

CHEN Qiunan,ZHAO Minghua,ZHANG Yongxing,LIU Xinrong,HU Juyi,HUANG Shengping,

岩石力学与工程学报 , 2006,
Abstract: The double-arched highway tunnel was constructed with unsymmetrical pressure,complex geological condition of shallow depth zone in Hunan Province. In order to guarantee the safety of tunnel construction,in-situ monitoring was carried out at the section of tunnel. Based on the field measurements,the deformation of surrounding rocks was analyzed,and the process of construction was simulated by finite element method(FEM). According to the comparisons of numerical results with field measurements,the proposed numerical procedure was found to be an effective approach for predicting the deformation of surrounding rocks;and the achieved results can provide important guidance to tunnel construction. The example shows that the finite element simulation analysis is useful to the construction of unsymmetrical pressure double-arched highway tunnel.
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