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The Implementation of Chinese Pinyin Input in Embedded Systems

LI Ming,LI Fang-Jun,ZHANG Wei-Qun,ZHOU Xian-Chun,XU Yong-Hong,

计算机科学 , 2006,
Abstract: The Chinese pinyin input is usually implemented in embedded systems based upon array or ordered tree. We improved the structure of Trie tree, a kind of ordered tree, to build a pinyin tree, and then implement the intelligent Chinese pinyin input under uCLinux.
The Compiling Methods for Pinyin Textbooks of Teaching of Chinese as a Foreign Language: A Case Study on the Textbook for Interesting Chinese Pinyin
Yunling CAI,Delian LIU
Studies in Literature and Language , 2011,
Abstract: On the basis of reviewing and summarizing the current situation of Chinese Pinyin textbooks and considering the gains and experiences in the compiling process of The Textbook for Interesting Chinese Pinyin, this paper is to propose that Chinese Pinyin textbooks should take the difficulties for foreign learners fully into account and attach importance to the interest and practicality of teaching materials. We suggest to draw up a syllabus for Chinese Pinyin so that the teaching materials can effectively put teaching of pronunciation and speech flow together. Key words: Pronunciation; Chinese Pinyin textbooks; Compiling; Principles and methods
Irreducible characters taking root of unity values on p-singular elements  [PDF]
Gabriel Navarro,Geoffrey R. Robinson
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: In this paper we study finite p-solvable groups having irreducible complex characters chi in Irr(G) which take roots of unity values on the p-singular elements of G.

Liu Yanfang,Zhang Kan,

心理学报 , 1997,
Abstract: Stimulus-Response Compatibility,an important concept in psychology,has been demonstrated that it is an influential factor in human information processing.Complexity of the input of Chinese characters into computers raised the problem of evaluating learning easiness.This study applied the concept of S-R Compatibility to put forward a new method of evaluating easiness of learning to master a Chinese character inputting program.The value of the Stimulus-Response compatibility was used to predict the easiness of learning Chinese character inputting program. Three most popular Chinese character inputting programs were used in this study.The real learning easiness drawn from an experiment confirmed the predictability of the method suggested.
Nani I. Tiono,Jennyfer Ansori
K@ta : a Biannual Publication on the Study of Language and Literature , 2005,
Abstract: This research dealt with the kinds of turn-taking irregularities in the conversation among the four main African American characters in the movie "Why Do Fools Fall in Love", the reasons of those kinds of turn-taking irregularities, and which reason occurred the most frequently. This research was descriptive qualitative. The findings showed that the four African American characters in the movie tended to overlap others because they wanted to clarify, reject, or complete others' utterance, and show annoyance.
Analysis of Characters of Ideal Friends in Contemporary College Students’ Heart: Taking Certain College of Shandong as the Example
Shuang Li
International Journal of Psychological Studies , 2010, DOI: 10.5539/ijps.v2n1p166
Abstract: In this article, 280 college students are randomly selected in certain college of Shandong Province, and the method of factor analysis is used to study the characters of ideal friends in college students’ heart, and the differences of college students’ requirements for ideal friends are compared in different grades, sexes and economic status. The result shows that (1) the ideal friends in contemporary college students’ heart should possess four main characters, i.e. sincere kindness & friendly tolerance, optimistic personality & being good at communication, diligence, assiduity & active enterprising, graceful image & good temperament, (2) female students require higher quality for the factor of “graceful image & good temperament” than male students, (3) two factors of “optimistic personality & being good at communication” and “diligence, assiduity & active enterprising” have no obvious differences in sophomores, juniors and seniors who all require higher quality than freshmen’s requirements for friends, and the factor of “diligence, assiduity & active enterprising” has the interaction of sex and grade, (4) for the factor of “sincere kindness & friendly tolerance”, poor students require higher quality than others for friends.
Computers and Language Learning  [PDF]
Junia Rocha, Alexsandro Soares, Mauro Honorato, Luciano Lima, Nayara Costa, Elvio Moreira, Eduardo Costa
Creative Education (CE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2015.613146
Abstract: This paper investigates how computers together with Internet technologies help people in the learning of languages. To achieve this goal, it analyses open source libraries that a teacher can use to build educational applications. The text contains a short discussion on how to build such tools, using methods of programming proposed by Richard Stallman and Paul Graham. It also shows that computers help to improve language skills in those children with low reading abilities. Finally, it provides an overview of linguistic and computational tools that a teacher can use to check a student’s grammar. Of course, in order to build a practical grammar checker, the reader must have a working knowledge of Lisp and Prolog. In few words, the reader will not only see the magic of programs that understand English grammar, but learn how one can reproduce it.
Quantum Computers  [PDF]
Archil Avaliani
Computer Science , 2004,
Abstract: This research paper gives an overview of quantum computers - description of their operation, differences between quantum and silicon computers, major construction problems of a quantum computer and many other basic aspects. No special scientific knowledge is necessary for the reader.
Effects of Pinyin Learning on Development of Phonological Awareness in Kindergarten

Ren Ping,Xu Fen,Zhang Ruiping,

心理学报 , 2006,
Abstract: The Study examined how Pinyin learning affects the development of Chinese and English phonological awareness while children are in the kindergarten.Sixty five 5-years children from two kindergartens were participated the study.They were tested twice in the beginning and end of the one year term.The results showed that Learning Pinyin promoted the development of onset-rime awareness of Chinese and English,but syllable awareness and end-phonemic awareness of English. The Cross-language Transfer of Phonological Awareness was discussed.
Ordinal computers  [PDF]
Ryan Bissell-Siders
Mathematics , 1998,
Abstract: Can a computer which runs for time $\omega^2$ compute more than one which runs for time $\omega$? No. Not, at least, for the infinite computer we describe. Our computer gets more powerful when the set of its steps gets larger. We prove that they theory of second order arithmetic cannot be decided by computers running to countable time.
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