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Data analysis recipes: Probability calculus for inference  [PDF]
David W. Hogg
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: In this pedagogical text aimed at those wanting to start thinking about or brush up on probabilistic inference, I review the rules by which probability distribution functions can (and cannot) be combined. I connect these rules to the operations performed in probabilistic data analysis. Dimensional analysis is emphasized as a valuable tool for helping to construct non-wrong probabilistic statements. The applications of probability calculus in constructing likelihoods, marginalized likelihoods, posterior probabilities, and posterior predictions are all discussed.
A Nutritious Powder Mixture Formulation (Multimistura) as Food Supplement Chemical Composition and Analysis of Protein Fractions
Railene A. Pereira,Luciana G. Alves,Liziane M. Lima,Adeliana S. Oliveira,Maria R. A. Miranda Edda L.Leite,Mauricio p.
Journal of Food Technology , 2013,
Abstract: The chemical composition of the nutritious powder mixture used here showed that this product had carbohydrate concentration of 65.97 % and protein content, around 15.85%. These results show that the chemical composition is dependent of type of available components when the formulation is prepared. The protein fraction when dialyzed produces a globulin and albumin fraction. The protein content determined by dye binding method was of 14.70 %, where globulin represented 11.2 % and albumin 3.57 %. Effect of protein fraction on -amylase and bovine trypsin was studied. Human salivar -amylase was inhibited by protein fraction with salivar amylase inhibitor ( -IA) level of 270 ?g of inhibitor to 1.0 mg from nutritious powder mixture. Proteinase inhibitor activity was measured against trypsin and the results showed that protein fraction of nutritious powder mixture had trypsin inhibitor activities level (TIA) of level of 20.2 ?g of inhibitor to 1.0 mg of protein fraction from nutritious powder mixture.
Recurrence Plot and Recurrence Quantification Analysis Techniques for Detecting a Critical Regime. Examples from Financial Market Indices  [PDF]
A. Fabretti,M. Ausloos
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1142/S0129183105007492
Abstract: Recurrence Plot (RP) and Recurrence Quantification Analysis (RQA) are signal numerical analysis methodologies able to work with non linear dynamical systems and non stationarity. Moreover they well evidence changes in the states of a dynamical system. We recall their features and give practical recipes. It is shown that RP and RQA detect the critical regime in financial indices (in analogy with phase transition) before a bubble bursts, whence allowing to estimate the bubble initial time. The analysis is made on DAX and NASDAQ daily closing price between Jan. 1998 and Nov. 2003. DAX is studied in order to set-up overall considerations, and as a support for deducing technical rules. The NASDAQ bubble initial time has been estimated to be on Oct. 19, 1999.
Study on decomposed recipes of traditional Chinese medicine
LIU Qing,SHI Jian-Rong
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2003,
Abstract: Objective: To introduce and analyse the present status of research on decomposed recipes of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Methods: The relevant literature on the study of the decomposed recipes of TCM in the past five years was collected and analysed. Results and Conclusion: Studies on the decomposed recipes of TCM have been made from the whole body level to the organ, cell and molecular research level. The pharmacological research in vitro is the main way and quantitative changes of the chemical ingredients have been measured before and after composition. It is very important to combine the modern science and technology in exploring the composing mechanisms of TCM remedies.
Arabadzhi Lyudmila Ivanivna
Bìologì?nij Vìsnik Melìtopol?s?kogo Der?avnogo Pedagogì?nogo Universitetu ìmenì Bogdana Hmel?nic?kogo , 2012,
Abstract: The analysis of 123 students’ somatotypes was performed in current research. Based on Chtetsov’ methodic of somatotypes estimation the evaluation of anthropometric indices was done and the dominant somatotype of modern students was revealed.
Principal component analysis for spectral indices of stellar populations  [PDF]
Xu Kong,Fuzhen Cheng
Physics , 2001, DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-8711.2001.04301.x
Abstract: We apply the method of principal component analysis to a sample of simple stellar populations to select some age-sensitive spectral indices. Besides the well-known age-sensitive index, H B, we find that some other spectral indices have great potential to determine the age of stellar populations, such as G4300, Fe4383, C24668, and Mgb. In addition, we find that the sensitivity to age of these spectral indices depends on the metallicity of the simple stellar population (SSP): H B and G4300 are more suited to determine the age of the low-metallicity stellar population, C24668 and Mgb are more suited to the high-metallicity stellar population. The results suggest that the principal component analysis method provides a more objective and informative alternative to diagnostics by individual spectral lines.
Substantiation of Indices for the Analysis of an Enterprise Management of Changes  [PDF]
N. Moscalenko
Economics of Development , 2010,
Abstract: The choice of the management criteria of the processes of an enterprise organizational changes and the system of the corresponding indices for the analysis and monitoring of these processes have been grounded in the article.The research of the existing concepts concerning the organizational changes has been carried out, and the regulation of the major one, which corresponds to the tasks of the analysis of changes most adequately, has been generalized, i.e. the nature and factors of realization and fruitfulness of these processes have been researched.Considering the processes of management changes as the processes of the enterprise development management, it should be noted, that the criteria for the analysis of these processes must have a definite subordination. Therefore, the following features corresponding to the goals of the enterprise efficient functioning and development are stability of the enterprise financial economic condition, availability of the processes of growth and innovative development. These criteria reflect of the processes of changes effectiveness and determine the set of indices by which the meeting of the goals can be characterized.
Wavelet analysis of solar magnetic strength indices  [PDF]
Stefano Sello
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: Wavelet analysis of different solar activity indices, sunspot numbers, sunspot areas, flare index, magnetic fields, etc., allows us to investigate the time evolution of some specific features of the solar activity and the underlying dynamo mechanism. The main aim of this work is the analysis of the time-frequency behavior of some magnetic strengtht indices currently taken at the Mt. Wilson Observatory 150-Foot Solar Tower. In particular, we analyzed both the long time series (Jan 19, 1970 - Jan 22, 2013) of the Magnetic Plage Strength Index (MPSI) values and of the Mt. Wilson Sunspot Index (MWSI) values, covering the descending phase of cycle 20, the full solar cycles 21-23 and the current part of the 24 solar cycle. This study is a further contribution to detect the changes in the multiscale quasiperiodic variations in the integrated magnetic solar activity with a comparison between past solar cycles and the current one, which is one of the weaker recorded in the past 100 years. Indeed, it is well known that an unusual and deep solar minimum occurred between solar cycles 23 and 24 and the time-frequency behavior of some magnetic strengtht indices can help to better interpret the responsible mechanisms.
Development and testing of recipes suitable for patients with chronic renal failure
N Conradie, N.G Herselman, M.L Marais
South African Journal of Clinical Nutrition , 2009,
Abstract: Objectives: The main objectives of the study were to develop and test recipes that meet the nutritional requirements of and are acceptable to patients with chronic renal failure. The secondary objectives were to determine gender and racial differences in the participants’ responses during consumer sensory testing. Design: This was a descriptive study with an analytical component. Materials and methods: Patients on haemodialysis (n = 42) and continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (n = 3) from Tygerberg Academic Hospital were included. Data were collected in three phases with census sampling: 1) the development and adaptation of recipes; 2) sensory testing with the nine-point hedonic scale; and 3) the rating of recipes, final nutritional analysis and the allocation of renal exchanges. Results: Recipes were developed and adapted to suit the needs of the target population. Forty-five patients took part in the sensory evaluation (acceptance, appearance, smell, texture and taste) of 30 recipes. Twenty-three recipes were deemed acceptable (> 80% of the participants scored ≥ 6 out of 9). Significant differences were found between the male and female subgroups for Fish and Vegetable Pie (p = 0.031), Chicken Pilaf (p = 0.008) and Date Fingers (p = 0.002) and between the black and Westernised subgroups for Rice Salad (p = 0.006), Wheat and Mushroom Casserole (p = 0.022), Curried Wheat Salad (p = 0.043) and Coconut Ice (p = 0.005). The 23 recipes were nutritionally analysed and renal exchanges were allocated. Conclusion: The 23 recipes that were acceptable to the study participants are recommended for inclusion in the RenalSmart software program. The recipes are suitable for patients following a Westernised diet.
Modelling Profitabilities of Stock Indices Using Methods of Wavelet Analysis Моделирование доходностей фондовых индексов методами вейвлет-анализа  [PDF]
Kravets Tatiana V.
Business Inform , 2013,
Abstract: The article considers specific features of European stock indices and conducts their comparative analysis. The goal of the study lies in localisation and description of crisis effects by time and scale in the dynamics of indices with the help of the wavelet transformation. This approach allows revelation of clusters of stock indices and study of their common and individual specific features. Combination of the wavelet-transformation, neural networks and SSA methods is used for forecasting dynamics of indices. В статье рассматриваются характерные особенности европейских фондовых индексов, и проводится их сравнительный анализ. Цель исследования заключается в локализации и описания кризисных эффектов по времени и масштабу в динамике индексов с помощью вейвлет-преобразования. Такой подход позволяет выявить кластеры фондовых индексов и изучить их общие и индивидуальные особенности. Для прогнозирования динамики индексов используется комбинирование методов вейвлет-преобразования, нейронных сетей и SSA.
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