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Tolerance and Enzyme Response of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi Xerocomus chrysenteron to DDT Stress
外生菌根真菌Xerocomus chrysenteron对DDT胁迫的耐受性及酶响应研究

CHAO Yuan-qing,HUANG Yi,FEI Ying-heng,YANG Qing,

环境科学 , 2008,
Abstract: The growth effect, tolerance and oxidative enzymes activities of Xerocomus chrysenteron under different concentrations of DDT were studied at the condition of pure culture. The changes of biomass accumulation and laccase activity were also examined along with the liquid medium period under the DDT concentration of 80.0 mg·L-1. The results show that various DDT concentrations don't change the growth mode of the studied ectomycorrhizal fungi, which are all in the mode of classic Logistic growth. Xerocomus chrysenteronhas a good tolerant ability to the DDT stress, whose hemi-inhibit concentration reaches 139.75 mg·L-1. Under the liquid medium of 80.0 mg·L-1 of DDT, Xerocomus chrysenteron grows normally and after 36 days and the residue of DDT in the liquid medium is only 3.5% of the original concentration. Under the high concentration of DDT, the laccase and peroxidase activities significantly increase. The laccase is detected since the 16th day. After 36 days' culture, the laccase activity and specific activity in liquid medium reach 107.24 U·L-1 and 61.77 U·g-1 respectively. The ectomycorrhizal fungi Xerocomus chrysenteron responses to the DDT stress in various ways, which suggests large potential of biodegradation or mineralization of DDT.
Inheritance and linkage of allozymes in Juniperus phoenicea L. (Cupressaceae)
Andrzej Lewandowski,Joanna Samo?ko,Adam Boratyński,Leon Mejnartowicz
Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae , 2000, DOI: 10.5586/asbp.2000.027
Abstract: Eight enzyme systems coding for 14 loci were assayed in Juniperus phoenicea. Mendelian inheritance was confirmed for allozymes at 10 loci (Fle 2, Gdh, Got 1, Idh, Mdh 1, Mdh 2, Men 1, Pgi, Pgm I, Pgm 2) by testing the fit of band-pattern segregation in macrogametophytes from heterozygous trees to the expected I: I ratio. Linkage relationships were examined for 21 pairs of allozyme loci and these pairs do not appear to be linked in our material.
Notes on three bolete species from China

LEI Qi-Yi,ZHOU Jiang-Ju,WANG Qing-Bin,

菌物学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 对三种中国产牛肝菌进行了重新研究。将中华绒盖牛肝菌Xerecomus sinensis移至Boletus中,组合为B. sinensis;将南亚牛肝菌B. borneensis从我国牛肝菌区系中排除;确认短管牛肝菌B. brevitubus为Phlebopus marginatus的同物异名。
外生菌根真菌Xerocomus chrysenteron对DDT胁迫的耐受性及酶响应研究  [PDF]
环境科学 , 2008,
Abstract: 在纯培养条件下,研究了外生菌根真菌红绒盖牛肝菌(Xerocomuschrysenteron)对不同浓度DDT的生长效应、耐受性和氧化酶活性,测定了在DDT浓度为80.0mg·L-1液体培养条件下菌种生物量积累和漆酶活性随培养时间的变化.结果表明,不同浓度DDT处理并不会改变被试菌种的生长模式,所有处理组均为典型的Logistic增长;Xerocomuschrysenteron对DDT胁迫有很好的耐受性,其半抑制浓度可达139.75mg·L-1;在80.0mg·L-1液体培养条件下,Xerocomuschrysenteron生长正常,且36d后培养液中DDT残留率仅为初始添加量的3.5%;在高浓度DDT胁迫下,被试菌种的漆酶和过氧化物酶活性显著增强,但液体培养条件下漆酶从第16d开始出现,36d后培养液中漆酶活性和比活力分别达到107.24U·L-1和61.77U·g-1.外生菌根真菌Xerocomuschrysenteron通过不同方式来响应DDT胁迫,显示出生物降解甚至矿化DDT的巨大潜力.
Intraspecific differentiation of Reed Grass Calamagrostis arundinacea (L.) Roth (Poaceae) populations revealed by peroxidase allozymes
Maria Krzakowa,Zbigniew Celka
Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae , 2008, DOI: 10.5586/asbp.2008.038
Abstract: The genetic Variation of Reed Grass Calamagrostis arundinacea (L.) Roth was investigated in 25 populations in various geographic regions of Poland. A total of 907 individuals were sampled for electrophoretic analysis of peroxidase loci (11 allozymes). Populations were characterised by genetic parameters e.g. heterozygosity level, Wright's fixation index (F) and polymorphism coefficient (Pg). Mean values of interpopulation variability level (GST=0.0310), total genetic diversity (HT=0.4102) and gene flow between populations (Nm=7.805) were also examined. All the populations were polymorphic and they remain in Hardy Weinberg equilibrium.
Changes of Allozymes (GOT, EST and ME) of Perna viridis Subjected to Zinc Stress: A Laboratory Study  [PDF]
C.K. Yap,S.G. Tan
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: It had been documented through electrophoretic studies that allozyme polymorphisms of bivalve populations are affected by heavy metal stress. In the present laboratory study, by using P. viridis as a test organism, the results indicated that changes in the enzymes GOT, EST and ME were due to Zn stress which are complemented by reductions of filtration rate and condition index. However, it is not yet known for sure whether the enzymes GOT, EST and ME are inducing behavioural and other changes in P. viridis. This is because of the possible subtle interactions could occur between different environmental stresses.
Geographical allozymes differentiation in wild Phaseolus lunatus L. of the Central Valley of Costa Rica and its implications for conservation and management of populations  [PDF]
Zoro Bi AI.,Baudoin JP.
Biotechnologie, Agronomie, Société et Environnement , 2007,
Abstract: To suggest a conservation and management strategy for wild Lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus L.) in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, we examined the spatial distribution of genetic variation in 96 populations, using ten enzyme loci to analyse F-statistics and Moran’s I. These loci displayed 20 alleles, of which 5 with relatively high frequencies were exclusively localised in the central part of the Valley. The estimates of F-statistics indicated a high level of genetic differentiation between populations (Mean FST=0.504±0.094). Such a value suggested that wild P. lunatus maintains about 50% of its genetic variation among populations. Moreover, the levels of inbreeding (FIT=0.882±0.026 and FIS=0.761±0.012) were high and significantly different from zero. Hence the genotypic composition of wild Lima bean deviated from Hardy-Weinberg proportions as a result of genetic differentiation between populations and non-random mating within populations. Spatial autocorrelation analysis using four loci showed positive and significant Moran’s I at short distance in most cases. The resulting correlograms displayed up and down stochastic variations and indicated a patchy genetic structure. Combining the results obtained with those previously published on genetic structure, mating system, gene flow, and demography, we suggested probable causal factors and evolutionary mechanisms driving the genetic variability of the populations analysed. In addition, we indicated populations that should be preserved and proposed a reliable in situ management strategy.
Determination of thermodynamic parameters of Xerocomus chrysenteron lectin interactions with N-acetylgalactosamine and Thomsen-Friedenreich antigen by isothermal titration calorimetry
Luminita Damian, Didier Fournier, Mathias Winterhalter, Laurent Paquereau
BMC Biochemistry , 2005, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2091-6-11
Abstract: As the monosaccharide binding specificity is an important determinant of lectin function, we determined the affinity of XCL for the galactose moiety. Isothermal titration calorimetry studies revealed a dissociation constant Kd of 5.2 μM for the XCL:N-acetylgalactosamine interaction at 27degreesC. Higher affinities were observed at lower temperatures and higher osmotic pressures. The dissociation constant was five hundred times higher for the disaccharide beta-D-Gal(1–3)-D-GalNAc, Thomsen-Friedenreich (TF) antigen (Kd of 0.94 μM). By using fetuin and asialofetuin in interaction with the XCL, we revealed its ability to recognize the Thomsen-Friedenreich motif on glycoproteins.The XCL antiproliferative effect and the TF antigen specificity presented in this work suggest that XCL and ABL may have similar binding mechanisms. The recent structure determination of these two proteins lead us to analyse these interactions in the light of our thermodynamic data. The understanding of this type of interaction may be a useful tool for the regulation of cell proliferation.Lectins are carbohydrate-binding proteins found in various organisms including fungi [1,2]. Despite the large amount of informations available on lectin sequence and specificity, relatively little is known about their biological significances. The abundance and the variety of carbohydrate specificities of lectins raised the interest to use them for isolation and analysis of complex carbohydrates, cell separation and studies of cell surface architecture [3]. For a long period, legume lectins were the model system of choice to study the molecular basis of carbohydrate-lectin recognition. They are easy to purify in large quantities, and they exhibit a wide variety of carbohydrate specificities despite strong sequence conservation [4].Mushroom lectins have captured the attention of investigators on account of their antiproliferative, immunomodulatory, antitumor and cytotoxic activities, and more than 50 mushroom lec


菌物学报 , 2002,
Abstract: A new bolete species, Tylopilus plumbeoviolaceoides, is formally described and illustrated. Type (HMIGD 20311) is deposited in the Herbarium of Microbiology Institute of Guangdong Province (HMIGD).
Biochemical genetic analysis of allozymes of mud crab,Scylla serrata

LI Zhong-Bao,LI Shao-Jing,WANG Gui-Zhong,KONG Xiang-Hui,

中国生态农业学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 应用聚丙烯酰胺凝胶电泳技术 ,对锯缘青蟹 6个自然群体进行 11种等位酶电泳检测和谱带遗传分析结果表明 ,所研究的锯缘青蟹 2 2个等位酶位点和 30个等位基因中有 15个单态位点 ,即Ldh 1、Sod 2、Aat 1、Aat 2、Skd 1、Skd 2、Idh 1、Sdh 1、Adh 1、Me 1、Me 3、Mdh 1、Amy 1、Amy 2和Amy 3,而这些位点仅有 1个等位基因 ;有 7个多态位点 ,即Est 1、Est 2 (此位点厦门锯缘青蟹为单态位点 )、Est 3、Sod 1、Me 2、Mdh 2 (此位点厦门锯缘青蟹为多态位点 )和Mdh 3,而这些位点有 2~ 3个等位基因。 6个锯缘青蟹自然群体所有位点中共享大多数常见等位基因 ,其生化遗传非常相似。
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