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Economic integration and government size: a review of the empirical literature  [PDF]
Francesca Gastaldi,Paolo Liberati
Financial Theory and Practice , 2011,
Abstract: This paper reviews the empirical literature concerning the impact of economic integration on the size and the composition of the public budget. From a theoretical perspective, a pessimistic view highlights the threat that economic integration constitutes to the action of the public sector. An optimistic view, instead, emphasizes the beneficial effects of integration in stimulating efficiency – enhancing public policies. Despite some well-established theoretical results, the empirical evidence on this topic is rather controversial. Some studies support the hypothesis that taxes and public spending may increase in order to compensate losers for the risks of a more open economic environment. Other studies support the opposite idea, that the public sector retrenches when having to face increasing mobility of the production factors. Yet, comparability of the wide empirical evidence on the topic is not straightforward and empirical regularities are hard to find.
The European Regional Integration in the IR Literature:A Review of Scholarly Support and Opposition  [PDF]
Agnes Katalin Koos
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2011.12015
Abstract: Most of what has been written on the ECSC/ EEC/ EC/ EU, has not been done by international relations (IR) theorists, but by comparativists, sociologists, historians, anthropologists, legal scholars, and many others. These writings are in general classified as intergovernmentalist, federalist, and supranationalist (functionalist and neo- functionalist) in most accounts of the theoretical perspectives on the EU (Webb 1983, Rosamond 2000). Wiener and Diez 2004 add a rational choice institutional category, as well, as they think that the policy analysis within the polity developed into an autonomous brand of literature. It is only Andrew Hurrell in his chapter in Fawcett and Hurrell 1995, who makes an attempt to present the EU, as a regional integration, from the point of view of diverse IR approaches. Drawing on his classification scheme, I conduct an inquiry of the IR theories about European unification from the point of view of whether they allow for the iteration of the European experience in other parts of the world or not. The basic conclusion is that almost all IR work on Europe falls in the inter- governmentalist category, which tends to conceptualize the European Union as representing an n of 1. (Inter- governmentalism is the choice of realism and neo-realism, English School, and neoliberal institutionalism.) Within the liberal IR paradigm, there is a tension between law-focused and security-focused approaches, on the one hand, and economic approaches, on the other. The first believe in the possibility of multiple integrations, while the latter does not think that they are desirable. Critical theories are also hindered by divergent normative commitments, though the class-based theorizing is very clear about pursuing the social control of markets.
Anti-M: Report of two cases and review of literature  [cached]
Tondon Rashmi,Kataria Rahul,Chaudhry Rajendra
Asian Journal of Transfusion Science , 2008,
Abstract: Anti-M is a fairly common naturally occurring antibody with rarely causing hemolytic transfusion reactions or hemolytic disease of the newborn. Most anti-M are not active at 37 o C and can generally be ignored in transfusion practice. However, we did not find this antibody to be fairly common and detected only two cases of anti-M in the past three years. We describe these two cases; one ′immunizing′ type and other ′naturally occurring′ and review the literature. The immunizing type was reactive at 37 o C as well as AHG phase of testing with IgG component, and showing dosage effect while the other was ′naturally occurring′ reactive well below 37 o C. Though rare, sometimes these antibodies can be of clinical significance when the antibody detected is reactive at 37 o C and AHG phase. When the antibody is active at 37 o C, M antigen negative cross match compatible red cell unit should be given.
Implications of Learning Theories for Effective Technology Integration and Pre-service Teacher Training: A Critical Literature Review  [PDF]
Mustafa KO?
Journal of Turkish Science Education , 2005,
Abstract: This review will explore the influences of technology integration into pre-service teacher education programs from the constructivist and behaviorist perspectives for the ultimate aim of improving student learning and pre-service teacher training. A wide range of research is cited, including research articles, books, comparison studies, case studies, government records, dissertations and web sites. The study concludes that technology integration representing learning from technology (behaviorist perspective) is not the most effective way to improve learning although it helps learners to perform the lower level subskills automatically. On the other hand, constructivist-learning environments representing learning with technology, which encourages learners to actively process and organize information by making internal cognitive connections, can well provide the theoretical framework for the effective technology integration.
Müllerian Adenosarcoma of the Vaginal Stump: A Case Report and Literature Review  [PDF]
Juan Li, Zhenling Duan, Ma Jing, Xiaotao Jing, Li Bian
Journal of Cancer Therapy (JCT) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jct.2018.911076
Abstract: Müllerian adenosarcomas are rare mixed tumors with low malignant potential, and occur mainly in the uterus. Primary adenosarcomas arising in vaginal endometriosis are even more rarely reported. We report a very rare case with Müllerian adenosarcoma arising from vaginal endometriosis. A 43-year-old nulliparous woman has a history of endometriosis. Due to two parallel fistulas in cervix, severe endometriosis and adenosarcoma, she has undergone radical and multiple surgeries. After the surgery, persistent vaginal vault masses were noticed, and eight resections of the polyps at vaginal stump were performed. For the first six resections, all the pathological examinations showed endometriosis. And the last two resections demonstrated vaginal adenosarcoma. Transition between Müllerian adenosarcoma and endometriosis was gradual. Finally, adenosarcoma associated with endometriosis was diagnosed from recurrent vaginal masses. To our knowledge, this report is the sixth case that primary adenosarcomas arising in vaginal endometriosis. But chemo-therapy and radiation therapy were not taken and the patient remained in a good condition throughout the 9-year follow-up period. In addition, we present a review of the literature. The diagnosis and treatment of the tumor are also discussed.
Pattern Recognition Using Automatic Image Classification and Recognition Methods: A Literature Review .
Dr.D.Pugazhenthi,V.Shenbaga Priya
International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology , 2013,
Abstract: Extensive research and development has taken placeover the last 2 decades in the areas of pattern recognition and imageprocessing. Areas to which these disciplines have been applied include business, medicine, automation, military intelligence, communications, Industry and commerce and many others. Scale Invariant Feature Transform has attracted great attention in automatic image classification and Pattern recognition because of many of its advantages. This paper presents a review of recentdevelopments in pattern recognition methods in the field of image processing
Toward A Collection of Cloud Integration Patterns  [PDF]
Daniel Ritter,Stefanie Rinderle-Ma
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: Cloud computing is one of the most exciting IT trends nowadays. It poses several challenges on application integration with respect to, for example, security. In this work we collect and categorize several new integration patterns and pattern solutions with a focus on cloud integration requirements. Their evidence and examples are based on an extensive literature review and a system study of "well-established" open source systems.
Primary malignant mixed müllerian tumor of the peritoneum a case report with review of the literature
Fisnik Kurshumliu, Helle Rung-Hansen, Vibeke Skovlund, Lumturije Gashi-Luci, Thomas Horn
World Journal of Surgical Oncology , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1477-7819-9-17
Abstract: Malignant mixed Müllerian tumor (MMMT) is a rare entity that arises from structures that are embryologically related to the Müllerian system [1,2]. The usual location of MMMT is the female genital tract. Extragenital origin is extremely rare [3-5]. Histologically and by immunohistochemistry, the tumor exhibits both epithelial and mesenchymal components.Since the first report in 1955 by Ober and Black [5], to our knowledge there have been only 30 well documented reports of extragenital malignant mixed Müllerian tumors [6-15]. This prompted us to report on a tumor with primary peritoneal location and to review the relevant existing literature.A 72-year-old woman, with unremarkable gynaecological history presented with chest pain and dyspnoea, increasing in intensity over the last three weeks. A chest X-ray showed pleural effusion and the subsequent fine needle aspiration cytology revealed malignant epithelial cells. The serum level of CA125 was 712 U/ml.CT scan of abdomen and chest revealed ascites and pleural effusion but no tumor mass. Pelvic ultrasonography, however, revealed excrescences adjacent to the interior surface of the abdominal wall and tumor load in the lower part of abdomen. The uterus and the right ovary were described as normal; the left ovary was not visualised.An ultrasound-guided biopsy from the tumor reported a carcinosarcoma (see later).The patient underwent exploratory laparotomy. A widely spread peritoneal carcinosis and a tumor measuring 20 × 15 × 10 cm in the vesicouterine and Duglas' pouch were found.Biopsy samples were taken from the tumor as well as from the serosa of the urinary bladder. Also, complete hysterectomy with partial omentectomy was performed. There was no suspicion of intrahepatic metastasis. Gallbladder, stomach, pancreas and appendix were unremarkable.Histopathology was consistent with the diagnosis of a primary peritoneal malignant mixed Müllerian tumor given that the uterus and the adnexa were unremarkable.Postoperatively,
Primary malignant mixed Müllerian tumor arising from the mesorectum with a synchronous ovarian cancer: a case report and review of the literature
Chuang-Chi Huang, Cheng-Jen Ma, Wan-Ting Huang, Te-Fu Chan, Jaw-Yuan Wang
Journal of Medical Case Reports , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1752-1947-5-15
Abstract: We report the clinical course and pathologic findings of a case of mesorectal malignant mixed Müllerian tumor with synchronous ovarian cancer, in a 50-year-old, gravida 0, para 0, Han Chinese woman with regular menstruation. This is the sixteenth case in the English literature of extragenital malignant mixed Müllerian tumor combined with synchronous or metachronous malignancy reported.Although extragenital malignant mixed Müllerian tumor is very rare and has a poor prognososis, a longer survival time might be achieved with treatment by cytoreductive surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.Malignant mixed Müllerian tumor (MMMT) is an uncommon tumor in females and the occurrence of this disease outside the genital tract is extremely rare. In a review of the English literature since 1955, only 48 cases of extragenital MMMT have been reported other than the presented case. Sixteen out of these 49 (32.7%) extragenital MMMTs [1], including this case, were associated with synchronous or metachronous colonic cancer or gynecologic malignancy and serous carcinoma of the peritoneum (Table 1). The MMMT often presents in elderly menopausal women and is a highly aggressive tumor. We report the clinical course and pathologic findings of an extragenital MMMT arising from the mesorectum in a perimenopausal woman and a review of the English literature.The patient case was a 50-year-old, gravid 0, para 0 (G0P0), unmarried Han Chinese woman with regular menstruation. Six months ago, she visited another medical center in Southern Taiwan for abdominal bloating, where bilateral ovarian tumors were diagnosed. At laparotomy, a left ovarian cystic tumor (35 × 20 × 10 cm) and a right ovarian tumor (12 × 8.5 × 6 cm) with normal uterus and cervix were noted. An additional tumor of about 12 × 9 × 8 cm in size was also found in the mesorectum of the rectosigmoid colon. Resection of the mesorectum and bilateral oophorectomy was performed at the first operation at another medical center. The histopa
Interdisciplinariedad entre la Medicina General Integral y la Informática Médica relacionada con el desarrollo de una revisión bibliográfica Interdisciplinarity between the Integral General Medicine and Medical Informatics related to the development of literature review  [cached]
Jannette Rodríguez González,Alberto Segura Sánchez,Susana Espinosa Fernández,Ada Pineda Lorenzo
Educaci?3n M??dica Superior , 2011,
Abstract: La revisión bibliográfica no es una publicación original y examina la bibliografía publicada, debe ser selectiva e imprescindible en la formación del médico. Para lograr con éxito la integración del Departamento de Medicina General Integral (MGI) y el de Informática, para perfeccionar la formación de los futuros médicos, teniendo en cuenta la revisión bibliográfica, se comienza en el primer semestre de la carrera de Medicina del curso escolar 2010-2011, la asignatura Introducción a la MGI. El Departamento de MGI al valorar la revisión bibliográfica como herramienta básica para la investigación junto al departamento de Informática, traza acciones que contribuyeron a desarrollar la integración de ambas asignaturas, se realizaron talleres para elevar la capacitación de los profesores y surgió la idea de desarrollar una propuesta metodológica y evaluar su impacto realizando en un mismo acto de examen la evaluación final de ambas asignaturas en el escenario docente donde se imparte la docencia, con el objetivo de integrar el conocimiento, aumentar la motivación y la habilidad para investigar. Se seleccionaron los 3 mejores trabajos otorgándoles 1ro., 2do. y 3er. lugar. Se llevó a cabo esta propuesta para obtener la interdisciplinariedad entre la MGI e Informática Médica enfatizando en la revisión bibliográfica, se lograron resultados satisfactorios, tuvo objetivos precisos y se encaminó a abordar todos los nudos críticos identificados por los profesores. Literature review is not an original article but it analyzes the published literature; it should be selective and indispensable in the medical formation. For succeeding in integrating the Department of Integral General Medicine (MGI in Cuba) and the Department of Informatics, and for improving the formation of future physicians, the first semester of the medical studies in the 2010-2011 academic year included the subject Introduction to Integral General Medicine, taking literature review into account. Since the MGI Department considered the literature review as a basic tool for research as did the Department of Informatics, it took actions to develop the integration of both subjects. To this end, some workshops were held to raise the level of training of professors and thus, it came out the idea of developing a methodological proposal and evaluating its impact by making the final evaluation of both subjects in one exam at the place where the classes were given. All this was aimed at integrating knowledge, encouraging motivation and increasing abilities for research. The three best papers were selected and gi
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