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The Shifting Feminine Statuses among Indigenous Peoples: Rethinking Colonization and Gender Roles among the WeppaWanno People of Mid-Western Nigeria  [PDF]
Michael O. Nwalutu, Felicia I. Nwalutu
Sociology Mind (SM) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/sm.2019.93012
Abstract: In this work we have argued that the post-independent WeppaWanno patriarchal system has evolved not from its cultural past but as influenced by the duo cultural tragedies implicated in Nupe Islamic invasion and the British/Christian colonial rule. Thus stirring the trajectory from the familiar approach of Western-focused critic of pre- and post-colonial Africa, this paper views the evolving manifestations of feminine and gender-roles in WeppaWannoland as flexible and varied with the positioning of community’s cultural and socio-political experiences through the spectrum of Arabic, and Western colonial influences. The paper demonstrates using qualitative analysis, post-structural leaning, field interviews, and archival records, that while gender and class categories may be critical constituents of WeppaWannocosmology, flexibility of gender as a thought construct was far more important in most part of Africa in the definition of power, although such factors as achievement and ascription were essential.
Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representation in the Local Legislative Councils: Status, Challenges and Trajectories
Paquito M. Villanueva, Vilma B. Ramos, Larcy V. Villaroman, Aileen A. Villanueva
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104168
This paper gives an overview of the Mandatory Representation of the Indigenous People of the Philippines. At present, the indigenous peoples and other minority groups are under-represented in the country’s local legislature. This paper gives rise to the rights of indigenous peoples’ mandatory representation in all local government sanggunians at all levels and that IPMR shall be selected in accordance with the guidelines adopted and promulgated by themselves. The Mandatory Representatives represent the general concerns and welfare of all the ICCs/IPs. The study used descriptive research method and seeks to determine the status of the IPMR to describe the status of social, economic, cultural and political development initiated by them, it also seeks to identify challenges related to IPMR’s political isolation, economic marginalization and socio-cultural orientation hindering effectiveness of their performance and also to determine future trajectories of the Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representation. The study was derived from the IPMR of a patriarchal tribe known as Dumagat from Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija and the IPMR OF Palayan City composed of the tribes: Aeta, Applay, Bago, Kankanaey, Kalanguya, Dumagat and Ibaloi. The study found out that IPMRs are facing several challenges that hamper their performance and the study showed the need to LGUs to strictly comply with the mandate of RA 8371 recognizing the rights of Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representative.
Analysis of roles and groups in blogosphere  [PDF]
Bogdan Gliwa,Anna Zygmunt,Jaros?aw Ko?lak
Computer Science , 2013, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-00969-8_29
Abstract: In the paper different roles of users in social media, taking into consideration their strength of influence and different degrees of cooperativeness, are introduced. Such identified roles are used for the analysis of characteristics of groups of strongly connected entities. The different classes of groups, considering the distribution of roles of users belonging to them, are presented and discussed.
On the roles of triality in the infrared QCD  [PDF]
Sadataka Furui
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: In the QCD analysis, when quarks are expressed in quaternion basis, the product of quaternions are expressed by octonions and the octonion posesses the triality symmetry. Roles of triality in the gluon self energy calculation and finite temperature QCD is explained.
The Socialization Genesis of Gender Roles  [PDF]
Steven Gerardi
Sociology Mind (SM) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/sm.2019.92009
Abstract: This effort will examine Fredrick Engels’ The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State, and, Margret Mead’s Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies for the genesis of gender roles (patterns of behavior found in males and females in society). Both social scientists view gender roles based in a different social process, and not a biological function.
Roles Are Really Great!  [PDF]
Viktor Kuncak,Patrick Lam,Martin Rinard
Computer Science , 2004,
Abstract: We present a new role system for specifying changing referencing relationships of heap objects. The role of an object depends, in large part, on its aliasing relationships with other objects, with the role of each object changing as its aliasing relationships change. Roles therefore capture important object and data structure properties and provide useful information about how the actions of the program interact with these properties. Our role system enables the programmer to specify the legal aliasing relationships that define the set of roles that objects may play, the roles of procedure parameters and object fields, and the role changes that procedures perform while manipulating objects. We present an interprocedural, compositional, and context-sensitive role analysis algorithm that verifies that a program respects the role constraints.
Challenges of the Knowledge Society , 2012,
Abstract: We live in a world where, without any doubt, the social, political, economical power are owned by men. Almost all the societies are more or less patriarchal and the gender roles are, generally speaking, well defined and assumed by the representatives of each gender. Also, we live in a world consisting of communities that could not exist in the absence of cooperation between individuals. However, we have to consider the fact that individuals are rational persons that choose to cooperate or not based on the gains brought by each of the possibilities. The purpose of this paper is to show that there is a correlation between the gender roles taught by each individual in childhood according to their sex and their cooperative behaviour. The hypothesis is that gender roles and cooperative behavior are interdependent and the way men and women cooperate is determined by the gender roles taught by each person since childhood according to the sex they were born. Perhaps we all heard that women are more gentle, more peaceful and more inclined to cooperation, all this being part of "their nature", while men are stronger, more practical, more rational and more likely to compete, also according to "their nature". In this paper I will assume that all these characteristics attributed to each gender are true, but I will question the nature’s responsibility in all these facts.
Complexities in the Roles of Reading Specialists  [cached]
Troy Jones,Mary Alice Barksdale,Cheri F. Triplett,Ann Potts
International Journal of Education , 2010, DOI: 10.5296/ije.v2i2.515
Abstract: As public schools have changed, so have the roles of reading specialists who work within schools. This article describes the findings of a study that examined the challenges of 12 reading specialists from elementary to high school level in both urban and rural schools. The researchers found that reading specialists work in a variety of instructional models, and their roles are misunderstood by administrators and classroom teachers. Additionally, they have limited contact with parents and deal with behavior problems from students, but are not necessarily provided with support systems for dealing with many of the complexities inherent in their work.
The Changing Roles Of Pharmacists In Society  [PDF]
Stephen Arthur Hudson,John Jackson Mc Anaw,Barbara Julienne Johnson
International e-Journal of Science, Medicine & Education , 2007,
Abstract: A clinical role for pharmacists has developed inresponse to the societal need to improve the use ofmedicines. Clinical role development has been led byinitiatives in the hospital sector which have enabledSchools of Pharmacy to make shifts in the pre-graduateeducation of pharmacists. The increasing complexity inthe management of drug therapy has given pharmacistsclear roles that integrate within the healthcare team.The history is one in which the development ofchanging roles of pharmacists is an example of progressin healthcare delivery creating the need for revision ofthe curriculum for a whole profession.
The Roles of University English Teachers in Malaysia
Latisha Asmaak Shafie,Surina Nayan
Journal of Language Teaching and Research , 2010, DOI: 10.4304/jltr.1.3.262-265
Abstract: The roles of language teachers at higher institutions need to be re-defined as modern technologies, curriculum development, job market and education reform influence their roles. As the Internet acts as the guru for the learners and the information is at everyone’s fingertips , the roles of traditional gurus are expected to be changed and transformed .The purpose of this study is to study the changing roles of university English teachers from being language teachers to being learners, facilitators and researchers and to identify these new roles . In order to understand the role transformation whether it is feasible and realistic, it is imperative to study the many roles of university English teachers defined by the teachers and the university administrators. The findings suggest that by understanding the many roles of university English teachers, university English teachers are able to embrace their new roles.
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