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Melih TUR?UT,Kür?at YEN?LMEZ,Canda? UYGAN
Ad?yaman University International Journal of Social Science , 2013,
Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate and compare prospective elementary and secondary school mathematics teachers’ opinions on proving. The work was implemented in a government university located in the western Turkey with 79 prospective secondary mathematics teachers enrolled to pedagogical education program of faculty of art and sciences and, 98 senior students of elementary mathematics education program enrolled to faculty of education. In the work, “Views on Proving Questionnaire” and demographical form were used. In order to analyze the obtained data, descriptive statistics and 2 (school) × 2 (gender) between-groups of analysis of variance (ANOVA) were used. According to results of the study, there was not a significant effect of the factors school and gender and interaction of school and gender on prospective mathematics teachers’ total scores of views of proving. However, there was a significant effect of factors school and gender and interaction of school and gender on total scores of the some subscales.
Impact of English Instruction at The Elementary Schools on The Students' Achievement of English at The Lower Secondary School
Sri Rachmajanti
TEFLIN Journal , 2008,
Abstract: The current study is intended to examine the effect of time of learning, English teachers' characteristics, teaching and learning process characteristics, socio-economic context and students' characteristics in the teaching of English at the elementary schools on the students' achievement of English at the first year of lower secondary school. Two kinds of research designs were implemented, an ex post facto and a tracer study. Therefore, the data were collected in two ways in order to (1) discover the students' English achievement at the lower secondary school and (2) observe the prior English instruction at the elementary school. The study adopted the statistical analysis of multiple regressions. The subjects consisted of 172 students who obtained the English instruction at the third and fourth grades of the elementary school, 172 students' parents, and 31 English teachers in the five (5) sub districts of Pemerintah Kota Malang. The students were to do the communicative English test and fill out two kinds of questionnaires; whereas, the teachers were interviewed. The students' parents had also to fill out a questionnaire on their perception on the English instruction at the elementary school. The finding shows that there is an impact of the teaching English starting at the fourth grade of elementary school on the students' achievement of English at the first year of lower secondary school
Affective Characteristics and Teaching Skills of English Language Teachers: Comparing Perceptions of Elementary, Secondary and High School Students  [PDF]
Ebru Melek Ko?
Creative Education (CE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2013.42017

The present study aims to investigate the elementary, secondary and high school students’ perceptions on a good language teacher. The participants are 365 Turkish school students who are learning English as a foreign language. The present study has revealed that most of the student groups generally differ in terms of issues related to teaching skills when compared with the issues related to the affective skills. In the present study it has been also found that what students expect from a good English teacher is to have the ability to maintain discipline, motivate students, learn about the learner’ needs and establish good relations with them. The study also reveals striking results with respect to classroom discipline and teacher subject knowledge.

DER in Portugal: State-of-the-art of the Two Major Repositories in Elementary and Secondary Education
Education , 2012, DOI: 10.5923/j.edu.20120204.05
Abstract: In the last decade, there has been an expansion of Repositories of Digital Educational Resources (DER), funded and stimulated by government authorities and non-profit institutions, in order to publish, collect, distribute and preserve DER. In this environment, inspired by the Open Content Movement, it is recognized the importance of the vast heritage of DER, produced by the collective intelligence, for pedagogical innovation. Following this trend, in Portugal, about three years ago, two repositories were created at the elementary and secondary education levels: Schools Portal, of Government responsibility with a generalist vocation, covering the entire spectrum of the curriculum and the House of Sciences, headed by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, which is a private institution of public utility, and dedicated to the areas of natural and exact sciences. In this study the state of the art of these two repositories is presented once they are the ones most visible in Portugal in what concerns the main dimensions that interfere on their quality. The methodology of data collection was based on the analysis of the portals from the point of view of the producers and users of the DER of the repositories. The main results and conclusions are presented and considerations about the factors that in the future may contribute to the sustainable improvement of some of the characteristics of the repositories covered in this study are stated.
The Elementary and Secondary School Principles' Assistant In-Service Training Needs According to School Principles  [PDF]
Journal of Kirsehir Education Faculty , 2007,
Abstract: The purpose of this research was to determine what the demand of the elementary and secondary school principles about their assistants’ needs which they had to take subjects of in-service training for professional development in the school management.In order to collect, data two study groups were consisted in this study. The first study group was consisted of 20 principles in which there were 10 primary and 10 secondary school principles. in K rsehir/Turkey. The second study group was consisted of 42 school principles assistants of same principles in same schools.The data were collected first time from suggestions which had been written by principles and their assistants in the both study groups. The second group data were collected from same study groups. In these groups, principles and their assistants chosed subjects of in service training among the alternatives of suggestions which were written by same principles and same assistans in the first study group.Consequently, the findings indicate that the school principles suggested subject of human relations and communication for their assistants. In the same way, principles assistants suggested subject of Information Technologies for themselves. It was suggested that this findings must be taken into consideration by central and localauthoroties who are planning in-service training for principle assistants.
The effect of experimental activities on science learning by elementary school children  [PDF]
M. Goreti Matos,Jorge Valadares
Investiga??es em Ensino de Ciências , 2001,
Abstract: In this paper we present a reflection on the elementary school science laboratory. Contrary to what happen in other countries, laboratory teaching is not a common practice amongst elementary school science teachers in Portugal. This paper intends to question this fact. It's a reflection resulting from an investigation involving 4th graders.
Quality of school life and self-concept among elementary school students  [cached]
Mediha Sar?,Fulya Cenkseven
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2008,
Abstract: The main purpose of this study is to investigate, how much the dimensions of Children Self-Concept Scale, “Behavior”, “Intellectual and school status”, “Physical appearance and attributes”, “Anxiety”, “Popularity” and “Happiness” estimated the elementary school students’ perceptions about quality of life in their school’s. The participants of the study consist of 493 students (235 girls and 258 boys) who attended to 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades from four elementary schools located in Adana central province, Turkey. Quality of School Life Scale (QSLS) and “Children Self-Concept Scale” were used as data collection tools. Stepwise regression analysis was performed to analyze the gathered data. Results show that, all dimensions of Children Self-concept Scale have significant correlations with quality of school life (p<.001). Results of hierarchic regression analysis show that, the variables of “Behavior”, “Popularity”, “Happiness”, “Intellectual and school status” and “Anxiety” estimated the elementary school students’ perceptions of quality of school life significantly; but the variable of “Physical appearance and attributes” has no significant contribution to the estimation. It was found that, the variable of “Behavior” has the highest contribution to the estimation of students’ quality of school life among these five variables which could be account for 29.2% of the total variance of elementary school students’ perceptions of quality of their school life.
Mathematics Special Content Competencies of Elementary School Teachers  [PDF]
Mehmet Gülteke, Ekber Tomul, Fikret Korur
Creative Education (CE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2013.412A2001
Abstract: According to the results of national and international level examinations, the achievement of students in Turkey in mathematics is low. Elementary school teachers play a significant role in the education of students. Elementary school teachers differ from other teachers in that they are responsible for teaching more than one subject. In determining the competencies and performance indicators of elementary school teachers, the Ministry of National Education has paid regard to the common ground and integrating characteristics of the subjects rather than the special content knowledge of each subject. However, owing to the fact that each subject taught by the elementary school teachers necessitates different disciplines and approaches, it is also essential to determine the special content competencies related to the subjects being taught. The objective of this study is to analyze the opinions of elementary school teachers on their mathematical special content competencies. The study group consists of 72 elementary school teachers who are employed in official primary schools in Manisa. The data were collected through questionnaires. The collected raw data were analyzed by content analysis. Mathematics special content competencies of elementary school teachers were grouped under three main categories. These themes are mathematics special content knowledge, knowledge about mathematics teaching and learning as well as confidence, attitude and values regarding mathematics. Teachers’ opinions particularly underline the significance of field content knowledge, while laying less weight on associating the program content with daily life and with other subjects. It is observed that the teachers are aware of the information in the written sources; however, they are not fully aware of the process of putting the program content into practice, nor their skills. Some teachers are aware of the fact that it is important to teach mathematics topics and associate them with life, rather than possessing knowledge about mathematics special content at an advanced level. Furthermore, little emphasis is given to “utilizing appropriate measurement-evaluation methods”. A great majority of teachers stress keeping the students active and teaching the subject by taking the students’ level into account; however, only few make reference to the importance of treating students equally and knowing about the differences among students.
Elementary School Students’ Perceptions of Technology in their Pictorial Representations  [PDF]
Suzan Duygu Eri?ti,Adile A?k?m Kurt
Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry , 2011,
Abstract: The current study aimed to reveal elementary school students’ perceptions of technology through their pictorial representations and their written expressions based on their pictorial representations. Content analysis based on the qualitative research method along with art-based inquiry was applied. The “coding system for the concepts revealed from the research data” was implemented. Visual language used in pictorial representations produce messages, with its specialized codes. The degree of students to understand and explain their perception on technology composes the visual codes in this research. The study carried out with fifth-grade elementary school students was applied to a class of 28 students. The elementary school students participating in the present study had diverse perceptions of today’s technology, and most of their perceptions of technology were based on computer and electronic household appliances. Some students’ perceptions of technology were based on the Internet and mobile device technologies. Their perceived future technology was observed as human-computer interaction in the area of computer technology. Findings were discussed followed by relevant implications.
Analysis of Elementary School students’ algebraic perceptions and procedures
Neiva Ignês Grando,Sandra Mara Marasini
Práxis Educativa , 2012,
Abstract: This study aims to verify how students in elementary school see themselves in relation to mathematics and, at the same time, analyze the procedures used to solve algebraic tasks. These students in the 8th year of elementary school, and first and third years of high school, from two State schools in Passo Fundo/RS, answered a questionnaire about their own perceptions of the mathematics lessons, the subject mathematics and algebraic content. The analysis was based mainly on authors from the athematical education and the historic-cultural psychology areas. It was verifi ed that even among students who claimed to be happy with the idea of having mathematicsclasses several presented learning diffi culties regarding algebraic contents, revealed by the procedures employed. It was concluded that it is necessary to design proposals with didactic sequences, mathematically and pedagogically based, which can effi cientlyoptimize the appropriation of meaning from the concepts approached and their application in different situations.
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