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Government-enterprise collusion, grassroots mobilization and environmental protest: Taking D village in L town of Hebei as an example

HAN Ruibo
, YE Juanli

- , 2018, DOI: 1672-3104(2018)03-0145-07
Abstract: 摘 要: 环境治理缘何引发环境抗争?以环境问题为基础的“侵权-抗争”的分析框架无法囊括“治理-抗争”的现实问题。“政企合谋-草根动员”的分析框架成为解读环境抗争事件的新尝试。研究发现,政企合谋的目标是降低环境治理的成本,其形式是塑造项目运作过程中的庇护关系,结果则是环境治理的失效,引发环境抗争;草根动员的目标是突破相对剥夺感得到公平对待,其形式体现为基于政策性依据的抗争性话语与关系网络建构,结果则是各利益主体的强势地位和弱势地位发生置换,乡村社会权力结构得以重塑。避免环境抗争事件的发生还是要归结于环境治理绩效的提升。由此,政府和企业应分别承担起环境治理的公共责任与社会责任。
Abstract: Why does environmental governance cause environmental resistance? The "infringement-resistance" analysis framework based on environmental problems cannot include the practical problems of "governance-resistance". The analytical framework of "government-enterprise collusion and grassroots mobilization" has become a new attempt to interpret environmental protests. The study found that the goal of government-enterprise collusion is to reduce the cost of environmental governance by shaping the patron-client in the operation of the project. As a result, the failure of environmental governance leads to environmental protest. The goal of grassroots mobilization is to break through the relative deprivation and achieve fairness. Its form is reflected in the policy-based protestant discourse and relationship network construction. Its result is the replacement of the strong and weak positions of all the interest subjects and the formation of different protest outcomes. The avoidance of environmental protests is still due to the improvement of environmental governance performance. Therefore, both the government and enterprises should respectively assume the public responsibility and social responsibility for environmental governance
Discussion of Spatial Linkage of Freight Transportation by Highway in Provincial Region——Taking Liaoning Province as an Example

ZHANG Jiansong,HAN Zenglin,DONG Xiaofei,

地理科学进展 , 2006,
Abstract: This paper uses economic geography analytical methods and basic theories of thetraffic geography,regards Liaoning Province and affiliated 14 cities as the research object,analyzes in depth the characteristics of formation,growth,distribution and exchange of the highway freight transportation in Liaoning Province."Hub-and-Spoke" network originated from airplane transportation.In this paper it is applied to road freight transportation network,and this is a creation."Hub-and-Spoke " network has already become the basic mode of highway freight transportation network in provincial region,and it embodies "Dual-nuclei" structure characteristic at the same time.This text divides highway freight transportation network of Liaoning Province into two systems of Shenyang-Dalian and west of Liaoning.In conclusion,the industrialization and transportation linkage of Liaoning Province enters middle and later periods,and the regional concentrations index of the traffic volume of the goods is high relatively.There are following characteristic in the highway freight transportation spatial linkage in the provincial region: there is one or several central cities,the volume of goods transported is decided by the nature of the city to a great extent,goods transportation is not closely related to the distance,and coastal port exerts a tremendous influence on the spatial linkage and so on.
Empirical Research on Urbanization to Increase for Urban Residents’ Income Effect——Taking Hebei Province as An Example

- , 2015,
Abstract: 在劳动力市场分割的情况下,农村务工人员进入城镇就业市场对于城镇就业人员既有替代效应,又有互补效应。如果后者强于前者,则城镇化可以提升城镇居民的收入水平。河北省的数据显示,城镇化水平每增加1个百分点,可以拉动城镇居民收入提高2.6个百分点;进一步分解,城镇化率每提高1个百分点可以提升工资性收入、经营净收入、财产性收入和转移性收入分别为1.99、5.36、0.93、3.30个百分点;从长期看,城镇居民可支配收入与城镇人口数量、人均GDP之间具备协整关系,即城镇人口数量每提高1个百分点,城镇居民的可支配收入将下降0.39个百分点;人均GDP每提高1个百分点,城镇居民可支配收入相应提高0.95个百分点。为更好地发挥城镇化对居民收入的提升作用,一要注重城市群网络和小城镇的引领作用;二要加快产业结构调整,优化就业结构;三要建立长效机制,用制度来保障城市居民收入提高;四要改变传统观念,促进新市民社会的形成。
Based on the segmentation of the labor market, rural workers into urban employment market for urban resident have the substitution effect, and complementary effect. If the latter is stronger than the former, urbanization will raise the income level of urban residents. The data of Hebei province show that the level of urbanization increased by 1 percentage point, can pull the income of urban residents increased by 2.6 percentage points;And further, the urbanization rate increased by 1 percentage point, can improve the wage income, operating income, property income and transfer income increased by 1.99, 5.36, 0.93, 3.30 percentage points respectively; In the long term, there is a co integration relation among disposable income of urban residents, the number of urban population and GDP per capita;every percentage point increase in the unmber of urban population drop disposable income of urban residents by 0.39 percentage points; every percentage point increase in GDP per capita raise disposable income of urban residents by 0.95 percentage points. In order to better play the role of urbanization to promote urban residents’ income, here are a few things to keep in mind. First, pay attention to the leading function of city group network and small towns. Second, accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure, and optimize the structure of employment. Third, establish the long term mechanism to ensure the improvement of urban residents’ income. Finally, change the traditional ideas, and promote the formation of new civil society.
Measuring Mining Induced Subsidence by Using InSAR Technique——Taking Wuan Mining Area in Hebei as An Example

ZHANG Jingfa,GUO Qinshi,GONG Lixia,

地球信息科学 , 2008,
Abstract: The InSAR technique has become one of the important tools to measure small surface deformation.In Wuan region of Hebei province,surface deformation occurs to different degrees due to mining activity,causing more geologic disasters.It is necessary to determine the scope and extent of surface subsidence and analyze the changing trend for working out actual resolved plan.In this paper,many pairs SAR data,Jers-1 and ENVISAT SAR data from 1992,were used in InSAR processing.The best SAR pairs were selected and feasible technique plan was determined and the different D-InSAR images were obtained according to the time and baseline of SAR pairs.Finally,the scope and extent information at different periods were acquired.Besides,taking Huilan village as a example shows the mineral area subsidence evolvement procedure.The process flow and key step of InSAR technique are summarized by the application of Wuan subsidence measurement.In the end,the result of InSAR application is evaluated.
Disparity and Convergence: Chinese Provincial Government Health Expenditures  [PDF]
Jay Pan, Peng Wang, Xuezheng Qin, Shufang Zhang
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0071474
Abstract: The huge regional disparity in government health expenditures (GHE) is a major policy concern in China. This paper addresses whether provincial GHE converges in China from 1997 to 2009 using the economic convergence framework based on neoclassical economic growth theory. Our empirical investigation provides compelling evidence of long-term convergence in provincial GHE within China, but not in short-term. Policy implications of these empirical results are discussed.
论舆论主体对政府危机公关的影响—以8 • 12天津爆炸案为例
Influences of Subjects of Public Opinion on Government Crisis Management—Taking 8 • 12 Tianjin Blast as an Example

王菁, 吴健超
Advances in Social Sciences (ASS) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/ASS.2016.53066
In the We-media era, everyone can release information as an information terminal. The propagation path of the current emergencies is that special numerous individuals release information at the beginning, which forms a preliminary opinion after the network amplification effect. As a result, it will eventually cause social public debates after the new media follows the news, relevant departments take the emergency measures, and netizens forward lots of comments. Taking the 8?12 Tianjin Blast in China as an example, this article attempts to analyze the demands of different public opinions and the coping strategies of government in the field of public crisis management through the method of subject discrimination in the situation of emergencies, especially in the catastrophic events, and puts forward three proposals to improve the ability of the government in public relation crisis. This paper aims to clarify the needs of different subjects of public opinions, in order to enhance the ability of government in public relation crisis and give targeted responses to different subjects, and then enhance the credibility of the government in the event of crisis.
How Do Start-Up Companies Explore the Strategies to Pursue Market Share and Benefits—Take Maotai-Flavor Liquor in Renhuai as an Example  [PDF]
Jia’e Wang
Modern Economy (ME) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/me.2015.62027
Abstract: Maotai originates from the famous capital of porcelain in China—Renhuai city. With the conduct of the State Council Document (No. 2) in 2012, Maotai-flavor liquor steps into the market, with its geographical advantages richly endowed by nature and historical goodness. Industry of Maotai-flavor liquor rapidly emerges in Renhuai. As a representative, the development situation of Maotai has a bright future, with the collection of raw materials, production, supply, sales in one of the state-owned enterprises. It works as the second aircraft carrier after Maotai group, mainly named as “Chinese wine capital—Renhuai”, setting up by Renhuai government and relying on the attraction of original geography. By the means of developing provincial agent and investment for marketing, it aims to increase the area’s GDP and Maotai-flavor liquor’s market share. Adhering to the principle of honesty and trustworthiness, gaining profit as well as making production and management philosophy, “the most fragrance Maotai-flavor liquor in the world originates from Renhuai” makes healthy Maotai-flavor liquor culture in China. Wine is a special drink which has been given to man by god. In a sense, the history of the Chinese nation is the history of wine culture and Chinese culture with wine culture has combined closely to each other. Wine has been Chinese people’s bone marrow. Wine industry is a traditional industry, a never declined human society, shining farming civilization brilliantly, full of the wisdom of creation and cultural charm.
Accounting Change and Institutional Capacity: The Case of a Provincial Government in Indonesia
Harun Harun,Haryono P. Kamase
Australasian Accounting Business and Finance Journal , 2012,
Abstract: This study examines a reporting system change of a provincial government in Indonesia. The study also draws attention to the institutional capacity of the provincial administration andimplementation problems it encountered in adopting an accrual accounting system. Following the work of Lapsley and Pallot (2000), this study uses economic and institutional perspectives in conceptualising how an accounting change has been undertaken. The study shows that from an economic based perspective, the adoption of the new reporting system was stimulated by the wish to improve government organisations’ performance in the country. It is also found that the change of the reporting system was not accompanied by the separation of the roles of elected local officials (i.e. the governor) and local parliamentary members as politicians and decision-makers in the allocation of funding and budget formulation in theprovincial government. This situation undermines the instrumental roles of accounting for decision making. Moreover, drawing upon institutional theory, the adoption of the new reporting system at provincial level in the country is indicated by the presence of coercive pressure as local administrations in Indonesia are required to comply with rules imposed by the central government. However, based on the experience of a provincial government in implementing the new accounting system, the policy to adopt the new accounting regime fails to recognise a low level of institutional capacity of local administrations. As a consequence, the institutionalisation of the new accounting system has yet to bring intended outcomes. Inthis vein, the role of accounting as a political tool for controlling people overshadows its roles for efficiency and performance improvement. As the study demonstrates the use of mixedmethodological perspectives (i.e. economic and institutional theories) is useful to fully capture and understand the dynamic process of accounting change in a specific setting.
Canadian provincial, territorial, and federal government aging policies: A systematic review  [PDF]
Donna Marie Wilson, Jane Osei-Waree, Jessica Anne Hewitt, Andrew Broad
Advances in Aging Research (AAR) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/aar.2012.12005
Abstract: In most countries, population aging is becoming more evident now that the first members of the large babyboom cohort have reached 65 years of age. As an accelerating increase in the number of older persons and the proportion of the public aged 65 and older will now occur, planning for population aging has become ever more crucially important. A systematic review of Canadian provincial, territorial, and federal government documents was undertaken to search for the existence of population aging policies, and to determine the aims and other content of the most current policy documents. Documents were identified in all but two jurisdictions of Canada (two northern territories). Document developers, and the aims and content of the 14 reviewed documents varied considerably. Some similarities were identified, however, including some common stated purposes for these documents - to address current issues and challenges facing older people and to plan ahead for a preferred future with population aging.
On the Insufficiency of Government Medical and Health Care Expenditure of China: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis Based on Provincial Panel Data  [cached]
Wang An,Hong Liyang
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: This study sets up a deterministic model of the optimal government medical and health care expenditure amount and then adopts the provincial panel data of China from 1999-2009 to study the insufficiency problem of government medical and health care expenditure with the help of stochastic frontier analysis (hereinafter referred as SFA) technique. Our result indicates that judging from both provincial level and national average level, although it has been alleviated during these years, there is still a huge gap between actual government expenditure and its optimal amount. We also find that the higher the degree of fiscal decentralization, the closer is the medical and health care expenditure to its optimal level. In addition, urbanization in China aggravates the insufficiency problem.
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