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П.М. Б?с?рк?н
Information Technologies and Learning Tools , 2010,
Abstract: The article deals with the study of students personality while pre-profile training educational process in secondary schools using information and communication technology. Application of psycho-pedagogical diagnosis in the final period of pre-profile training is performed, taking into account the syllogism of the individuality and specialized education in secondary schools, the definition of training motivation, creative and intellectual abilities, certain innate personality traits, motivation-emotional, practical, information compounds of pre-profile classes students individuality. У статт розглядаються особливост досл дження особистост учн в в умовах допроф льно п дготовки у загальноосв тн х навчальних закладах з застосуванням засоб в нформац йно-комун кац йних технолог й навчання у навчально-виховному процес . Застосування у п дсумковий пер од допроф льно п дготовки засоб в психолого-педагог чного д агностування, зд йсню ться, з урахуванням силог зму ндив дуальност та проф льност навчання в умовах загальноосв тньо школи, визначення мотивац навчання, творчих та нтелектуальних зд бностей, природженост певних особист сних якостей та мотивац йно-емоц йно-ц нн сно , практично й нформац йно складових особистост учн в допроф льних клас в.
Self-assessment and design of plans of improvement for educational institutions as a research and innovation process in pre-school and primary education  [PDF]
Eva María Espi?eira Bellón,Jesús Miguel Mu?oz Cantero,Marcos Fernando Ziemer
Revista Electronica Interuniversitaria de Formación del Profesorado , 2012,
Abstract: The improvement of the quality of the education constitutes one of the pillars of the Statutory law of education that must guarantee an effective equality of opportunities, rendering the necessary supports to the pupils requires that it and the center in which it is sent to school, with a permanent vocation of improvement.In the present article, after realising a development of the thematic on the scholastic improvement in diversity contexts, the importance is justified that at present has the development of systems of self-evaluation in the centers of Infantile and Primary Education in the Independent Community of Galicia.
The problems of health protection socialisation of children at pre-school educational institutions
Alimpiyeva A.V.
Vestnik Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University , 2013,
Abstract: This article focuses on the results of health behavior diagnostic of pre-school children. They indicate that pre-school education is the only element of education system that pays attention to children’s healthcare and development of health skills. This article discusses the problems of healthcare socialization of children at pre-school educational institutions and possible
Educational Policies of European Union and Evaluation of Turkey’s Adaptation Process to These Policies  [PDF]
International Online Journal of Educational Sciences , 2009,
Abstract: Education has never been so important in the lifetime of an individual as it has been today. Education is regarded as a necessity in an individual’s life. It is the fact that, in modern societies the perception of education has been undergoing significant changes. Education that is assumed to be under the responsibility of family in traditional societies is within the scope of interests of the state and international institutions in modern social structure. Nation states in the world are paying too much effort in developing their educational systems to educate individuals capable of adaptation to the changes in the process of globalization. The aim of this study was to focus on the educational policy of European Union (EU) which has the target of maintaining collaboration and integration among the members of the union within the framework of common cultural values, and also to evaluate of Turkey’s adaptation process to these policies. Issue of Education in EU is rather crucial for Turkey to advance in her candidacy progress and elevate her global competition power. The EU holds the nature of a forum where, rather than setting one politics in the field of education, opinion exchanges across countries take place. The EU provides opportunities such as international education, vocational training and youth partnerships, exchange programs and education abroad, innovative training and education programs, application of new technologies in education, collective recognition of diplomas, web of academicians and professional expertise and advisory platforms aiming comparison and policy making. Educational policy of EU covers all stages of education (private schools, universities, professional associations etc.) and components of education (student, teacher, parent, director etc.) as well as complementing the programs of member states.Life-long learning has become the main point in EU’s educational strategy. This concept includes in itself all the stages and forms of education and besides combines them. Currently, what is expected from modern education systems is to be structured in a model that allows life-long learning. Independent learning and learning to learn have gained importance more than anything else. The individual is supposed to achieve self-improvement and conduct innovative and cooperative tasks. As a candidate of EU, Turkey has internalized the educational reforms that were stated as in Lisbon Strategy, and aimed at applying them. Thus, the process of Turkey’s future membership of EU maybe considered to be a perfect occasion and an impulsive pow
Punishments Applied to Children by a Group of Pre-School Teachers in Turkey
Umit Deniz
Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: This study was carried out to determine whether a group of pre-school teachers applied punishment to children and what type of behavior was punished by those applying the punishment and what the punishment was for this behavior. The current study is a descriptive research. The working group was consisted of 41 teachers teaching at official kindergartens serving in the central towns of Etimesgut and Sincan of the city of Ankara, Turkey. A questionnaire form made up of open-ended questions was used to gather data and the data obtained was analyzed through content analysis. Thirty-four teachers included in the study expressed that they applied punishment to children. It was found that teachers mostly punished the behaviors of being aggressive and disobeying the rules. Teachers pointed out in terms of these behaviors that they applied such punishments in the categories as keeping them away from favorite activities, time-out and making him compensate.
Quebec Parents’Representationsof Social and Educational Intervention in Pre-school Education  [cached]
Fran?ois Larose,Bernard Terrisse,Johanne Bédard
Brock Education : a Journal of Educational Research and Practice , 2010,
Abstract: This article presents findings of a larger SHHRC-funded study (1998-2002) on competencies expected of and exhibited by educational and social professionals working with young children from socioeconomically disadvantaged environments. After describing the context of socioeducational interventions in early childhood education in Quebec, the authors present the duality and the potential complementarity of the values underlying this intervention by comparing the kindergarten classroom with day-care environments for children aged 4 and 5. Then, the authors present the findings of a survey based on a random sample of parents of young Quebecois children enrolled in or having attended day-care centers or kindergarten classrooms. The article highlights the differences in parents’ expectations according to the types of pre school environment and according to socioeconomic levels. These expectations are compared to the purposes of each environment as defined by their respective curriculum articulated in official policy. Finally, the issues resulting from the debate on the educational or non-educational nature of pre-school education are examined in light of the needs of society as reflected by Quebecois parents.
Radical Acceleration in Educational Process of Highly Gifted Students and the Situation of Turkey
Hasan Said TORTOP
Yüksek??retim ve Bilim Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: A number of programs are implemented in order to meet cognitive, social and emotional needs of gifted students. One of them is the radical acceleration that ensures gifted students gaining access to university three or more years before than their peers. First performed in 1971, radical acceleration is currently implemented in many universities in United State and Asian and European countries. There are many researches on radical acceleration showing that it has no negative impacts on gifted students, rather it provides important outcomes. This study investigated radical acceleration and its outcomes on gifted students, as well as suggestions regarding to its application. Finally, situation of many countries in terms of radical acceleration, and legal regulations in Turkey's were presented.
THE ACHIEVING OF META-OBJECTIVE EDUCATIONAL RESULTS IN THE PROCESS OF SOLVING TASKS ON COMPUTER SCIENCE AT SECONDARY SCHOOL Формирование метапредметных образовательных результатов в процессе решения задач по информатике в основной школе  [PDF]
Soboleva E. V.,Khomyakova D. A.
Polythematic Online Scientific Journal of Kuban State Agrarian University , 2013,
Abstract: The brief analysis of the new educational requirements is given in the article; the proof of the possibility of their achievement at school lessons of Computer Science by solving tasks is done. The example of organization of the task solving process aimed to achieve meta-objective educational results is given
П.М. Б?с?рк?н
Information Technologies and Learning Tools , 2010,
Abstract: In the article the features of use of information-communication technologies in educational process of initial classes in general school are stated. The dependence of results of mental qualities formation of primary school pupils on quality of didactic oriented ICT means and heterogeneity of formation of a number (line) of intellectual processes of primary school pupils at use of hereinafter means in educational activities shown. У статт викладено особливост використання нформац йно-комун кац йних технолог й у навчальному процес початкових клас в загальноосв тньо школи. Показано залежн сть результат в формування псих чних якостей учн в молодших клас в в д якост дидактично ор нтованих засоб в КТН та р знор дн сть формування ряду мисленн вих процес в в учн в молодшого шк льного в ку з використанням названих засоб в у навчальн й д яльност .
Future Expectations of High School Students In Southeastern Turkey: Factors behind Future Expectations
Hüseyin ?im?ek
Journal of Theoretical Educational Science , 2012,
Abstract: This study was conducted to identify various future expectations of high school students in southeastern Turkey and factors behind their expectations. The sample of the study, which had a descriptive and associational survey design consisted of 1106 students randomly selected from 54 different high schools located in nine cities in southeastern Turkey. Data were collected through the “Future Expectation Scale (FES)” developed by the researcher. Results indicated that personal and professional future, educational future, economic future and social future expectations of high school students in southeastern Turkey were generally above the average level. According to the study, being a teacher and a doctor took the first place among several professions to be further preferred by high school students. It was also concluded that future expectations of high school students did not differ on gender, high school type, CGPA, level of mother education, father’s occupation, family income level, the number of siblings, receiving pre-school education, and language spoken at home. On the other hand, future expectations of high school students were found to differ on the city where students being taught, grade level, corporal punishment, and tendency toward being a dropout.
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