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Sin, Guilt, and Regeneration in The Scarlet Letter
Sachin Vaman Londhe
Review of Research , 2012,
Abstract: The Scarlet Letter (1850), the romantic fiction, is written by renowned American novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne. The present article analyzes sin, guilt and regeneration in The Scarlet Letter. Different types of sin are represented in The Scarlet Letter. There are sins of the flesh, sins of weakness, sins of will and the intellect. Hester stands on the scaffold wearing a dull gray dress with a large scarlet "A" on her bosom. She shows to the world the result of her sin in the form of little Pearl. While Hester's sin is noticeable to all, Dimmesdale's sin is hidden. The minister hides his wrong, the fact that he has broken the moral law. Rodger Chillingworth, Hester's husband, an older man is guilty of two sins. In The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne is not overly concerned with the sin that has been committed; he is more concerned with the results of the sin. Hawthorne points out that while sin which is exposed and confessed, frees the sinner's mind and often brings about a transformation in the life, sin which is concealed and cherished tends to cause ruin and death. While Hawthorne's characters are sinners, many of them are presented as people who actually gain salvation and regeneration before the story ends.
科学通报 , 1988,
Abstract: 关于十二指肠钩虫成虫的体外培养,1960年Yasuraoka和1979年王风临等曾有报道。但有关将童虫培养到成虫的研究,则除了作者曾将17天龄的十二指肠钩虫的童虫成功地培养至成虫外(中华医学杂志,67(1987),2:96—98),尚未见其他类似的报道。
十二指肠钩虫体外培养的研究——从14天龄童虫培育至产卵成虫的观察  [PDF]
科学通报 , 1988,
Abstract: 关于十二指肠钩虫成虫的体外培养,1960年Yasuraoka和1979年王风临等曾有报道。但有关将童虫培养到成虫的研究,则除了作者曾将17天龄的十二指肠钩虫的童虫成功地培养至成虫外(中华医学杂志,67(1987),296—98),尚未见其他类似的报道。
On the Tragedy of Love in The Scarlet Letter  [cached]
Lanlan LUO
Studies in Literature and Language , 2011, DOI: 10.3968/j.sll.1923156320110301.220
Abstract: Nathaniel Hawthorne, the great romantic novelist of the 19th century, is one of the founders of American literature. Influenced by the times and social background, family origin and life experiences, his novels reflect a strong flavor of Puritan ideology. In his masterpiece The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne tells a story of tragedy of love. This thesis analyzes the causes of the tragedy of love from three aspects. By analyzing the three main characters’ different personalities, the thesis reveals the internal reason of the tragedy. This thesis also deals with women’s status and dark society at that time, showing the influence of the environmental factors of the tragedy. In addition, it also focuses on Hawthorne’s life experiences and his intention of creation, to show the inevitability of the tragic end under Hawthorne’s pen. From these analyses, people can reach a systematic and profound understanding of the causes of the tragedy of love, and thus will grasp the connotation of the novel comprehensively and accurately. Key words: Nathaniel Hawthorne; The Scarlet Letter; tragedy of love; cause
An Analysis of Hester’s Hypocrisy in The Scarlet Letter  [cached]
Yanxia Sang
Journal of Language Teaching and Research , 2010, DOI: 10.4304/jltr.1.4.447-450
Abstract: The paper mainly analyzes the hypocrisy of Hester Prynne, the heroine of the famous novel, The Scarlet Letter. Hester was punished because she was found guilty of adultery. She would wear the letter “A” forever, she knew the meaning of the letter “ A”, she believed that it wasn’t punishment, as she couldn’t rebel in public, so she kept silence, she never raised her head to greet other people, if they greeted her, she laid her finger on the scarlet letter and walked away. The letter “A” was artistically done in fine red cloth surrounded by rich gold thread that wasn’t in accord with her clothes. As a rebel to the moral, she often thought about the role of a woman in the society. She thought that the system of society must be destroyed and built again long ago, yet she seemed to be always obedient and did so many good things to help others. But under the cover of it, the pride, sneer and rebellion were hidden. She hated the letter “A”, but wearing it all the time. Some other actions and thoughts of Hester putting her deep-going thoughts and her seeming obedience together, leads readers to think of her hypocrisy. The difference between her real and disguised aspect proved her hypocrisy.
Simultaneous Onset of Chickenpox and Scarlet Fever: a Case Report
M Karimi
Journal of Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Introduction: Chickenpox is a contagious febrile illness with rash that is caused by varicella zoster virus. Most children up to age 15 are infected with the virus. Scarlet fever is caused by erythrogenic toxin of streptococcus group A and usually causes skin reactions such as fine red and often itchy papules on the trunk and extremities as well as skin redness, especially on the groin and forearm. Case: Patient is a 3-year-old girl that two days after chickenpox while she had active lesions of the chickenpox, was infected with scarlet fever. Skin lesions at different stages along with the clinical symptoms confirmed the diagnosis of chickenpox. Chickenpox is a febrile illness, more contagious and associated with the rash, which rarely has been reported with scarlet fever. Macular lesions spreading all over the body especially the trunk, with strawberry red tongue and exudative lesions of tonsils with good response to penicillin confirmed the complication of scarlet fever following chickenpox. Rarely scarlet fever is a complication of chickenpox and symptoms of both conditions may be seen simultaneously. Considering that diagnosis of both diseases are based on clinical findings, so physicians should start the appropriate treatment if they have clinical suspicion.
淮北宿临矿区现今地温场的构造控制  [PDF]
煤炭学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 基于对淮北宿临矿区的地温场研究,分析了研究区现今地温场的分布特点,并据此揭示了研究区构造对现今地温场的控制作用.研究表明,宿临矿区地温场分布明显受构造控制,徐宿推覆构造上、下盘地温场差异明显,上盘地温梯度值明显低于下盘;背斜隆起区地温梯度高于向斜凹陷区域,童亭背斜为一整体地温梯度相对偏高的构造单元;研究区断裂对地温场分布有着重要影响,在大断裂交汇处、断裂密集处地温梯度也相对偏高.
A Thematic Analysis of Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter
Parvin Ghasemi,Pyeaam Abbasi
K@ta : a Biannual Publication on the Study of Language and Literature , 2009,
Abstract: The Scarlet Letter is yet another story of the never-ending conflict of individuals versus society in which the recurrent theme of appearance versus reality is central and woven into different elements of the novel. The significance of this theme lies in the fact that it is adopted by both the Puritan Culture to subjugate its members and hide the truth, and by a protagonist who claims a new identity and violates the Puritanical codes. This is traceable in two major binary oppositions elaborated in this paper as: Society / Individual; and Religion / Love with a look at the two characters of Dimmesdale / Hester and the two colours of Sable / Gules. This paper is an attempt to show how these binary oppositions work, throughout the novel, to stress appearance as a tool for fixing Puritanical codes, and reality as a tool for constructing new ones.
印度的童婚  [PDF]
人口研究 , 1984,
Abstract: ?<正>印度的童婚由来已久,在现今世界婚姻制度中也是一种特有的现象。印度古籍《家范经》中已经提到新娘是nagnika(原义为“裸露”,此处指还未出现第二次性征的幼女)。约成书于公元前二世纪左右的《摩奴法典》三卷27—34节,对古代印度的婚姻制度有详尽而明确的引记载。
Productive performance of lettuce at different amounts and times of decomposition of dry scarlet starglory
Góes, Silvia Bezerra de;Bezerra Neto, Francisco;Linhares, Paulo César Ferreira;Góes, Glêidson Bezerra de;Moreira, Joserlan Nonato;
Revista Ciência Agron?mica , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-66902011000400028
Abstract: the use of spontaneous species as green manure in the production of vegetables is slowly starting to produce satisfactory results. the purpose of the present study was to evaluate the productive performance of lettuce at different quantities and times of decomposition of dry scarlet starglory (merremia aegyptia l.) incorporated into the soil. the present study was carried out from october to december 2006 in a vegetable garden of plant sciences department of the universidade federal rural do semi-árido (ufersa), mossoró-rn? brazil. the experimental design was a randomized complete block with the treatments arranged in a factorial 4 x 4 + 1, with three replications. the treatments consisted of the combination of four dry scarlet starglory amounts incorporated into the soil (2.6; 5.2; 7.8 and 10.4 t ha-1 of dry matter) with four different decomposition times (0; 10; 20 and 30 days before transplanting of lettuce - dbt), plus one additional treatment (80 t ha-1 of cattle manure, a traditional treatment in the lettuce cropping). the lettuce cultivar grown was 'babá de ver?o'. the evaluated characteristics were: height and diameter of plants, number of leaves per plant, fresh and dry mass of the lettuce shoots. the incorporation of dry scarlet starglory into the soil influenced the productive performance of lettuce in a positive way, thereby showing promise for use as a green manure. the highest fresh mass amount of the lettuce (15.33 t ha-1) was obtained with the incorporation of 6.68 t ha-1 of dry scarlet starglory to the ground in time of 30 days before transplanting of the lettuce.

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