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Internship Training
B. S. Bhavsar
Healthline , 2010,
Abstract: The Goal of Medical Colleges is to produce Basic Doctors who have adequate knowledge, clinical and Communication skills, confidence and competency to work independently in community. “Internship is a phase of training wherein a graduate is expected to conduct practice of medical and health care and acquire skills under supervision so that he /she become capable of functioning independently.” (Medical Council of India) Medical Council of India has prescribed the various clinical departments, the period of training and the skills to be learnt during Internship and Intern should keep of record of work done during Internship (Logbook) to be certified by the Head of each department. MCI has recently revised this Internship by including some departments and duration of internship in each department. .....
宋代应策时文概论  [PDF]
- , 2016,
Abstract: 宋代应策时文最早出现在制科考试中,熙宁三年进士殿试,首次采用制策问答的方式考试,此后,殿试以策取士,大致沿袭不变。熙宁以后,士人逐渐将更多的学习热情转移到策问的写作上。殿试制策,考核士人两个方面的能力:对现实政治弊病的了解和应对方案,综合分析、归纳等逻辑思考能力和语言表达能力。宋代士人必须时时联系现实政治思考问题,他们进入仕途后,热衷于变革,时而大胆批评朝政,直抒己见,这与应策考试的训练有一定的关系。从格式角度考察,制策需要考核考生对现实社会和政治的多方面综合思考的能力,一道制策中总是提出多个问题。所以,应策时文事实上是由多篇政论文组成,与平常一题一议的政论文不同。应策时文受题目、时间、地点的限定,又有考试录取的现实目的,考生为了进入仕途,必须揣摩帝王或当政者的想法,以此作为应策时文的主要论点,贯穿全文。更有甚者,恶意攻击当时政坛上受排挤压迫的政治派别,应策时文遂堕落为朝廷鹰犬。此外,考生有个人经历的局限,回答问题时又有诸多功名利禄的考虑,面对现实政治和制策提问,绝大多数应策时文不可能提供深刻的见解,空疏肤浅是应策时文的通病。
Abstract:The stratagem and suggestion writing first appeared in the zhike examination (a special imperial examination in the Song Dynasty). In the palace examination in 1070, the text took a form of policy-making questionnaire. Afterwards, this kind of examination was regularized and inherited through dynasties. Thus scholars gradually devoted more efforts into stratagem and suggestion writing. In palace examination, two capacities were considered important: knowledge of political ills and corresponding policies, comprehensive analysis and expression ability. Song scholars, who were requested to consider problems with the context of real politics, were keen to make changes and bold in criticizing the government, which could be partly related to the training before examination. From the perspective of the format, the system needed to assess the candidates of comprehensive thinking on social and political dimensions, and usually had several questions under one subject. Therefore, the answering sheet was actually composed of a few pieces of article, different from the one-question-one-answering sheet. As the policy essays were limited by subject, time and place, with practical purposes in addition, most candidates tried to cater for the rulers in praise of the current politics. They would figure out the real thought of authority and took it as the main argument of the essay. Some of them went so far in malicious attacks against the groups in disadvantage. Limited by personal experiences and consideration on fame and fortune, most policy essays could not provide insightful opinions. Shallow emptiness was the common defect
An Evaluation Of Rural Internship Training Programme
Taneja D.K,Bhatia M.S,Sahgal K,Bansal A.K
Indian Journal of Community Medicine , 1992,
Abstract: An evaluation of two months rural internship training programme at the two medical colleges of Delhi revealed that posting did not help in improving the capacity of interns to deal with common illnesses and provide preventive maternal care. Intems could not improve as providers of primary health care in common emergencies. Though they significantly improved their knowledge relating to immunization programme, it was far from satisfactory. Lack of adequate facilities for training, absence of well formulated training programmes and lack of interest on the part interns themselves may be some of the underlying factors.
Undergraduate Internship Attachment in Accounting: The Interns Perspective  [cached]
Rusnah Muhamad,Yazkhiruni Yahya,Suhaily Shahimi,Nurmazilah Mahzan
International Education Studies , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ies.v2n4p49
Abstract: Increasingly, internship has become an essential component of the undergraduate programme. It provides students with a smooth transition from the on-campus environment to the working environment. It is often viewed as a ‘win-win’ situation for both the intern and the intern’s employers. Students are able to learn about the profession and gain practical experience while simultaneously being able to reflect on what they have learned in the classroom. Employers benefit from internships as interns are sources of future employees. This paper examines whether the expected benefits of internship, as perceived by interns before going for their internship, are actually achieved.
大型风力发电机偏航系统控制策究现状及展望  [PDF]
电工技术学报 , 2015,
Abstract: 偏航系统控制策略直接决定着风力发电系统的经济效益。本文在介绍偏航系统工作原理的基础上,把风力发电机偏航系统控制策略分为重启对风策略和执行对风策略,并分别评述了研究现状。分析结果表明当前业界的研究热点主要集中于偏航系统执行对风策略方面,偏航系统重启对风策略新的研究开展较少。文中在量化分析偏航系统实际运行数据、风电场风速风向实测数据及风电机组功率曲线的基础上,指出传统的偏航系统重启对风策略存在过多将偏航系统寿命消耗在低风速区的不足,影响了偏航系统寿命周期综合经济效益;偏航系统重启对风策略制定需综合考虑风电场实际风能特征、风电机组发电功率特征等因素,研究能实现偏航系统动作寿命的高效利用的新型重启对风策略具有重要的价值,值得关注。
周代策命的礼仪背景及文体特点  [PDF]
- , 2013,
Abstract: 周代策命是周天子策封赏赐诸侯或臣下的仪式上使用的实用文体,一般在太庙举行策命仪式时颁布,见证者为傧者,宣读者多为内史,有时是尹氏或其他史官。周代策命形成稳定的体制,通常包括封赏的原因、具体的赏赐及教导与勉励三部分。周代策命语言诚挚恳切,语气温润亲切,典雅舒缓,成为后世策命文体模仿的典范。
Evaluating of Training and Internship Programs of University Hospitals  [PDF]
Farzianpour Fereshteh, Emami Amir Hossein, Hosseini Shayan
Health (Health) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/health.2016.87069
Abstract: Objective: This study aimed to assess training and internship programs (courses) of basic and clinical sciences in hospitals based on surveying the students of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Material and Methods: The present study was a cross-sectional one with survey descriptive designs. The data collection tool was a questionnaire with 14 five-point likert style items. The Research and Development Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences surveyed all 185 students of training and internship programs, using a questionnaire with the Cronbach’s alpha coefficient of 81%, for the purpose of adjusting the education to the society’s needs and improving its quality. Result: The mean scores of the assessment of training and internship programs were 3.32%, 2.98%, 3.38% and 3.29%, respectively for theoretical classroom training related to practical training, mental, communicational and practical skills courses. The students’ satisfaction rate regarding the quality of educational courses of training and internship programs was 50.2%. Conclusion: Educational authorities have made necessary attempts to implement these programs and use potential resources for realizing the objectives and achieving the educational quality; however, they should make further attempts in this regard.
新发现唐朝最早''策学''之作考证  [PDF]
浙江大学学报(人文社会科学版) , 2013,
Abstract: ?唐初的科举考试,不论进士科、明经科、制科都试策问。为了应对科考,举子习作策论,官员也撰写作为辅导性质的策论,大量策论遂应运而生,从而在唐代形成一种特殊文体———策论。研究唐代的策论,则成为“策学”。时至今日,唐代时务策留存甚少,能够确定的最早的科场进士时务策,为贞观间上官仪之进士对策。至于作为习作或辅导性质的策学之作,有学者认为中唐诗人白居易成书于元和间的《白氏策林》四卷是唐代留存至今的最早策学著作。其实,迄今为止所能见到的唐代保存至今的最早策学之作,当属日藏《令集解》中所载唐太宗贞观初魏徵撰写的进士《时务策》,它比《白氏策林》早出一百七十年左右。
Abrudan Denisa,Lazar Mihaela,Munteanu Anca-Ioana
Annals of the University of Oradea : Economic Science , 2012,
Abstract: Romanian specialist`s studies show a harsh reality: Romanian universities programs have only theoretical value, creating specialists but not for real life, but for a more abstract environment. Our university graduates are doing very well in a stable economic and institutional environment that offers relatively easy material and financial resources, with a set of skills and professional skills which fail to meet harsh reality of the labor market. An effective solution for professional skills development is the accumulation of work experience during college in the environment and on the job we have in view by following an internship program. As a form of practical education through work, internship meets young people, particularly students keen to gain experience through practical work in a job within a company or institution chosen, giving them the opportunity to translate theoretical knowledge into practice and to develop skills and experience of labor market activities that waits for them. This paper is an original applied research conducted in the West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. It aims to identify whether there is a need for specialization Management students to acquire work experience before graduating, to what extent they are able to assess their skills and work in a company and especially the role of internship programs in professional and personal development of students. The results show that participation in an internship program is beneficial not only for students but also for employers. Leading to increased competences and to training and professional skills and personal development, internship becomes a more attractive alternative for young people because it gives them the opportunity to be a€ a ringer" of an employee on the position you have in view. Without being employed, students can gain practical experience in a certain position they sought in a company or institution on the labor market, practical experience they need so much and they can also learn what responsibilities and tasks the job entails and whether or not they are suitable for that position.
Internship Orientation Program of Dietary Students and PBL Effectiveness
Reza Golie Vahidi,Mohammad Reza Nariemani,Davood Hosien Nasab,Alireza Ostad Rahimi,Asghar Mohammadpour,Mahmmoud Nekou Moghaddami,Behrouz Naghili,Vahideh Sadeghi
Research Journal of Biological Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: The effectiveness of bachelor internship program of dietary students in equipping the students with necessary skill, attitude and knowledge has often been a controversial issue, at Tabriz Medical Science University. Variety of factors affects the program effectiveness, including the use of traditional educational strategy of lecturing at orientation session to internship. Thereby, this research was done to explore the effectiveness of problem Based Learning strategy, with the assumption that this strategy with its interactive nature in comparison to traditional one of teaching might improve the skills of the students. Thirty two bachelor students registered to internship program at Tabriz Medical Science University were divided into two groups of case and control according to their grade point average during the past seven terms of study and gender. The case and control group s orientation programs were conducted using P.B.L. and traditional strategies respectively. The effectiveness of these two strategies in improving the skill, attitude and knowledge were compared using data obtained through an observation checklist and using the t-test and paired t-test. According to the findings of this study, the P.B.L in comparison to traditional strategy was able to improve the students skill, attitude and knowledge substantially and thereby to give the students the chance to practice their theoretical knowledge at real work environment. We recommend the use of this method in other fields of study to test its effectiveness.
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