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Teaching Approaches for Cultivation of Innovation Ability in the Undergraduate Linear Algebra Course  [cached]
Hongyi LI
Progress in Applied Mathematics , 2013, DOI: 10.3968/j.pam.1925252820130502.123
Abstract: Linear Algebra is one of the most important mathematical courses for undergraduate students. An overemphasization on memorization of definitions and equations on text books always weakens students' ability of innovation. To address this problem, in this paper we propose some approaches for teaching linear algebra. Our approaches include the following three aspects: combining the lectures with practical problems; depicting one concept or showing problem solving illustrations from different viewpoints; providing practices for students to find solutions by using scientific computation software. We believe that these methods could stimulate students' interest in learning, and encourage them to think divergently, which therefore can promote their ability for innovation.
The administrator’s education in the undergraduate teaching: a reflection A forma o do administrador no ensino de gradua o: uma reflex o  [cached]
Paulo da Costa Lopes
Semina : Ciências Sociais e Humanas , 2009, DOI: 10.5433/
Abstract: This article aims at contributing for the critical reflection process on the professional education of administrators in undergraduate courses, based on one of its main empirically observable weaknesses: the teaching fragmentation, with emphasis on the transmission of technical-conceptual knowledge, and the consequent absence of appropriate general and systemic view of an organization/enterprise. In order to better understand the problem, four fundamental questions were posed: the origin of the Administration courses in Brazil, which explains the emphasis on the technique; the organizational complexity as the object of Administration, which raises polemical views on what administration is and what an administrator does; the dominant paradigm in the production of knowledge and how it impacts, until now, on the reproduction of knowledge in higher education; and the pedagogical projects of the Administration courses, approaching the problems related with their premises and practices, as well as the institutional structures for their operationalization. The discussions and analyses performed suggest, as a conclusion, the clear need for new conceptions concerning the education process of the professional administrator. Neste artigo, busca-se contribuir para o processo de reflex o critica acerca da forma o profissional de administradores nos cursos de gradua o, a partir de uma de suas principais fragilidades empiricamente observáveis: a fragmenta o do ensino, com ênfase no repasse do conhecimento técnico-conceitual, e a decorrente ausência de adequada vis o geral e sistêmica de organiza o/empresa. Para construir uma melhor compreens o do problema, quatro quest es fundamentais s o consideradas: a origem dos cursos de Administra o no Brasil, o que explica a ênfase na técnica; a complexidade organizacional como objeto da Administra o, assunto que acaba por construir controvertidas vis es de administra o e do trabalho do administrador; o paradigma dominante na produ o do conhecimento e o modo como ele repercute até hoje na reprodu o do conhecimento dentro dos cursos superiores; e os projetos pedagógicos dos cursos de Administra o, discutindo os problemas relacionados com suas premissas e práticas e, também, com as estruturas institucionais para sua operacionaliza o. As discuss es e análises desenvolvidas sugerem, como conclus o, a clara necessidade de novas concep es relativas ao processo de forma o do administrador profissional.
Ense anza de pre-grado en neurología; algunas reflexiones Reflection regarding neurology teaching for undergraduate students
Roberto Sica
Revista Chilena de Neuro-Psiquiatría , 2003,
Abstract: El autor hace algunas reflexiones acerca del estado de la ense anza, en sus diferentes niveles, en países de Latinoamérica, enfatizando la necesidad de su recomposición para contribuir a la mejoría del nivel de vida de las comunidades que los habitan. En ese marco propone un esquema de aprendizaje de la Neurología, basado en los lineamientos planteados por la Comisión de Cambio Curricular de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Bs. As., en el que el dictado de la Disciplina comience desde temprano, en el ámbito del hospital, aunando los conocimientos básicos y clínicos de ella, empleando, para tales propósitos, modelos clínicos The author describes some of the characteristics of the education in Latinamerican countries, pointing out the need of introducing changes for the well-being of their communities. Within that frame, he does a proposal for the teaching of Neurology within the medical career, based on the recommendations done by the Committee for changes in the Curriculum of Medicine of the Medical School at Bs. As. University, where the Discipline is introduced early, in the second year of the career, encompassing the simultaneous teaching of basic and clinical neurosciences, using, for those purposes, clinical models
Entrepreneurship and innovation in e-commerce  [PDF]
M. Hasan,E. Harris
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering , 2009,
Abstract: Purpose: This paper explores the synergies between entrepreneurship and innovation and investigates their roles in organisational development in general and dot.com companies in particular.Design/methodology/approach: The authors have decided to use current literature review on entrepreneurship and innovation and case study analysis from different sources. In addition to this, interviews were conducted to examine the perceptions of entrepreneurs in e-commerce regarding entrepreneurship and innovation and the factors affecting the development and integration of entrepreneurship and innovations.Findings: The study has explored the synergies between entrepreneurship and innovation in e-commerce through a review of principal literature in this field, case study analysis, web researches and interviews with dot.com companies. The results of this study have shown that entrepreneurship and innovation is a crucial factor for the long term sustainability of e-commerce and e-business.Practical implications: entrepreneurship and innovation should be regarded as ongoing, everyday practices in organizations.Originality/value: The fast growth and business successes of eBay, Amazon.com, priceline.com, etc. and the bankruptcy of numerous dot.com companies worldwide in the late 1990s has held potent management implications for IT innovation and entrepreneurial organizations worldwide. Entrepreneurship and innovation are emerging disciplines for proactively responding to changes in the e-commerce world.
The impact of innovation on the retail commerce
B?l??escu, S.
Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov. Series V : Economic Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: : This paper highlights the contribution of innovation process in retail development. Lately, in this area has appeared many innovations (related to products, processes or technology) which have brought many benefits for the performance of trade activities. Many retailers have realized the benefits of innovation and have gradually adopted them, offering to their business the chance to grow. Romanian retail companies are trying to adjust to the changes in the field, being aware that long-term, innovation is the key to business success.
A Research on Undergraduate Architecture Teaching Approach Based on Integration of Architectural Design and Architectural History Teaching  [PDF]
Wei Li
Creative Education (CE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2018.912135
Abstract: Undergraduate Architecture Education comprises these two major aspects: architectural design teaching and architectural history teaching. Due to different philosophies on curriculum, teaching methods, architectural design teaching and architectural history teaching have been long separated, which led to a disjunction between theory and practice, authentic project and scientific research. Under such circumstances, a new teaching approach based on integration and system optimization of architectural design and architectural history is highly demanded, which is of great significance to teaching. The practice of Architecture Undergraduate Program in Huizhou University signifies an innovative path for teaching research and reform. All steps are organized in a systematic way and the mission that we commit to nurturing graduates with application and innovation is fulfilled.
Is temperament a key to the success of teaching innovation?
JJ Blitz, MR van Rooyen, DA Cameron, GP Pickworth, PH Du Toit
African Journal of Health Professions Education , 2010,
Abstract: Introduction. A section of the undergraduate curriculum was revised due to consistently poor student evaluation. The chosen didactic method for achieving this change was reciprocal peer teaching. This innovation may have required academic members of staff to adapt to a new teaching style. Method. Staff members determined their Keirsey temperament and were given a report on its interpretation. They participated in training on student-focused teaching techniques and completed the Approaches to Teaching Inventory (ATI) of their preferred approach to teaching. Their subsequent sessions with students were videotaped and analysed for features of student-focused, as opposed to teacher-focused, teaching. Results. There was a link between temperament type and apparent delivery of student-focused teaching. Staff members’ perceptions of their approach to teaching did not correspond to their actual teaching behaviour. Discussion. Staff development strategies could take into account individual temperaments in order to direct their professional development for the full spectrum of flexible teaching skills. Alternatively, teaching teams should be created in a way that takes account of different temperament types. Conclusion. Temperament does play a key role in adaptation to innovation.
The Reform of Undergraduate Teaching on the “History of Foreign Law”  [cached]
Jian He,Xinhua Xia
Asian Social Science , 2010, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v6n5p36
Abstract: For a long time, in the "History of Foreign Law" teaching, there are some common problems as following problems: lagging teaching content, outdated teaching methods and means. In order to solve the above problems, Xiangtan University carried out fruitful reform and innovation of the teaching content, teaching methods and teaching methods in "History of Foreign Law" teaching.
An Exploration on the Relationship of Transformational leadership, Innovation Atmosphere and E-Commerce Organization Innovation  [PDF]
Mian Lin
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2014.29008

In the knowledge economy, the innovation already became the motivation of foundation for organization growth, especially for E-commerce organizations. Business organizations should consider how their organizational innovations for all aspects of resource optimization to increase efficiency. The purpose of this study is to build some conceptual models in transformational leadership, innovation atmosphere and E-commerce organization innovation. Through the questionnaire survey procedure in some E-commerce corporations in Zhe Jiang, this research takes correlation analysis and regression analysis. We discovered: both transformational leadership and innovation atmosphere have the remarkable influence on E-commerce organization innovation. We also find the differences of effects and their interactions directly between the transformational leadership, innovation climate and the dimension degrees on E-commerce organization innovation.

Teaching, Learning and Interning: From Teaching Internships to Scholarly Teaching
Eileen M. Herteis
Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning , 2010,
Abstract: Mount Allison University, with about 2,400 students, is a small, undergraduate Liberal Arts and Science university with a long history of faculty-student collaboration in both research and cocurricular activities. In 2005, Mount Allison introduced the Undergraduate Teaching Internship Program in which professors and senior students collaborate in instruction. The program has quickly become for its faculty participants an important springboard for teaching innovation and scholarship. Almost immediately after its introduction, it became clear that the Undergraduate Teaching Internship Program addressed two distinct but overlapping needs—the first was predictable, the second less so: (a) it presented opportunities for senior students to develop skills, knowledge and values that transcend those normally associated with undergraduate education; and (b) it provided a mechanism whereby faculty could engage in scholarly reflection on teaching and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning projects. In the 5 years since its inception, internship has become not simply a peripheral program but a strong thread woven into the fabric of the university culture. While outlining some constraints of the program, this descriptive paper explains the many ways in which internship has resulted in productive, mutually beneficial collaborations between interns and their supervising professors, encouraging an even more pervasive dialogue about teaching.L’Universite Mount Allisson est un petit e tablissement qui offre des cours dans les domaines des arts et des sciences a environ 2400 e tudiants de premier cycle. Son personnel enseignant et ses e tudiants collaborent depuis longtemps aux activite s de recherche et aux activite s paralle les au programme. En 2005, l’Universite a mis sur pied le programme de stages en enseignement au premier cycle ou les professeurs et les e tudiants qui en sont a leur dernie re anne e d’e tude collaborent a l’enseignement. Ce programme est rapidement devenu un tremplin important en matie re d’innovation et d’e rudition pe dagogique pour le corps enseignant qui y participe. Pratiquement de s sa cre ation, il est devenu e vident que le programme comblait deux besoins distincts qui se chevauchaient. Le premier e tait pre visible, le deuxie me l’e tait moins : a) il fournissait des occasions aux e tudiants qui termine leur parcours d’apprentissage d’acque rir des compe tences, des connaissances et des valeurs qui transcendent celles normalement associe es aux e tudes de premier cycle et b) il constituait un me canisme permettant aux membres du corps
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