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Advanced SWOT Analysis of E-Commerce
Muhammad Awais,Tanzila Samin
International Journal of Computer Science Issues , 2012,
Abstract: This research paper describes the invention and accessibility of internet connectivity and powerful online tools has resulted a new commerce era that is e-commerce, which has completely revolutionized the conventional concept of business. E-commerce deals with selling and purchasing of goods and services through internet and computer networks. E-commerce can enhance economic growth, increase business opportunities, competitiveness, better and profitable access to markets. E-Commerce is emerging as a new way of helping business enterprises to compete in the market and thus contributing to economic success. In this research paper we will discuss about advanced SWOT analysis of E-commerce which will comprise of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by e-commerce in current scenario.
To Discuss the Construction of Henan Agricultural Ecological Civilization
Mingyue Zhang
Journal of Modern Agriculture , 2012,
Abstract: Henan has a population of over one hundred million people, which ranks the first in all Chinese provinces. Its total grain output accounts for one tenth of the country. As the most populous and largest agricultural province in China, research on Henan is a window for penetrating into phenomena in China. At present, Henan is in the stage of developing agricultural modernization, advancing industrialization, and urbanization at the same time. The contradiction between ecological environment and economic development has become increasingly prominent in Henan. Only with correct development orientation, integration of advantages, highlighting of characteristics, can we find a scientific way of coordinated development of agricultural modernization, industrialization and urbanization at no expense of destroying agriculture and food security, ecology and environment. In this way, we can better serve as the bibcock model in the course of accelerating the construction of economic zone of Central Plains and realize mutual benefit and win-win result.
Economical numbers  [PDF]
Richard G. E. Pinch
Mathematics , 1998,
Abstract: A number $n$ is said to be economical if the prime power factorisation of $n$ can be written with no more digits than $n$ itself. We show that under a plausible hypothesis, related to the twin prime conjecture, there are arbitrarily long sequences of consecutive economial numbers, and exhibit such a sequence of length 9.
Hydrological Variability from Gauging Stations and Simulated SWOT Data, for Major French Rivers  [PDF]
L. Chevalier, B. Laignel, I. Turki, F. Lyard, C. Lion
Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection (GEP) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/gep.2017.513004
Abstract: This study was carried out under the aegis of the program Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) associated with the National Center of Space Studies (CNES). The future SWOT mission will offer new opportunities to survey the hydrodynamic in the rivers because it will provide data on the water level/ discharges with a high spatial resolution (oceans: 1 km, rivers: 100 m of width) and with a global cover. However, it is important to estimate the capacity of SWOT to reproduce the hydrodynamic phenomena in the estuaries and the temporal and the spatial variability of this dynamic. The aim of this paper is 1) to estimate the capacity of SWOT to reproduce the hydrological variability of watersheds, and 2) to validate the use of these data for other zone without hydrometric station. Based on discharge measurements and simulated Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) data, we have investigated the hydrological variability of the main French rivers (Seine, Loire, Garonne and Rh?ne) by applying a series of statistical analyses to the discharge time series. A frequency analysis has been also used using a technique of wavelet. Results have shown a similar hydrological variability of the four watersheds. Three different periods of hydrologic variability has been identified: before 1970, between 1970 and 1990, and after 1990. Using these analyses, simulated SWOT samples and discharges were compared during the three studied periods. Simulated SWOT data, obtained by a synthetic sampling of river discharges basing on the number of measurements per repeat orbit, reproduce the hydrological variability of rivers. Such reproduction seems to be independent in the number of SWOT passages (from two to four), except for the minimum and maximum annual discharges where number of overpass seems to have an influence. These results were validated by coherence wavelet which underlines coherence higher than 90% between simulated SWOT data and in-situ discharges. Nevertheless, good correlation was not observed for the minimum and the maximum annual discharge with an underestimation for SWOT maximum annual and an overestimation of the minimum annual SWOT ones. Moreover, best identification of minimum, mean and maximum annual discharge depends on SWOT overpasses.
Regional Cooperation―Electronic Commerce Impact  [PDF]
Xhensila Abazi, Blandor Abazi
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2014.26053
Abstract: Albania has become an important factor of security, peace and stability in the region. Albania has a great development potential, deriving its comparative advantages from its geographical position, human resources and physical endowments. Proximity to European markets and favorable climate conditions are positive factors for the agricultural sector. Becoming part of international transport corridors will raise the importance of the country in the development of regional trade [1]. Albania is also an attractive tourist destination as a result of its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage but now days it can’t be understood the development of a country without considering the others. As the Sustainable Development requires, we must consider the world as a system and being aware that air pollution from a country affects air quality on the other countries. When we think of the world as a system we also understand that quality of life is a system too. At this context, there are several actions that can contribute to the regional cooperation as well as the well being of a country and its citizens. The focus of this manuscript is to describe the electronic commerce impact, advantages and barriers related to e-commerce implementation as well as a SWOT1 analysis of Albania and other countries. The manuscript is well documented as a scientific research paper.
Lan?ari? Drahoslav
Technológia vzdelávania , 2008,
Abstract: The article presents the possibilities of SWOT analysis application on different types of schools.Príspevok sa venuje SWOT analyze v prostredí koly a sna í sa poskytnú podnety na jej aplikovanie.
SWOT analysis & privatization in Croatia
Dru?i? Ivo,Gel Tomislav
Economic Annals , 2006, DOI: 10.2298/eka0668121d
Abstract: Legal framework for privatization in Croatia was based on two key laws: the Transformation Act of 1991, and the Privatization Act of 1993, amended in 1996. Early start of privatization process in 1990s in Croatia was marked by the transformation of socially-owned companies into stock holding companies or limited liability companies. The first step (1991-1993) of this process of almost 2700 companies which entered privatization was their evaluation and transformation into private ownership entities. The second step (1994- 1997) consisted of privatization of CPF portfolio. The portfolios change constantly, not only as a result of privatization but also because companies themselves change, as does their position in the market. The third step (1998) in the privatization process was voucher privatization. Privatization of large infrastructure and utility companies designated as public enterprises began in 1999 (Croatian Telecom) and INA in 2002 (public enterprises are privatized on the basis of separate laws). Attempts to discuss privatization in Croatia in terms of SWOT analysis have been motivated by the stark difference among Croatian professional economists in an appraisal of Croatia's performance during the transition process in general and of the privatization process in particular. Therefore we considered the elements of SWOT analysis to be an acceptable way to delve into the confusing world of bickering arguments on the state and perspective of the Croatia's privatization process. In this paper we have tried to provide an impartial approach by employing two criteria i.e. strength and weaknesses in judging the events and results of the privatization process in Croatia. Strength of the overall privatization process can be mostly ascribed to the institutional swiftness on micro as well as on macro level. On the micro level 80% of the companies were formally privatized in the first two years despite unfavorable external conditions comprising the economic consequences of war. On the macro level it took approximately three years to restructure and downsize CPF majority ownership in 2700 companies to majority ownership in just 70 companies. Overall weakness of the restructuring process is concentrated in a painfully slow emergence of sound business activity in market environment. The economic inefficiency of this model is reflected in the substitution of modern entrepreneurial capitalism, which was hoped for with retrograde rent seeking capitalism, typical of early capitalism in its transition from a feudal to an industrial environment two centuries ago. In
Formulating an Optimal Strategic Marketing Model by Integrating SWOT and FUZZY  [cached]
Zoleikha Abbasi,Zahra Kiani Anboohi
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: This study is an applied research and an analytic-descriptive one in terms of nature. By identifying SWOT matrix factors in Parsian Bank through using fuzzy logic, the present study seeks to determine proper strategy in one of the strategic calculated zones in the matrix of strategy determination and the most appropriate strategy for Parsian Bank. This study has applied Cronbach's Alpha method to determine reliability. Having identified strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats and prioritized them by FAHP method, the results revealed that the optimal strategic zone in marketing would be an offensive strategy, in accordance of which several strategies have been suggested to the Bank.
农民集中居住区文化治理实践逻辑研究———以豫北 N 社区为例
Research on the Practical Logic of Cultural Governance in Farmers’ Centralized Residential Areas———Take N Community in Northern Henan Province as an Example

- , 2018,
Abstract: 基于文化治理理论分析框架以豫北 N 社区为例,从乡土文化延续和公共文化嵌入两个维度系统阐述农民集中居住区文化治理的实践逻辑。 首先,作为自治型自我治理机制的乡土文化延续,通过乡土文化的历史延续和民间信仰的乡土传承,有效应对了社会空间转型和文化空间消失导致的本体性不安和个体化焦虑,从而实现了社会空间的文化自治理;其次,作为他治型行政治理机制的公共文化嵌入,通过公共文化服务体系重构和“文化下乡冶实现了社区文化公共领域和社会生活公共空间重构,并基于隐性技术运作的柔性治理再生产出国家—农民关系的施恩回报逻辑,从而促进社会生活共同体的形成,最终奠定了国家政权合法性的社会基础;最后,社区公共意识匮乏和认同感缺失正是当前社区文化法有效发挥引领作用的重要原因,因此,唯有通过自治和他治的机制衔接,形成乡土社会本土文化与现代公共文化的功能耦合,才能真正能实现文化治理、政治治理和经济治理的多元善治。
Based on the investigation facts on N community in the Northern Henan Province, the practical logic of cultural governance in farmers’ concentrated residential areas is elaborated from the two dimensions of continuation of local culture and public culture by using the cultural governance theory analysis framework. First of all, as the autonomous system of self-governance of local culture, through the historical continuation of local culture and the local inheritance of folk beliefs, it effectively responds to the ontological uneasiness and individualized anxiety caused by the transformation of social space and the disappearance of cultural space, hence realizing the cultural self-governance of social space; secondly, as a public culture embedding of others administrative governance mechanism, through the reconstruction of the public cultural service system and the “culture to the countryside”, the community culture public domain and social life public space reconstruction, and flexible management based on implicit technology operation. The generative return logic of the state-farmer relationship promotes the formation of the social life community and ultimately lays the social foundation for the legitimacy of the state power. Finally, the lack of public awareness and lack of identity in the community is an important reason why the current community culture can not effectively play a leading role. Therefore, only through the mechanism of autonomy and other governance, the functional coupling between the local culture of local society and modern public culture is formed. Only in this way can achieve the pluralistic good governance of cultural governance, political governance and economic governance.
Januar Heryanto
Nirmana , 2003,
Abstract: Analisa SWOT terhadap Universitas Kristen Petra (UKP) melingkupi evaluasi mengenai kekuatan%2C kelemahan%2C kesempatan dan tantangan yang dihadapi Universitas Kristen Petra dan sebagai contoh kasus akan dievaluasi Jurusan Desain Komunikasi Visual (DKV). Akhir-akhir ini pergeseran dari pertanian ke industri%2C dilanjutkan ke masyarakat berbasis informasi%2C mengakibatkan perubahan terhadap kebutuhan jurusan/program studi yang akan ditawarkan ke masyarakat Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : SWOT analysis of PCU involves the evaluation of Petra Christian University s (PCU s) strengths%2C weaknesses%2C opportunities and threats and for example will evaluate Department of Visual Communication Design (VCD) specifically. Recent shift from agriculture to industrial%2C then to an information-based society has impacted the demand on university s department/program offerings. SWOT%2C evaluasi%2C Universitas Kristen Petra (UKP)%2C Jurusan Desain Komunikasi Visual (DKV)
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