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Algorithms for Efficient Mining of Statistically Significant Attribute Association Information  [PDF]
Pritam Chanda,Aidong Zhang,Murali Ramanathan
Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: Knowledge of the association information between the attributes in a data set provides insight into the underlying structure of the data and explains the relationships (independence, synergy, redundancy) between the attributes and class (if present). Complex models learnt computationally from the data are more interpretable to a human analyst when such interdependencies are known. In this paper, we focus on mining two types of association information among the attributes - correlation information and interaction information for both supervised (class attribute present) and unsupervised analysis (class attribute absent). Identifying the statistically significant attribute associations is a computationally challenging task - the number of possible associations increases exponentially and many associations contain redundant information when a number of correlated attributes are present. In this paper, we explore efficient data mining methods to discover non-redundant attribute sets that contain significant association information indicating the presence of informative patterns in the data.
Journal of Global Research in Computer Science , 2011,
Abstract: This paper presents a review of the major components of the Information Availability and also in a dynamic scenario the major threats to Information Availability are identified and steps needed to counter them are also discussed. The threats to Information Availability exist everywhere with some doing it deliberately (deliberate-authorised and deliberate-unauthorised) and some are accidental. These are difficult to specifically protect against; the best that can be done is to establish a good baseline level for IT security. Availability can be compromised or challenged on a single user desktop system (PC) or a major Internet Communication pathway or at any single point or collection of points in between. With such a great risk to Information Availability and the dependence of organizations on Information, proper steps should be taken to ensure the Availability of Information and its critical resources. There is no one stop solution for Countering the attacks but systems and networks can be engineered to provide a level of security where we can say that the information is safe . Keywords: Confidentiality; Integrity; Availability; Denial of Service (DoS); Protection Mechanisms.
Attribute Reduction and Information Granularity
Li-hong Wang,Geng-feng Wu
Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics , 2003,
Abstract: In the view of granularity, this paper analyzes the influence of three attribute reducts on an information system, finding that the possible reduct and m - decision reduct will make the granule view coarser, while discernible reduct will not change the granule view. In addition, we investigate the combination of reducts from two partial information systems in parallel or in incremental data mining and urge that the union of partial possible reducts can be regarded as a possible reduct for union of partial information systems.
An insight into the most threatened flora of China  [cached]
López-Pujol, J.,Zhang, Z. Y.
Collectanea Botanica , 2009,
Abstract: China harbors a very rich plant biodiversity both in total number of taxa and in endemism. Nevertheless, a significant fraction of this diversity (up to 20% of the native plants to China) is currently threatened. Among this endangered flora, an appreciable but still unquantified number of taxa are in an extreme situation of risk because of their low population sizes, often consisting of fewer than 100 individuals. We have selected 20 plant taxa as a sample of this extremely threatened flora, and, from these, information about their geographic range, population size, threats, existing conservation measures, legal status and threat degree (according to the IUCN criteria) is provided. The extreme rarity of these taxa can be linked to their evolutionary history (they are palaeo- or neoendemics) and/or to severe human disturbance (mostly habitat destruction and over exploitation) affecting them. China posee una gran diversidad de especies vegetales, tanto en lo que se refiere al número total de taxones como a la cantidad de endemismos. Sin embargo, una parte significativa de esta diversidad (hasta un 20% de la flora autóctona) está amenazada en algún grado. Una cantidad apreciable aunque todavía indeterminada de taxones se encuentra en una situación de extremo riesgo debido a su escaso número de efectivos, a menudo inferior al centenar. Se han seleccionado 20 taxones como muestra representativa de esta flora en situación muy crítica, de los que se proporciona información sobre su área de distribución, tama o poblacional, amenazas, medidas de conservación adoptadas, estatus legal y categoría de amenaza (de acuerdo con los criterios de la UICN). La rareza extrema de estos taxones puede relacionarse con su historia evolutiva (por su condición de paleo- o neoendemismos) y/o con la actuación humana (principalmente destrucción de hábitats y sobreexplotación).
On Attribute-Value Pairs in Information Systems
M. Shokry,Assem. Elshenawy
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2011,
Abstract: Complete decision tables are described by indiscernibility relations. Data sets, described by decision tables, are complete when for all cases (examples, objects) the corresponding attribute values are known, the normal technique used to get the block of attribute value pairs of any information system was the intersection between sets. We will discuss a new technique to work with decision tables using a block of an attribute-value pairs by using the union between sets. We will discuss the affect of the condition sets relation to the block ofattribute value pair for the sets between each other and some new properties were discussed.
Attribute Synthetic Assessment System and Its Application in Security Assessment

ZHANG Ping,GU Li-ze,YANG Yi-xian,

计算机应用研究 , 2007,
Abstract: Based on the entropy weight coefficient method, the attribute synthetic assessment system model is proposed for evaluating the security of information system. It provides a new idea for security assessment of information system.
A new type of judgement theorems for attribute characters in information system  [PDF]
Anhui Tan
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: The research of attribute characters in information system which contains core, necessary, unnecessary is a basic and important issue in attribute reduct. Many methods for the judgement of attribute characters are based on the relationship between the objects and attributes. In this paper, a new type of judgement theorems which are absolutely based on the relationship among attributes is proposed for the judgement of attribute characters. The method is through comparing the two new attribute sets $E(a)$ and $N(a)$ with respect to the designated attribute $a$ which is proposed in this paper. We conclude that which type of the attribute $a$ belongs to is determined by the relationship between $E(a)$ and $N(a)$ in essence. Secondly, more concise and clear results are given about the judgment of the attribute characters through analyzing the properties of refinement and precise-refinement between $E(a)$ and $N(a)$ in topology. In addition, the relationship among attributes are discussed which is useful for constructing a reduct in the last section of this paper. In the last, we propose a reduct algorithm based on $E(a)$, and this algorithm is an extended application of the analysis of attribute characters above.
Availability of and Ease of Access to Calorie Information on Restaurant Websites  [PDF]
Gary G. Bennett, Dori M. Steinberg, Michele G. Lanpher, Sandy Askew, Ilana B. Lane, Erica L. Levine, Melody S. Goodman, Perry B. Foley
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0072009
Abstract: Objective Offering calories on restaurant websites might be particularly important for consumer meal planning, but the availability of and ease of accessing this information are unknown. Methods We assessed websites for the top 100 U.S. chain restaurants to determine the availability of and ease of access to calorie information as well as website design characteristics. We also examined potential predictors of calorie availability and ease of access. Results Eighty-two percent of restaurants provided calorie information on their websites; 25% presented calories on a mobile-formatted website. On average, calories could be accessed in 2.35±0.99 clicks. About half of sites (51.2%) linked to calorie information via the homepage. Fewer than half had a separate section identifying healthful options (46.3%), or utilized interactive meal planning tools (35.4%). Quick service/fast casual, larger restaurants, and those with less expensive entrées and lower revenue were more likely to make calorie information available. There were no predictors of ease of access. Conclusion Calorie information is both available and largely accessible on the websites of America’s leading restaurants. It is unclear whether consumer behavior is affected by the variability in the presentation of calorie information.
Mining Attribute-Based Access Control Policies from Logs  [PDF]
Zhongyuan Xu,Scott D. Stoller
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: Attribute-based access control (ABAC) provides a high level of flexibility that promotes security and information sharing. ABAC policy mining algorithms have potential to significantly reduce the cost of migration to ABAC, by partially automating the development of an ABAC policy from information about the existing access-control policy and attribute data. This paper presents an algorithm for mining ABAC policies from operation logs and attribute data. To the best of our knowledge, it is the first algorithm for this problem.
The availability of scientific information in Serbia: Trends and perspectives  [PDF]
Kosanovi? Biljana P.
Hemijska Industrija , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/hemind0404158k
Abstract: Most of the acquisition of foreign scientific and technical information in Serbia is carried out through KoBSON (Consortium for Coordinated Acquisition). The main goal of this article was to make a survey of all the subscribed resources and to present some statistical data about their usage. Special attention was paid to the availability of information on chemistry (SciFinder: Chemical Abstracts from 1906. to the present day) and similar disciplines. Recent activities within KoBSON as well as activities that will be launched in order to improve the efficiency of usage of the subscribed resources, are reviewed.
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