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Reflection on the Pursuit of Harmonious Community
Hong-lin CHEN
Cross-Cultural Communication , 2009, DOI: 10.3968/747
Abstract: Community is the fundamental compound that people live and thrive in current society. There are many vital connections between community and society. Communities constitute the basic units of a society while society is the integration of communities. Therefore, a good community is the underpinning of a harmonious society. The development of society demands the development of communities. The crucial point to achieve the good community so as to build up the harmonious society is to comprehend the value and norms in the community culture and to properly extend these characteristics in the larger society. The paper started from interpreting the concepts and characteristics of the communities, analyzed the common natures and relations between community and society. It also deliberated the meaning of community building on the pursuit of a harmonious society. In addition, the article further discussed how to achieve a harmonious community and society through building up community cultural values. Key words: community; harmonious community; harmonious society Résumé: La communauté est le cadre fondamental de la vie moderne, et elle constitue également l'unité fondamentale de la société. Les liens sociaux sont nombreux et inévitables entre la communauté et la société. La société est une intégration organique des communautés, et le développement communautaire est devenue la demande de notre époque et la base pour construire une société harmonieuse. Par conséquent, il faut saisir la direction du développement communautaire à partir des valeurs socio-culturelles communes de la communauté et de la société. A partir de la conception et les caractéristiques de la communauté, l’article tente de nous expliquer l’importance du développement communautaire pour la construction d’une société harmonieuse et il met l'accent sur les moyens de l’établissement des valeurs culturelles de la communauté, a fin de construire une communauté harmonieuse et promouvoir l’harmonie sociale. Mots-clés: communauté; communauté harmonieuse; société harmonieuse 摘 要:社區是現代人們生活的基本區域,也是社會基本構成單位,社區與社會有很多必然的聯繫。由於社會是社區的有機整合,社區的發展已成為時代的要求,成為建設和諧社會的基礎,因此需要從社區和社會文化價值觀的共性上準確把握社區發展的方向。本文旨在從社區的概念和特性出發,闡述社區發展對建設和諧社會的意義, 並著重討論如何從樹立社區文化價值觀入手達到社區和諧並促進和諧社會建設。 關鍵詞:社區; 和諧社區; 和諧社會
The Study of The Social Welfare Progress in China Rural Community(1950——2010)  [cached]
Zhi-gang MEI
Cross-Cultural Communication , 2005, DOI: 10.3968/521
Abstract: The paper is thought that the history logic of china rural community social welfare progress is from the limited community welfare system based on community economy to the socializational social welfare system ,and its practical circumstances is that the traditional rural community social welfare system is disintegrating and a creative rural community social welfare system is establishing. According to the conditions above, the paper put forward some constructive suggestions to establish the reasonable and valid social welfare system in rural community. Key words: Rural social welfare,The developing of social welfare,The system changing Résumé L’auteur de cet article pense que le développement du bien-êre social de la campagne de notre pays réside dans la transformation du système du bien-être limité fondé sur la commue en système du bien-être social socialisé, et que la situation actuellle se traduit par la désintégration du système du bien-être traditionnel de la campagne et la constitution d’un nouveau système. A partir de la transformation du système du bien-être sociale de base, l’auteur propose des conseils constructifs en faveur de l’établissement d’un système bu bien-être de la campagne rationnel et efficace. Mots-clés: le bien-être social de la campagne, le développement du bien-être social, la transformation du système 摘 要 本文認為我國農村社會福利發展是從以社隊為基礎的有限的社區福利體制向社會化的社會福利體制轉型,其現實境遇是傳統的農村社會福利體制遭遇解構和創新的農村社會福利體制正在建構之中,從這個基本的社會福利制度轉型的出發,本文對建立合理有效的農村社會福利體制提出若干建設性的建議 關鍵詞:農村社會福利;社會福利發展;制度轉型
Generation and utilization of community fund in small-scale community forest management in the Terai region of Nepal  [PDF]
Maheshwar Dhakal,Misa Masuda
Banko Janakari , 2007, DOI: 10.3126/banko.v17i2.2156
Abstract: It has been widely recognized that constantly increasing community fund is one of the indicators of successful implementation of community forestry program in Nepal. However, a very few people know how the fund is collected under the program and it has been utilized so far. The paper is based on the generation and utilization of community fund of two-community forests in the Terai region. The community forests of the region have collected large amount of community fund annually from the sale of forest products and non-forestry sources as well. The study revealed that along with community fund increasing, office operation cost has been constantly increasing while utilizing the fund, whereas promotion of forest management and community development costs are essential for long-term sustainability of the program. Therefore, the study concluded that only the minimization of office operation cost could increase the forest management and community development costs based on the principle of trade-off, which is crucial to keep the people intact in community forestry program and its long-term sustainability.
1990年後國內遠距教育推動的歷程分析 : 教育改革與學習社會的反思 The Historical Analysis on the Development of the Distance Education after 1990s : The rethinking of the social learning and the educated revolution
Chun-hsiang Chen
Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences , 2003,
Abstract: 本文分析相關官方文件及推動的政策,探討台灣在1990年代以後推動各校開辦遠距教學的歷程。從文本中抽離出有關遠距教育的理念及措施,分析此發展歷程與網路科技變化、國家資訊基礎建設(NII)推動、全球化(globalizntion)趨勢之間關係為何,並試圖從教育改革與終身學習社會的觀點,檢視這樣的發展與背後推動力量,是否與終身學習社會的概念相符應。 According to the educational policy and the official documents, this paper analyzes the process of the distance education in most of the schools in Taiwan after the year of 1990. It is due to the text of the rational idea and the measures on the distance education,the paper shows the possible relationships between the education development and the network technology, the improvement on National information infrastructure (NII),and the tendency of the globalization. This paper, moreover, attends to exam the motivations of the development on the way to correspond with the conceptions of the learning society from the view point of the lifelong learning society and the educational reform.
Research on the Effects of Fund Performance on Fund Manager Turnover  [PDF]
Tiao-yan Hui, Ze Yuan
Journal of Financial Risk Management (JFRM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jfrm.2012.13009
Abstract: We take the equity funds and hybrid funds in china as a sample, base on fund performance in the second half of the year 2009, and make an empirical analysis on the effects of fund performance, interaction between fund performance and the character of fund manager on his turnover in 2010 year by method of Logistic Regression Analysis using SPSS17.0. We find that fund return rate and excess return rate have a significant negative impact on fund manager turnover, while risk-adjusted fund performance and the capability of market-timing and stock-selection have no significant effect on fund manager turnover. For some characters of fund manager, such as fund manager age and securities working time will mitigate the negative relationship between the fund performance and the fund manager turnover.
Strategy of Ukraine : Economics, Sociology, Law , 2011,
Abstract: The article contains detailed information of the cooperation between International monetary fund and Ukraine. В статье приведена информация о сотрудничестве Украины с Международным валютным фондом. В статт наведено нформац ю щодо сп вроб тництва Укра ни з М жнародним валютним фондом.
Crux of the dilemma of government and social cooperation: Behind of a “Community Inclusion” project

- , 2016, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1008-5831.2016.01.027
Abstract: S市P区"社区共融"项目的产生是建立在需求契合基础上的政社互动合作的结果。项目前期所取得的显著成效证实了统战领域"政社合作"的初步成功。然而,随着项目的逐步推进,该项目的运作困境逐渐显现,出现"内卷化"现象:购买形式不统一;项目目标大而化之;权责关系不明确;统战社工定位模糊;项目开展专业空间不足;统战社工人才流失率较高,难以保持稳定的专业团队。进一步分析,发现政社合作困境源于三个不足,即基层政府部门的认识不足、社会组织的公信力不足、社工人才队伍及专业空间不足。构筑政府与社会组织健康、良性的合作互动关系,需要双方共同努力。
The "Community Inclusion" project in S City P District is the result of government and social cooperation which built on the basis of demand fit. Remarkable results achieved in pre-project confirmed the initial success of "government and social cooperation" in the United Front field. However, with the gradual progress of the project, the project gradually appeared operation dilemma, a phenomenon called "involution": purchasing form is not uniform; project objectives bold aesthetic; accountability relationship is not clear; social workers in the United Front field are left in an ambiguous position; the project is undertaken by the lack of professional space; the wastage rate of social workers in the United Front field is higher and a stable professional team is difficult to maintain. Through further analysis, we find that the dilemma of government and social cooperation stems from the "three deficiencies": lack of knowledge of grassroots government departments; lack of credibility of social organization; lack of social work personnel and professional space. Government and community organizations need to make joint efforts in order to build a healthy, positive cooperative interaction.
Tests on the Relationship of Fund Performance and Net Fund Flow
Wei Hu
International Journal of Business and Management , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ijbm.v3n8p14
Abstract: The relationship between net fund flow and performance of open-end funds was studied in this paper. The empirical tests on the performance and size of open-end funds in China show that the net fund flow of funds is positively correlated with pre-performance of funds, while the performance of funds is negatively correlated with the net fund flow of funds. These empirical studies imply that investors chose funds according to their historical performance, while the growing size decreases the funds’ capability of achieving excellent performance.
XJ-BP: Express Journey Belief Propagation Decoding for Polar Codes  [PDF]
Jingwei Xu,Tiben Che,Gwan Choi
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: This paper presents a novel propagation (BP) based decoding algorithm for polar codes. The proposed algorithm facilitates belief propagation by utilizing the specific constituent codes that exist in the factor graph, which results in an express journey (XJ) for belief information to propagate in each decoding iteration. In addition, this XJ-BP decoder employs a novel round-trip message passing scheduling method for the increased efficiency. The proposed method simplifies min-sum (MS) BP decoder by 40.6%. Along with the round-trip scheduling, the XJ-BP algorithm reduces the computational complexity of MS BP decoding by 90.4%; this enables an energy-efficient hardware implementation of BP decoding in practice.
改良小说社研究初探  [PDF]
苏 亮
华东师范大学学报(哲学社会科学版) , 2013,
Abstract: 改良小说社创办于光绪末年,先后出版小说单行本约百种,在晚清小说史上,数量仅次于商务印书馆和小说林社。其中自撰小说占八成,高居晚清各书局之首。由于资料搜集、占有不易,多年来学界对于改良小说社仅是偶有提及,且语焉不详。由此,有必要详搜资料,作一系统的论述。
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