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Cohesive Device Analysis in Humor  [cached]
Wei Liu
Journal of Language Teaching and Research , 2010, DOI: 10.4304/jltr.1.1.90-93
Abstract: Humor is popular among us. While we are familiar with humor in our daily conversation, this paper studies the humor in cohesive devices. Humor produced by speakers can arouse the audience to response with special effect. Therefore in humor a lot of cohesive devices are employed.
We Are Humor Beings: Understanding and Predicting Visual Humor  [PDF]
Arjun Chandrasekaran,Ashwin K Vijayakumar,Stanislaw Antol,Mohit Bansal,Dhruv Batra,C. Lawrence Zitnick,Devi Parikh
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: Humor is an integral part of human lives. Despite being tremendously impactful, it is perhaps surprising that we do not yet have a detailed understanding of humor. In this work, we explore the novel problem of studying visual humor and designing computational models of humor using abstract scenes. We collect and make publicly available two datasets of abstract scenes: one that enables the study of humor at the scene-level and the other at the object-level. We study the funny scenes in our dataset and explore different types of humor depicted in these scenes. We model two tasks that we believe demonstrate an understanding of visual humor -- predicting the funniness of a scene and altering the funniness of a scene. We show that our models perform well using automatic evaluation as well as human studies.
Nadezhda Egorova
Sovremennye Issledovania Social?nyh Problem , 2012,
Abstract: Methods of relay race technical preparation of athletics freshmen in the course of Physical Training classes in higher education institutions on activ game base are represented in this paper.
同形溞(Daphniasimilis)对幽蚊幼虫反捕食策略的模拟研究  [PDF]
湖泊科学 , 2013, DOI: 10.18307/2013.0213
Abstract: 枝角类溞会由于捕食者的存在而发生形态、行为、生活史等的变化.通过为期10d对太湖春、夏季优势种同形溞(Daphniasimilis)在有幽蚊幼虫(CL)、无幽蚊幼虫(CK)及培养过幽蚊幼虫的过滤水(FL)3个环境水平的模拟实验,发现同形溞在有幽蚊幼虫和培养过幽蚊幼虫的过滤水处理下平均体长、累积产仔数及平均产仔数均显著大于无幽蚊幼虫组,表明幽蚊幼虫释放的信息素能改变同形溞的体长、产仔数等生活史参数,这种改变会降低同形溞被捕食的风险.说明在自然环境下,幽蚊幼虫等无脊椎捕食者能通过直接捕食和信息素的间接作用共同影响枝角类种群.
On Untranslatability of English Linguistic Humor  [cached]
Qian Han
Theory and Practice in Language Studies , 2011, DOI: 10.4304/tpls.1.2.149-152
Abstract: Linguistic humor has long been considered untranslatable because of the fact that its linguistic features can never be duplicated in another language. The thesis views this long-debated issue with the Skopos theory and Translation Variation Theory and arrives at the conclusion that what has been hindering the humor translation includes not only the outward form—linguistic features of humor, but also something in ideological aspect— the conventional idea about the nature of translation and translation criteria.
?唐代边塞诗与幽、蓟平台  [PDF]
天津大学学报(社会科学版) , 2009,
Abstract: ?唐朝幽、蓟二州地处东北边塞,成为吸引边塞诗人的一个重要平台。其中以陈子昂、高适、李白的成就最突出,影响最大。他们的作品内容丰富、形式多样、刚健清新、文质炳焕,抒发建功壮志与怀才不遇的情感冲突,歌颂戌卒英勇报国精神而又对其悲惨处境寄予深切的人性关怀,暴露战乱造成的巨大破坏和灾难,抒写厌战反战、渴望和平的心愿,描绘多姿多彩的边塞风光和民风民俗。边塞诗是那个时代社会潮流和审美潮流的产物,不仅为源远流长的中华审美文化增添异彩,而且铸入中华民族和中华文化的灵魂深处,为塑造一代代中华儿女的高尚情操、审美趣味和价值理念,发挥不可估量的巨大作用。
Adjustment of College Freshmen: the Importance of Gender and the Place of Residence  [cached]
Lama M. Al-Qaisy
International Journal of Psychological Studies , 2010, DOI: 10.5539/ijps.v2n1p142
Abstract: This study aims at finding out the effect of gender and place of residence on the adjustment of freshmen in the university. The researcher studied a sample of 117 freshmen in Tafila Technical University. The subjects come from different districts in Jordan. The measurement of college adjustment was applied. This scale consists of 36 items distributed on four dimensions. Means and standard deviations were used to analyze the data. The result s showed that male students are more inclined to adjustment than females.
Humor and Laughter May Influence Health IV. Humor and Immune Function  [PDF]
Mary Payne Bennett,Cecile Lengacher
Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine , 2009, DOI: 10.1093/ecam/nem149
Abstract: This is the final article in a four part series reviewing the influence of humor and laughter on physiological and psychological well-being. This final article reviews the evidence for the effect of sense of humor, exposure to a humor stimulus and laughter on various immune system components, with a focus on the effects of laughter on natural killer cell cytotoxicity.
Incongruity-resolution in English Humor
Yufeng Bai
Theory and Practice in Language Studies , 2011, DOI: 10.4304/tpls.1.1.83-86
Abstract: Humor is a common phenomenon in language. One importance prerequisite of its humor effect lies in its incongruity, in the framework of relevance theory that is, the deviation from relevance expectations. According to the features of incongruity-resolution, the article makes the following classification of the humor: garden-path, cognitive contrast and inferring the implication.
Teaching Lexical Humor to Children with Autism
Cindy Gill,Ginger White,Tamby Allman
Studies in Literature and Language , 2011, DOI: 10.3968/j.sll.1923156320110203.001
Abstract: Comprehension and production of linguistic humor is an important social, linguistic, and cognitive skill for all children, but it often fails to develop in children with autism. One form of linguistic humor that is based on multiple meaning words and can take the form of riddles or jokes has been identified as “lexical humor.” This study investigated the effects of the Lexical Humor Treatment Program (Gill, White, & Reyes, 2010) on six high-functioning children with autism. All of the children increased their understanding of multiple-meaning words and their ability to answer related riddles on which they had been trained. More importantly, the children were able to transfer their skill in practiced riddles to novel riddles on which they had not been trained. These results suggest that the teaching of humor in the form of lexical riddles might be an important treatment consideration for children with autism. Key words: Lexical Humor; Linguistic Humor; Autism; Asperger Syndrome; Riddles; Multiple Meaning Words; Humor Instruction
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