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The Politics of Transnational Memory in Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club  [cached]
Silvia Schultermandl
Journal of Transnational American Studies , 2011,
Abstract: “The Politics of Transnational Memory in Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club” sees Tan’s representation of memory as either a function of loss (and limited recovery) or of distance (whether temporal or physical). For Schultermandl, the text suggests that familial or national relationships built on generational and immigrant memory cannot really create conditions of solidarity or identification and are thus doomed to failure—either that, or what is “memory” must be transformed by “experience” and then be understood, what Schultermandl calls “belated memory.” Schultermandl offers an account of the failure of the narrative to provide for a bond between the generations of women—immigrant mothers and American-born daughters. This conceptual problem is represented by the novel’s end, where the overriding implication of the narrative is that in order to reconcile and occupy the identity of a Chinese American one must somehow be both Chinese and American, an experience of being that Schultermandl questions. Additionally, in not representing modern China or modern Chinese women, Schultermandl argues, the novel gives up an opportunity to create a “transnational solidarity” among women in favor of a national identity that supersedes the individual, who in Tan’s text becomes a mere stand-in for traditionally held ideological and national stereotypes.
LED红光照射对放创复合伤小鼠创面愈合的影响  [PDF]
第三军医大学学报 , 2013,
Abstract: 目的研究LED红光照射对放创复合伤小鼠创面愈合的影响。方法C57BL/6小鼠分为单纯创伤组(单创组)、放创复合伤组(放创组)和放创复合伤红光照射组(放创红光照射组)。单创组于背部制一全层皮肤切除创面,放创组经60Coγ射线5.0Gy全身一次性均匀照射后在背部制等大创面,放创红光照射组相同制伤后予LED红光照射。伤后动态观察各组创面愈合情况以及小鼠一般情况、体质量、血常规的变化,同时观测红光照射时照射盒内温度变化。结果各组创面均愈合,放创复合伤红光照射组小鼠比放创复合伤组创面平均愈合时间缩短1~2d(P<0.05),外周血白细胞计数25d时比放创复合伤组高出43.41%,第28天时高出37.98%(P<0.05)。放创复合伤红光照射组体质量增长与放创复合伤组比较并无明显差别(P>0.05)。结论放创复合伤创面愈合较单创延迟,LED红光照射对放创复合伤创面愈合具有促愈作用。
火器伤清创药物疗效评估模型的建立与分析  [PDF]
解放军医学杂志 , 2011,
Abstract: [摘要]?目的?建立一种用于火器伤药物清创疗效评估的动物模型。方法?兔、羊各4只分别为A、B组,猪8只,随机平均分为C、D组。采用“五三”式滑膛枪发射球形破片(枪口速度约850m/s,质量0.375g)致伤A、B、C组动物后肢软组织,相同方法发射圆柱形破片(枪口速度约950m/s,质量0.87g)致伤D组动物,观察局部伤情,进行伤道组织病理分区,检测细菌量及细胞因子水平,并分析变异系数(CV)以评价模型伤情稳定性。结果?所有动物均造成后肢单纯软组织贯通伤。B、C组伤道入、出口面积和伤道容积等局部伤情指标稳定性优于A、D组。伤道组织病理学观察可见典型火器伤组织病理分区,C组伤情稳定性优于其他3组。细菌量检测显示伤道组织污染程度较重,各组间无显著差异。伤道组织内TNF-α和IL-6水平在伤后24h内呈逐渐升高趋势,血浆TNF-α和IL-6水平变化与之类似,但整体水平低。结论?射速约850m/s、质量0.375g钢制球形破片所致猪后肢单纯软组织贯通伤具有典型火器伤伤道组织病理学及细菌学等特征。该模型操作方法简单,动物伤情稳定,具有良好的重复性。
腹直肌旁切口微创治疗地震伤骨盆骨折  [PDF]
南方医科大学学报 , 2015,
Abstract: 目的探讨应用腹直肌旁切口微创治疗地震伤骨盆骨折的方法及效果。方法对“8.03”鲁甸地震伤骨盆骨折9例均行腹直肌旁小切口(前环)钢板内固定或后环经皮骶髂拉力螺钉内固定,统计手术时间、切口长度、出血量、术前术后疼痛程度、复位效果、股外侧皮神经损伤情况及髋内收无力情况。结果地震伤骨盆骨折采用腹直肌旁手术入路内固定,手术操作简单、手术切口小、术中暴露范围广、手术时间短、出血少、损伤小、术后疼痛轻、骨折复位好、内固定稳定,无股外侧皮神经损伤及髋内收无力等并发症,治疗疗效满意。结论腹直肌旁手术入路微创治疗适合行前内侧固定的骨盆骨折,由于震区血源紧张,此方法特别值得广泛推广。
新型血小板源生长因子对放创复合伤大鼠创面的促愈作用  [PDF]
第三军医大学学报 , 2015,
Abstract: 目的观察自主研制的重组人新型血小板源生长因子(rhThr6-PDGF-BB)对放创复合伤创面愈合的影响。方法制作大鼠皮肤放创复合伤模型,分空白对照组、凝胶基质对照组、低剂量药物组、中剂量药物组、高剂量药物组、阳性药物对照组共6组,每组20只。每日将相应的药物涂于创面,观察伤后各组创面愈合情况,计算创面愈合百分比、残留面积百分比,形态学观察创面上皮细胞迁移、肉芽组织生长状况和新生血管密度情况,免疫组化检测Bcl-2蛋白、PDGF-A和VEGF蛋白的表达情况。结果伤后第1~14天,高剂量药物组大鼠创面愈合速度明显加快,14d创面基本愈合,而对照组愈合速度较慢,14d残留面积仍有19%,中、高剂量药物组与空白对照组14d愈合率表现出显著差异(P<0.05);中、高剂量药物组上皮移行速率快,肉芽组织出现较早,成纤维细胞和新生毛细血管均较对照组丰富,其中高剂量药物组更为明显。Bcl-2显示药物组能抑制细胞凋亡,在新生肉芽组织中PDGF-A和VEGF表达增加。结论rhThr6-PDGF-BB对放射复合伤创面有明显的促愈效果。
On nature and reindeer luck
Nils Oskal
Rangifer , 2000,
Abstract: This paper describes the reindeer Sami understanding of a worthy life expressed in qualitative distinctions centred around the term 'reindeer luck'. Reindeer luck does not in itself mean a good life but is an ingredient of a good life. Reindeer luck lasts from cradle to grave but it can change along the way. To a certain degree it is possible to influence your own reindeer luck, but you can also spoil it through actions, behaviour, words and thoughts. These are more important than means-to-end rational actions with the aim of intentionally improving reindeer luck. The paths to reindeer luck are discussed with the aim of articulating the moral ideals implied in this type of understanding. This theme is discussed in regard to what we may learn from relations to nature.
Externalism, skepticism and epistemic luck  [PDF]
Lazovi? ?ivan
Filozofija i Dru?tvo , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/fid1101089l
Abstract: This paper deals with the concept of epistemic luck and its place within wider philosophical debates on knowledge and skepticism. Philosophers involved in these debates share an intuition that knowledge excludes luck. Starting from Prichard’s modal definition of luck and his distinction between two varieties of epistemic luck, namely veridic and reflective, the paper explores the internalist and externalist prospects for avoiding epistemic luck and skepticism. Externalism seems to be capable of both coping with the Gettier-type cases and eliminating at least veridic epistemic luck by introducing the so-called safety condition for knowledge. As such, it also responds to some versions of skepticism as the safety condition explains how it is possible to acquire knowledge without proving that the well known skeptical alternatives (e.g. a brain-in-a-vat) are false. Thus, even though it does not eliminate the reflective epistemic luck or meta-epistemological skeptical challenge, the externalist approach to knowledge looks more plausible than the internalist, especially because it may allow an internalist justification to play its due role in acquiring knowledge.
Adapting The Joy Luck Club: Thematic Emphasis through Form  [cached]
Wanlin Li
Image and Narrative : Online Magazine of the Visual Narrative , 2010,
Emotion in good luck and bad luck: predictions from simplicity theory  [PDF]
Jean-Louis Dessalles
Computer Science , 2011,
Abstract: The feeling of good or bad luck occurs whenever there is an emotion contrast between an event and an easily accessible counterfactual alternative. This study suggests that cognitive simplicity plays a key role in the human ability to experience good and bad luck after the occurrence of an event.
Luck in the vocabulary of motives of professional ice hockey  [PDF]
Philip Moore
Anthropological Notebooks , 2006, DOI: 1234567
Abstract: This paper examines an important aspect of professional ice hockey. While the game has become increasingly commodified and rationalized, and so organized on scientific and economic grounds, the notion of luck still finds a place in interpretations of action and outcomes in the sport. As one feature of the vocabulary of motives present in hockey, the use of luck makes sense when understood as a concrete manifestation of the underlying moral understandings of what is understandable and sensible about hockey. The fact that empirical uses of luck can be contested indicates the presence of underlying moral logics of the game that are not systematized and compelling but rather permeable, historical and open to different formulations. The use of luck in hockey, even though sporadic and contingent, up the rationality of the game and makes it possible to inhabit a moral world where the best does not always win and the worst does not always lose.
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