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Babel  [cached]
María Eugenia Albornoz Vásquez
Nuevo mundo - Mundos Nuevos , 2007,
Abstract: Babel es una historia vinculante que pone en movimiento personas, afectos y ansiedades. Hay un trazado geográfico que sigue a saltos, por distintos espacios, paisajes y sociedades, las vidas de un pu ado de personas relacionadas entre sí por promesas hechas, por regalos dados, por la espera de que algo distinto suceda. Esos vínculos tejidos por palabras y por afectos, por instantes de solidaridad nacidos de la urgencia, y también por instantes de empatía cedidos en la inmediatez, son historiz...
The Complex System in Babel  [cached]
Liliek Soelistyo,Dwi Setiawan
K@ta : a Biannual Publication on the Study of Language and Literature , 2008,
Abstract: This article discusses how the plot of Babel reflects the principles of the quantum-physic theory of complex system such as complexity, indeterminacy and non-linearity. In terms of complexity, the movie exposes more than two distinct subplots with their subcomponents. Yet, every subplot is only meaningful when it is mentally put in relation to the others. Due to its complexity, it is highly difficult for the audience and the characters of Babel to determine the meaning or the significance of a component in the story. Finally, Babel also displays the phenomena of non-linearity and chaos. Babel's non-linearity expresses both positive and negative feedback loops, with the first being dominant. This is largely responsible for the chaotic development of the plot.
Editorial - Media and Communication in Europe: Babel Revisited
Agnes Inge Schneeberger,Katharine Sarikakis
Journal of Contemporary European Research , 2008,
Abstract: JCER Special Issue Editorial - Media and Communication in Europe: Babel Revisited
Syntax and Semantics of Babel-17  [PDF]
Steven Obua
Computer Science , 2010,
Abstract: We present Babel-17, the first programming language for purely functional structured programming (PFSP). Earlier work illustrated PFSP in the framework of a toy research language. Babel-17 takes this earlier work to a new level by showing how PFSP can be combined with pattern matching, object oriented programming, and features like concurrency, lazy evaluation, memoization and support for lenses.
Open Babel: An open chemical toolbox
Noel M O'Boyle, Michael Banck, Craig A James, Chris Morley, Tim Vandermeersch, Geoffrey R Hutchison
Journal of Cheminformatics , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1758-2946-3-33
Abstract: We discuss, for the first time, Open Babel, an open-source chemical toolbox that speaks the many languages of chemical data. Open Babel version 2.3 interconverts over 110 formats. The need to represent such a wide variety of chemical and molecular data requires a library that implements a wide range of cheminformatics algorithms, from partial charge assignment and aromaticity detection, to bond order perception and canonicalization. We detail the implementation of Open Babel, describe key advances in the 2.3 release, and outline a variety of uses both in terms of software products and scientific research, including applications far beyond simple format interconversion.Open Babel presents a solution to the proliferation of multiple chemical file formats. In addition, it provides a variety of useful utilities from conformer searching and 2D depiction, to filtering, batch conversion, and substructure and similarity searching. For developers, it can be used as a programming library to handle chemical data in areas such as organic chemistry, drug design, materials science, and computational chemistry. It is freely available under an open-source license from http://openbabel.org webcite.The history of chemical informatics has included a huge variety of textual and computer representations of molecular data. Such representations focus on specific atomic or molecular information and may not attempt to store all possible chemical data. For example, line notations like Daylight SMILES [1] do not offer coordinate information, while crystallographic or quantum mechanical formats frequently do not store chemical bonding data. Hydrogen atoms are frequently omitted from x-ray crystallography due to the difficulty in establishing coordinates, and are often ignored by some file formats as the "implicit valence" of heavy atoms that indicates their presence. Other types of representations require specification of atom types on the basis of a specific valence bond model, inclusion of c
Tras la sombra de Babel = Behind the shade of Babel
Juan Gabriel LóPEZ GUIX
1611 : Revista de Historia de la Traducción , 2007,
Abstract: La tradición judeocristiana vincula el nacimiento de la actividad traductora con la fundación de la ciudad de Babilonia y la construcción de su torre. Con el paso de los siglos, este edificio ha acabado erigiéndose para nosotros en el símbolo negativo de la pluralidad lingüística y de la irritante necesidad de la traducción. Este trabajo lleva a cabo una nueva visita a nuestra torre con objeto de realizar una indagación de tipo genealógico y arqueológico en busca de vestigios que vayan más allá de esa identificación negativa. Se comenta en primer lugar el mito según fue recogido por la tradición judía. Se analizan a continuación los mitos babilónicos anteriores que sirvieron de base a la leyenda judía recogida en Génesis 11, así como el contexto mesopotámico en el que éstos surgieron. Por último, dicha recuperación del original mesopotámico se relaciona con ciertas reflexiones modernas sobre la traducción (en particular, la de Walter Benjamin) que permiten establecer —más allá de la equiparación tradicional entre Babel, traducción y confusión— una vinculación más positiva con la actividad traductora. In the Judaeo-Christian tradition, the emergence of translation activity is linked to the foundation of the city of Babylon and the building of its tower. Over the centuries, this edifice has become the negative symbol of linguistic plurality and the irritating need for translation. The present article takes a new look at the tower with a view to carrying out a genealogical and archaeological investigation in search of clues that might point beyond that negative image. We begin by discussing the myth, as incorporated into the Jewish tradition. We then analyze the earlier Babylonic myths which were the basis for the Jewish legend appearing in Genesis 11, as well as the Mesopotamian context from which they sprang. Finally, the rediscovered Mesopotamian “original” is discussed in relation to a number of modern reflections on translation (in particular, that of Walter Benjamin) which, looking beyond the traditional equation between Babel, translation and confusion, make a case for a more positive association between Babel and the activity of translation.
无 氧 条 件 下TiO2 薄 膜 界 面 光 催 化 反 应 的XPS 研 究  [PDF]
杨喜昆,胡显智,何 兵,楚国栋
分子催化 , 2009,
Abstract: 设 计 利 用 X 射 线 光 电 子 能 谱 仪 的 高 真 空 系 统 作 为 无 氧 条 件 下 光 催 化 反 应 和 分 析 的 场 所 , 研 究 真 空 无 氧 环 境 和 大 气 有 氧 环 境 中 紫 外 光 激 发 TiO2 薄 膜 表 面 的 光 催 化 反 应 , 并 对 无 氧 条 件 下 TiO2 薄 膜 降 解 亚 甲 基 蓝 进 行 初 步 探 索 . 结 果 表 明 , 在 大 气 有 氧 和 真 空 无 氧 条 件 下 TiO2 薄 膜 经 紫 外 光 照 后 , 表 面 的 化 学 组 成 和 化 学 状 态 均 发 生 了 变 化 ; 在 有 氧 环 境 中 TiO2 薄 膜 表 面 氧 含 量 增 加 , 而 在 无 氧 环 境 中 TiO2 薄 膜 表 面 氧 含 量 减 少 . TiO2 薄 膜 表 面 的 吸 附 氧 是 维 持 无 氧 条 件 下 光 催 化 反 应 的 重 要 原 因 , 增 加 薄 膜 表 面 吸 附 氧 的 含 量 能 提 高 TiO2 薄 膜 在 无 氧 环 境 中 的 催 化 活 性 . 此 外 , 无 氧 条 件 下 TiO2 薄 膜 降 解 亚 甲 基 蓝 光 催 化 反 应 过 程 中 , 亚 甲 基 蓝 分 子 只 是 脱 去 了 某 个 含 氮 的 基 团 , 生 成 了 中 间 产 物 , 而 并 没 有 完 全 降 解 .
Babel: Cine y comunicación en un mundo globalizado
Pereira Domínguez,Carmen; Solé Blanch,Jordi; Valero Iglesias,Luis Fernando;
Polis (Santiago) , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-65682010000200006
Abstract: in this article is presented a formative proposal using the cinema as a cultural material and as a source of knowledge. a film like babel offers a good material in order to approach globalization and citizenship education, with propositions that demand a new humanism, a new relationship among people, aware of the communication problems, prejudices and cultural collisions derived from technological development. the film babel questions the existence in a globalize world where everything is interrelated, for this purpose it brings the old biblical myth of the tower of babel emphasising wrong identifications, misunderstandings and failed opportunities, as invisible hands that guide our lives; or where destiny eludes us. babel enables to understand globalize reality. it also allows us to be almost present in four different places as far as usa, méxico, morocco and japan, not only physically distant. we see the contradiction of miscommunication and isolation due to cultural difference in spite of the fictitious technological proximity. we live together, but isolated from one another.
铁 路 景 观 绿 化 设 计 探 析  [PDF]
北方园艺 , 2010, DOI: 10.11937/bfyy.201017049
科学通报 , 1987,
Abstract: FORTRAN DO循环的全体构成一个无穷集,在其中定义一个有意义的“序”是一件有意义的事情。本文证明了文献1]阐明的循环强弱关系具备自反性、反对称性和传递性,从而在循环中建立一个偏序结构。
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