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Internet user behaviour  [PDF]
Radba??, A.
Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov. Series V : Economic Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: Internet is a useful tool for everybody in a technologically advanced world. As Internet appears and develops, it creates a totally new network environment. The development of commerce on the Internet based on virtual communities has become one of the most successful business models in the world. After analyzing the concept of internet, the e-commerce market and its marketing mix and the benefits and limitations of the Internet, we have presented a few studies on Internet user behaviour. Furthermore, the paper looks at a representative sample of Romanian internet users. The results reveal that the Romanians are using the Internet especially for information gathering, e-mail, entertainment and social networking.
Internet User Behaviour Model Discovery Process  [PDF]
Dragos Marcel VESPAN
Informatica Economica Journal , 2007,
Abstract: The Academy of Economic Studies has more than 45000 students and about 5000 computers with Internet access which are connected to AES network. Students can access internet on these computers through a proxy server which stores information about the way the Internet is accessed. In this paper, we describe the process of discovering internet user behavior models by analyzing proxy server raw data and we emphasize the importance of such models for the e-learning environment.
Internet Behaviour Pattern in Undergraduate Medical Students in Mangalore
International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: Considering the explosive growth in internet use among medical students in India, this study aimed to determine the prevalence of internet addiction in undergraduate medical students.This cross-sectional study involved 90 subjects (18-20 years of age) selected by random sampling from the first year undergraduate medical student population at Kasturba Medical College Mangalore. Young’s Internet addiction test questionnaire was administered. Based on the scoring, subjects were classified into normal users (score <20), mild (score 20-49), moderate (score 50-79) and severe (score >79) internet addiction groups.The prevalence of internet addiction (moderate and severe) was determined to be 18.88%. Majority (57.77%) conformed to mild addiction. The most common purpose for internet use was found to be social networking (97.8%), followed closely by e mailing (87.8%).The prevalence of moderate to severe internet addiction appeared to be low, a significant number of students conform to mild addiction.
An Analytical Procedure for the Assessment of Malfunctions in Thermomechanical Systems  [cached]
Javier Royo,Antonio Valero,Alejandro Zaleta-Aguilar
International Journal of Thermodynamics , 1998, DOI: 10.5541/ijot.7
Abstract: The behaviour of the thermal components is commonly described through a set of internal parameters: isentropic efficiencies, pressure ratios, effectiveness factors, pressure losses, temperature relations or differences, et cetera. In this paper a new type of internal parameters, the internal parameters θ (Royo 1994, Royo and Valero 1995) are defined, that are specially adequate for the characterisation of thermal systems in an analytical way. When a component of a thermal plant displays an internal deterioration (intrinsic malfunction) its performance gets worse. This fact is reflected in a variation of the internal parameters describing its behaviour. On the other hand, the remaining components of the plant may be affected (induced malfunction) because they are working under different operating conditions from the usual ones. Knowledge of variations of the internal parameters in each component of a thermal plant does not suffice to determine their performance state under these new conditions. Additional information is needed. The dissipation temperature parameter can supply it (Royo 1994, Royo et al. 1997) as is explained in this paper. Internal θ parameters and the dissipation temperature parameters are appropriate tools for the study analysis and evaluation of malfunctions in thermomechanical systems. Three examples of this are shown, trying to quantify the influence of an intrinsic malfunction on the whole plant. This paper shows a strickingly new and simple vision of the analysis of thermal systems.
Overviews on Internet Emergent Behaviour Research


计算机科学 , 2010,
Abstract: As a constant evolving open complex giant system,Internet brings a big challenge on network management,as well as developing new technology and new business.One of the most important behaviour characters of Internet is emergent phenomena which attracts many researchers' attention.Investigation of Internet behaviour can help to understand the law of Internet,and play a significant role in guiding the theory and practice on effective network and user management,development of new network protocols and service...
Estimation of available bandwidth and measurement infrastructure for Russian segment of Internet  [PDF]
A. P. Platonov,D. I. Sidelnikov,M. V. Strizhov,A. M. Sukhov
Computer Science , 2008,
Abstract: In paper the method for estimation of available bandwidth is supposed which does not demand the advanced utilities. Our method is based on the measurement of network delay $D$ for packets of different sizes $W$. The simple expression for available bandwidth $B_{av} =(W_2-W_1)/(D_2-D_1)$ is substantiated. For the experimental testing the measurement infrastructure for Russian segment of Internet was installed in framework of RFBR grant 06-07-89074.
A Survey on Internet Measurement and Analysis

ZHANG Hong-Li,FANG Bin-Xing,HU Ming-Zeng,JIANG Yu,ZHAN Chun-Yan,ZHANG Shu-Feng,

软件学报 , 2003,
Abstract: Internet measurement and analysis provides a technique platform for improving network management, increasing network availability and avoiding large-scale network attack. So it has become an important issue widely considered by researchers, industries and government. In this paper, the chief research of the network measurement and analysis and its research trend in the world are introduced. And the key techniques and the difficult problems are explored. Three typical application examples are also given.
Analysis of Internet Measurement Systems for Optimized Anomaly Detection System Design  [PDF]
Sean McPherson,Antonio Ortega
Computer Science , 2009,
Abstract: Although there exist very accurate hardware systems for measuring traffic on the internet, their widespread use for analysis tasks is limited by their high cost. On the other hand, less expensive, software-based systems exist that are widely available and can be used to perform a number of simple analysis tasks. The caveat with using such software systems is that application of standard analysis methods cannot proceed blindly because inherent distortions exist in the measurements obtained from software systems. The goal of this paper is to analyze common Internet measurement systems to discover the effect of these distortions on common analysis tasks. Then by selecting one specific task, periodic signal detection, a more in-depth analysis is conducted which derives a signal representation to capture the salient features of the measurement and develops a periodic detection mechanism designed for the measurement system which outperforms an existing detection method not optimized for the measurement system. Finally, through experiments the importance of understanding the relationship between the input traffic, measurement system configuration and detection method performance is emphasized.
Measurement and Analysis Study of Congestion Detection for Internet Video Streaming  [cached]
Marcos Paredes Farrera,Martin Fleury,Ken Guild,Mohammed Ghanbari
Journal of Communications , 2010, DOI: 10.4304/jcm.5.2.169-177
Abstract: A measurement study was conducted of video streaming across a testbed with routers typical of those found at bottlenecks on the wired Internet. During ‘bursty’ traffic packet loss was not always fairly distributed between background flows and a video stream. The paper shows that packet-by-packet end-to-end delay, an alternative metric, has the ability to closely track queuing delay, responding to available bandwidth in a timely manner. A wider issue considered by the paper is to what extent one-way delay across a network path that includes bottleneck links can act to detect congestion.
Internet and game behaviour at a secondary school and a newly developed health promotion programme: a prospective study
J Rob J de Leeuw, Marieke de Bruijn, Gerdien H de Weert-van Oene, August JP Schrijvers
BMC Public Health , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-10-544
Abstract: A total of 475 secondary school children completed an extensive questionnaire before and a year after starting the programme. Of these children, 367 were in first, second and third grade; the grades in which the lessons about internet and game behaviour were implemented. Questionnaires contained questions about personal information, Internet and game use (Compulsive Internet Use Scale), and other health behaviours (alcohol use, physical activity, psychosocial wellbeing and body mass index).Heavy Internet use was significantly associated with psychosocial problems, and heavy game use was significantly associated with psychosocial problems and less physical activity. No relationship was found with alcohol use or body mass index. The time spent on Internet (hours/day) and the number of pathological Internet users increased during the study. The number of game users decreased but heavy game use increased.The association between heavy Internet use and psychosocial problems and between game use and psychosocial problems and less physical activity emphasizes the need to target different health behaviours in one health education programme. A case-control study is needed to further assess the programme-induced changes in Internet and game behaviour of school children.The value of schools as a place for health education is recognized worldwide, and a growing number of studies have demonstrated that school health promotion can lead to positive change, improving the potential of students to benefit fully from schooling as a result of having a positive health status [1-7]. The approach to health education at schools has changed in the last 20 years and is continuing to evolve. Twenty years ago, school health promotion was introduced in Europe as a new framework to assist schools in addressing health issues [8]. An integrated school approach with long-term implementation of health promotion programmes seemed to be more effective than short-term classroom-based programmes [7-10].

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