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The Role of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan Towards Making of Pakistan
Khalid Mahmood Chaudhary
Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: The main objective of the present study was to look into the aspects of the Pakistan movement. There were different leaders who worked for the establishment of Pakistan. One of them was Sir Syed Ahmad Khan who was the pioneer of the Pakistan movement. His work and achievement cannot be forgotton during the history of the Pakistan movement. He started the Aligarh movement to lift up the condition of the Muslims. He laid the foundationstoneof the Aligarh College which became the focal point of the Muslim activities during the Pakistan movement.
Aris Widodo
Al-Jami'ah : Journal of Islamic Studies , 2009,
Abstract: This article presents Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas’ opinion on the scope of Islam—a discourse that has become a hot issue among Muslim scholars since fourteen centuries ago and strongly reappeared along with the presence of a work of an orientalist, H.A.R. Gibb. According to Al-Attas, semantic approach is the best way to figure out whether Islam only touches upon religious matters or also includes a notion of civilization, because it is through this approach that the connotation of Islam will become clearer. As Islam is explicitly mentioned in the Qur’an as din, so the best way to identify the scope of Islam is to study the word-focus of di>n from semantic approach. From this approach, Al-Attas concludes that Islam as di>n includes the connotation of civilization, as the word di>n is closely related to the word madinah, a word that is also closely related to the word tamaddun (civilization). In addition to presenting Al-Attas’ ideas, the writer of this article also gives a critical remark on Al-Attas’ contention that din (religion) and dayn (debt) are closely related as the two words have the same root: dana. According to the writer, this opinion is not even supported by Qur’anic verses, which become the basis for Al- Attas’ semantic construction. Qur’an itself speaks of the two words, din and dayn, in clearly two different connotations.
Growing Use of Electronic Sources of Information - A User Survey of Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah (BGSB) University, Rajouri
Ramesh Pandita
Trends in Information Management , 2012,
Abstract: Purpose: The present study reflects the usage, popularity and effectiveness of electronic sources of information among users at BGSB University, Rajouri. Methodology/approach/design: The study is undertaken by surveying the respondents and the questionnaire as a data gathering tool is employed. Findings: The study reveals that there is a growing trend towards the use of electronic sources of information especially among the younger generation. Research limitations/implications: The geographical area of the study was restricted to research students, research scholars and faculty members of BGSB University. Key Words: Information sources; e-resources; Print resources; Information communication technology (ICT); e-publishing; Consortia; e-resource usage; Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah (BGSB) University Paper Type: Research
índios Kaingang e Colonizadores: vers es do conflito na Vila da Pitanga, 1923.  [cached]
Grazieli Eurich,Raphael Nunes Nicoletti Sebrian
Revista Tempo, Espa?o e Linguagem , 2010,
Abstract: This paper addresses the conflict between the Kaingáng indigenouspopulation and non-indigenous colonizers in April 1923 in the centerof Vila da Pitanga (currently the city of Pitanga, Paraná state, Southern Brazil). I shall analyze the versions of this conflict available in the newspaper O Pharol (April 1923), in the Interrogatório dos índios Detidos (1923), and in the regional books Abril Violento: a revolta dos índios Kaingangs (1999) by Manuel Borba de Camargo, and Lendário Caminho do Peabiru na Serra da Pitanga (2002) by Terezinha Aguiar Vaz.
Riccardo Picchio (1923-2011) Riccardo Picchio (1923-2011)  [cached]
Krassimir Stantchev
Studi Slavistici , 2012,
Abstract: The paper is dedicated to the academic and scientific biography of Riccardo Picchio (September 7, 1923 – August 13, 2011), considered one of the truly outstanding and celebrated Slavists of his generation. The paper is dedicated to the academic and scientific biography of Riccardo Picchio (September 7, 1923 – August 13, 2011), considered one of the truly outstanding and celebrated Slavists of his generation.
The negotiation of The Constitution of Romania of 1923 and The Constitution of Romania of 1991  [cached]
Ivona-Arina Raef
Sfera Politicii , 2012,
Abstract: In the present study the author is trying to find if there was a negotiation between main parties regarding The Constitution of Romania of 1923 and The Constitution Of Romania of 1991 or if there was a project imposed by one party to the others.
Türkiye’de Devalüasyon Uygulamalar (1923-2000) = Devaluation Experiences in Turkey (1923-2000)  [cached]
Esat ?ELEB?
Dogus University Journal , 2001,
Abstract: Devaluation, has been examined in details in terms of its applications in Turkey. Firstly, the content and application of devaluation have been explained. After these explanations have been clarified in details and these applications of the devaluation has been stated between 1923-2000.
Extraction of Phenol with Primary Amine N1923

YANG De-ling,NING Peng-ge,CAO Hong-bin,ZHANG Yi,

过程工程学报 , 2012,
Abstract: 以伯胺N1923与磺化煤油、石油醚、甲苯或正辛醇为稀释剂组成络合萃取剂,在25℃下对苯酚模拟废水进行萃取.结果表明,40%(φ)N1923的甲苯溶液萃取苯酚效果最好.平衡水相pH8.3时对萃取影响不明显,苯酚以分子形式被伯胺N1923萃取,H+不参与络合反应;无机盐的盐析效应对苯酚萃取影响较大,顺序为(NH4)2SO4>NaCl>NH4Cl.伯胺N1923与苯酚主要生成1:1型萃合物;该萃取过程放热,升高温度不利于萃取.反萃后的有机相萃取效果逐渐下降,可能是伯胺溶解造成的.40%(φ)N1923的甲苯溶液错流萃取煤气化废水,挥发酚的一级萃取率超过99.0%,三级错流萃取结果(0.53mg/L)接近国家污水综合排放标准(0.5mg/L).
伯胺N1923浸渍硅球对钯吸附机理的研究  [PDF]
分析化学 , 1992,
Abstract: 本文研究了N1923-硅球在N1923成盐和不成盐时不同条件下吸附钯的反应机理。
Dr René Favaloro (1923-2000)
Morán V,Sergio;
Revista médica de Chile , 2000, DOI: 10.4067/S0034-98872000000900018
Abstract: rené favaloro md, was born in la plata, argentina, in july 1923. he studied medicine in la plata and made his cardiology residence in the cleveland clinic, where he developed coronary bypass surgery for the treatment of ischemic heart disease. at the present time, this surgical procedure is a well recognized therapy for coronary artery disease that has benefited millions of patients. back in argentina, he founded in 1992 the institute of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery that had an important research and teaching activity. dr favaloro wanted to be remembered as a teacher rather than as a surgeon, but he really was a great master of surgery in the americas (rev méd chile 2000; 128: 1065-6).
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