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Formats  [PDF]
Gehmann, Ulrich
Journal of New Frontiers in Spatial Concepts , 2012,
Abstract: In the following, a new conceptual framework for investigating nowadays’ “technical” phenomena shall be introduced, that of formats. The thesis is that processes of formatting account for our recent conditions of life, and will do so in the very next future. It are processes whose foundations have been laid in modernity and which will further unfold for the time being. These processes are embedded in the format of the value chain, a circumstance making them resilient to change. In addition, they are resilient in themselves since forming interconnected systems of reciprocal causal circuits.Which leads to an overall situation that our entire “Lebenswelt” became formatted to an extent we don’t fully realize, even influencing our very percep-tion of it.
Recognition of animated icons by elementaryaged children  [cached]
Tom Jones
Research in Learning Technology , 1993, DOI: 10.3402/rlt.v1i1.9471
Abstract: This paper describes a study to investigate the recognizability of and preference for animated icons by elementary-aged aged children. Fourteen typical computer-related tasks (e.g., copy, move) were viewed by 60 school-children in two iconic formats: animated and static. The content of the icons and the computer process or action they mimicked were drawn from a previous study in which a similar group of children was asked to depict gesturally their interpretation of the 14 tasks. Results indicated that the animated version of the icons was more recognizable and that the children greatly preferred the animated icons over the static icons. Implications for the design of enhanced user-interfaces for children are noted.
Identification of Anti-ErbB2 Dual Variable Domain Immunoglobulin (DVD-Ig?) Proteins with Unique Activities  [PDF]
Jinming Gu, Jinsong Yang, Qing Chang, Xiaoqing Lu, Jieyi Wang, Mingjiu Chen, Tariq Ghayur, Jijie Gu
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0097292
Abstract: Inhibiting ErbB2 signaling with monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) or small molecules is an established therapeutic strategy in oncology. We have developed anti-ErbB2 Dual Variable Domain Immunoglobulin (DVD-Ig) proteins that capture the function of a combination of two anti-ErbB2 antibodies. In addition, some of the anti-ErbB2 DVD-Ig proteins gain the new functions of enhancing ErbB2 signaling and cell proliferation in N87 cells. We further found that two DVD-Ig proteins, DVD687 and DVD688, have two distinct mechanisms of actions in Calu-3 and N87 cells. DVD687 enhances cell cycle progression while DVD688 induces apoptosis in N87 cells. Using a half DVD687, we found that avidity may play a key role in the agonist activity of DVD687 in N87 cells.
The Model of DVD Lease Online
Tengyuan Dang,Rui Li,Yu Cheng
International Journal of Business and Management , 2009,
Abstract: This paper studies the need prediction, purchase and optimized distribution of DVD online releasing. By surveying the customers and analyzing their satisfactory degree, we use central limit theorem to solve question I, to guarantee: in a month at least 50% of the members to be able to watch five DVDs—6667, 3334?1667?834 and 334 respectively, and within three months at least 95%--2237?1129?569?287 and 117 each. To question II, we put forward the specific DVD distribution plan for the first 30 members. To question III, a reasonable purchase amount is given, with the benefits of the website and the customer satisfactory degree taken into account. Finally, we give our view on the need prediction, purchase and optimized distribution of DVD in question IV and establish a mathematical model.
New DVD supports trachoma surgery training
Saul N Rajak,Amir Bedri,Matthew J Burton
Community Eye Health Journal , 2011,
Abstract: The first part of this article introduces a new comprehensive TT surgery training DVD. The second part presents an extract from the DVD covering using a steam autoclave to sterilise the instruments used in trachoma surgery.
Lexicon management and standard formats  [PDF]
Eric Laporte
Computer Science , 2007,
Abstract: International standards for lexicon formats are in preparation. To a certain extent, the proposed formats converge with prior results of standardization projects. However, their adequacy for (i) lexicon management and (ii) lexicon-driven applications have been little debated in the past, nor are they as a part of the present standardization effort. We examine these issues. IGM has developed XML formats compatible with the emerging international standards, and we report experimental results on large-coverage lexica.
Rasmuson Library DVD Browser: Fun with Screen Scraping and Drupal  [cached]
Ilana Kingsley,Mark Morlino
Code4Lib Journal , 2008,
Abstract: The DVD Browser is a simple application that lets library patrons browse movie covers, titles, and reviews. It works by screen scraping the the Rasmuson Library catalog for DVD movies and dumps the data into a Drupal MySQL database. This paper describes the process of setting up the DVD Browser.
Hackbusch Conjecture on tensor formats  [PDF]
Weronika Buczyńska,Jaros?aw Buczyński,Mateusz Micha?ek
Mathematics , 2015, DOI: 10.1016/j.matpur.2015.05.002
Abstract: We prove a conjecture of W. Hackbusch about tensor network states related to a perfect binary tree and train track tree. Tensor network states are used to present seemingly complicated tensors in a relatively simple and efficient manner. Each such presentation is described by a binary tree and a collection of vector spaces, one for each vertex of the tree. A problem suggested by Wolfgang Hackbusch and Joseph Landsberg is to compare the complexities of encodings, if one presents the same tensor with respect to two different trees. We answer this question when the two trees are extremal cases: the most "spread" tree (perfect binary tree), and the "deepest" binary tree (train track tree). The corresponding tensor formats are called hierarchical formats (HF) and tensor train (TT) formats, respectively.
Data formats for phonological corpora  [PDF]
Laurent Romary,Andreas Witt
Computer Science , 2011,
Abstract: The goal of the present chapter is to explore the possibility of providing the research (but also the industrial) community that commonly uses spoken corpora with a stable portfolio of well-documented standardised formats that allow a high re-use rate of annotated spoken resources and, as a consequence, better interoperability across tools used to produce or exploit such resources.
Coordination of knowledge in judging animated motion
Thomas C. Thaden-Koch,Robert J. Dufresne,Jose P. Mestre
Physical Review Special Topics. Physics Education Research , 2006,
Abstract: Coordination class theory is used to explain college students’ judgments about animated depictions of moving objects. diSessa’s coordination class theory models a “concept” as a complex knowledge system that can reliably determine a particular type of information in widely varying situations. In the experiment described here, fifty individually interviewed college students judged the realism of two sets of computer animations depicting balls rolling on a pair of tracks. The judgments of students from an introductory physics class were strongly affected by the number of balls depicted (one or two), but the judgments of students from an educational psychology class were not. Coordination analysis of interview transcripts supports the interpretation that physics students’ developing physics knowledge led them to consistently miss or ignore some observations that the other students consistently paid attention to. The analysis highlights the context sensitivity and potential fragility of coordination systems, and leads to the conclusion that students’ developing knowledge systems might not necessarily result in consistently improving performance.
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