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Disappearing Bone Disease with Disappearing Spleen!  [PDF]
BM John,Daljit Singh
Journal of Nepal Paediatric Society , 2009, DOI: 10.3126/jnps.v29i2.2047
Abstract: A 6-year-old girl who reported for pain abdomen was incidentally detected to have multiple osteolytic lesions on X-ray. She was diagnosed as a case of Gorham's disease following confirmation with histopathology and kept on close follow-up. She was admitted again after 2 years for fever and investigations revealed an absent spleen apart from multicentric osteolytic lesions. This is the first case reported of a child with Gorham's disease who has had an auto-splenectomy on follow-up. Key words : Gorham's disease (disappearing bone disease), osteolytic lesions, spleen. ? doi: 10.3126/jnps.v29i2.2047 J. Nepal Paediatr. Soc. Vol 29, No. 2, pp.94-97
Search for disappearing tracks  [PDF]
H. Wells Wulsin
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: We present a search for long-lived charged particles that decay within the CMS detector and produce the signature of a disappearing track. Disappearing tracks are identified as those with little or no associated calorimeter energy deposits and with missing hits in the outer layers of the tracker. The search uses proton-proton collision data recorded at $\sqrt{s} = 8$ TeV that corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 19.5 fb$^{-1}$. The results of the search are interpreted in the context of the anomaly-mediated supersymmetry breaking model and in terms of the phenomenological MSSM.
Alliance free and alliance cover sets  [PDF]
J. A. Rodriguez-Velazquez,J. M. Sigarreta,I. G. Yero,S. Bermudo
Mathematics , 2006, DOI: 10.1007/s10114-011-0056-1
Abstract: A \emph{defensive} (\emph{offensive}) $k$-\emph{alliance} in $\Gamma=(V,E)$ is a set $S\subseteq V$ such that every $v$ in $S$ (in the boundary of $S$) has at least $k$ more neighbors in $S$ than it has in $V\setminus S$. A set $X\subseteq V$ is \emph{defensive} (\emph{offensive}) $k$-\emph{alliance free,} if for all defensive (offensive) $k$-alliance $S$, $S\setminus X\neq\emptyset$, i.e., $X$ does not contain any defensive (offensive) $k$-alliance as a subset. A set $Y \subseteq V$ is a \emph{defensive} (\emph{offensive}) $k$-\emph{alliance cover}, if for all defensive (offensive) $k$-alliance $S$, $S\cap Y\neq\emptyset$, i.e., $Y$ contains at least one vertex from each defensive (offensive) $k$-alliance of $\Gamma$. In this paper we show several mathematical properties of defensive (offensive) $k$-alliance free sets and defensive (offensive) $k$-alliance cover sets, including tight bounds on the cardinality of defensive (offensive) $k$-alliance free (cover) sets.
Gold in Ancient Palestine
Janina Altman
Gold Bulletin , 1979, DOI: 10.1007/BF03216544
Abstract: In the wake of successive conquests, Ancient Palestine was subjected to a variety of cultural influences. Gold objects found in excavations there reflect these influences and bear witness to the importance of the area as a main trade route.
The Israeli Intelligence Community  [PDF]
Antonella Colonna Vilasi
Sociology Mind (SM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/sm.2018.82009
Abstract: The Israeli Intelligence Community is made up of Aman (military intelligence), Mossad (overseas intelligence) and Shin Bet (internal security). This analytical, theory-building article examines the Israeli Intelligence, the jurisdiction, organization and Departments from a different perspective, evaluating the culturally transmitted factors that influence political and military elites, security communities, and decision-makers.
The Zionist attack against the international resistance to the New World Order and the Libertarian Left : A proposal for the liberation of Palestine from Zionist racism and religious fundamentalism  [PDF]
Takis Fotopoulos
International Journal of Inclusive Democracy , 2010,
Abstract: Zionism the ultimate cause of the new crime; The ethnic cleansing continues following the establishment of the Zionist regime; The Zionist regime turns now against the resisting world community; Anti-Zionism, anti-Semitism and the “Libertarian” Left; Towards a multinational one-state solution in Palestine; How to move to a one-state solution and the crucial dilemma for the Israeli people and the Diaspora; Conclusion
I Believe: Israeli Arabs – Lost in a Sea of Identities  [PDF]
Mohammed Saif-Alden Wattad
Beijing Law Review (BLR) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/blr.2011.21001
Abstract: This paper aims at making the dream of peace real in the Middle East, concerning the constant conflict over “the holy land,” thus building up a conceptual apparatus of checks and balances. For this hope to be fulfilled, a second thought regarding the internal legal-social problems of the state of Israel ought to be considered. Hypocrisy has led us to believe that political and social problems are unsolvable because of their nature as political and social as such. Legal philosophy distinguishes between two theories of law, one expresses the idea of laws enacted by an authoritative body, and the other refers to the good and just law which is binding because it is good and just. The establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 led to the division of Mandatory Palestine, where many Arab families were expelled and others were deported, many fled and others decided to leave whether because of the coercive circumstances or by free will. Those who remained within the new established state called “Israel” have become Israeli citizens, and they constitute nowadays 20% of the Israeli population. And it is with their multiple identities that I concern.
From Illegality to Accepted Reality: Analysing the Impact of the I.C.J's Advisory Opinion on "The Wall" in Palestine
Neha Sachdev
Socio-Legal Review , 2010,
Abstract: In this article, the author examines the history, controversy and present status of the "Wall" or "Security fence" being built by Israel in the occupied territories of Palestine. The article analyses the judgements of the International Court of Justice, the Israeli High Court, as well as developments in various international arenas, to conclude that in spite of repeated declarations of the "illegality" of the Wall in international law, its construction continues unabated. Besides the lack of legal reasoning given by the I.C.J. in its advisory opinion which has contributed to this situation, the article concludes that the grave human rights violations caused by the Wall are not just being tolerated but perhaps even being acquiesced to by the international community today.
Are disappearing dwarfs just lying low ?  [PDF]
Steven Phillipps,Simon P. Driver
Physics , 1995, DOI: 10.1093/mnras/274.3.832
Abstract: Recent redshift surveys have shown that the excess galaxies seen in faint galaxy number counts (above those expected given the local galaxy luminosity function) are not evolved giants at high redshifts, but low to moderate luminosity objects at more modest redshifts. This has led to the suggestion that there was once an additional population of dwarf galaxies which has since disappeared, ie. there is non-conservation of galaxy number. Here we investigate the possibility that these disappearing dwarfs have actually evolved to become the population of very low surface brightness galaxies which is now being detected in nearby clusters.
Dynkin Games and Israeli Options  [PDF]
Yuri Kifer
Quantitative Finance , 2012,
Abstract: We start briefly surveying research on optimal stopping games since their introduction by E.B.Dynkin more than 40 years ago. Recent renewed interest to dynkin's games is due, in particular, to the study of Israeli (game) options introduced in 2000. We discuss the work on these options and related derivative securities for the last decade. Among various results on game options we consider error estimates for their discrete approximations, swing game options, game options in markets with transaction costs and other questions.
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