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Robust Watermarking Applying to CMYK Printed Image for Fidelity Printing

- , 2017, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1001-0548.2017.03.009
Abstract: CMYK印刷图像数字水印所面临的主要挑战是抵抗印刷扫描过程的鲁棒性和水印对印刷图像颜色保真度的影响。该文基于CMYK颜色空间的再现特征和人眼视觉特点,提出在图像的Y色信息通道和K色信息通道中分别嵌入有意义水印和结构模板信号。为了提高印刷图像的颜色保真度,基于人眼视觉特征建立了视觉蒙版,并在图像的空间域中对水印信号进行重塑,以胶版印刷为工业应用背景进行了一系列实验测试。实验结果表明本文提出的面向保真印刷的CMYK图像鲁棒水印方法,适用于以胶版印刷方式为应用背景的CMYK图像保真复制,在实际应用中具有较好的有效性。
Study on color space conversion from CMYK to L~*a~*b~*

CAO Cong-jun,ZHOU Ming-quan,KANG Yi,

计算机应用 , 2008,
Abstract: Color space conversion is the key technology in color management,direct quality-detection of printing images and color separation. Therefore, it is very important to find out a accurate and practical transform from CMYK to L*a*b*. In this paper the dot colorimetric plane of four-color halftone printing based on optic phenomena was verified by the standard printing. Then the equation of transition from CMYK to L*a*b* was modeled by analyzing the colorimetric values of process printing patches based on mathematic statistical method and numerical analysis method. And its precision was discussed and the main reasons that influence the equation precision were analyzed.
A Novel Algorithm for Color Space Conversion Model from CMYK to LAB  [cached]
Juan-li Hu,Jia-bing Deng,Shan-shan Zou
Journal of Multimedia , 2010, DOI: 10.4304/jmm.5.2.159-166
Abstract: Color space conversion has become a very important role in the image acquisition, display and the transmission of the color information in the replication. Printers and Image setter express color by CMYK space. But if color is edited and corrected in the CMYK space, it will cause a greater loss of color, and the Computing of computer will also be slowed down. So it often needs to be converted to a LAB uniform color space. Among the previous conversion methods, there is a widespread problem that is dark color tones is a little larger. In view of the problem above, we put forward a non-uniform segmentation method: with Prism geometry linear interpolation method and Pyramid linear geometry interpolation method, doing color modeling for color inkjet printer, realizing the conversion of CMYK and LAB (positive) color space; Meanwhile, we explore technical difficulties and the realization process of this method and give a comparison with these two testing results. Through the analysis of the results of the modeling, it can be seen that: The feature of these tow color space conversion methods we proposed in this paper is small in chromatic aberration, effective and simple. This method can also be applied to other color space conversion.
Quantitative image analysis of immunohistochemical stains using a CMYK color model
Nhu-An Pham, Andrew Morrison, Joerg Schwock, Sarit Aviel-Ronen, Vladimir Iakovlev, Ming-Sound Tsao, James Ho, David W Hedley
Diagnostic Pathology , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1746-1596-2-8
Abstract: We adapted a Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Key (CMYK) model for automated computer image analysis to quantify IHC stains in hematoxylin counterstained histological sections.The spectral characteristics of the chromogens AEC, DAB and NovaRed as well as the counterstain hematoxylin were first determined using CMYK, Red/Green/Blue (RGB), normalized RGB and Hue/Saturation/Lightness (HSL) color models. The contrast of chromogen intensities on a 0–255 scale (24-bit image file) as well as compared to the hematoxylin counterstain was greatest using the Yellow channel of a CMYK color model, suggesting an improved sensitivity for IHC evaluation compared to other color models. An increase in activated STAT3 levels due to growth factor stimulation, quantified using the Yellow channel image analysis was associated with an increase detected by Western blotting. Two clinical image data sets were used to compare the Yellow channel automated method with observer-dependent methods. First, a quantification of DAB-labeled carbonic anhydrase IX hypoxia marker in 414 sections obtained from 138 biopsies of cervical carcinoma showed strong association between Yellow channel and positive color selection results. Second, a linear relationship was also demonstrated between Yellow intensity and visual scoring for NovaRed-labeled epidermal growth factor receptor in 256 non-small cell lung cancer biopsies.The Yellow channel image analysis method based on a CMYK color model is independent of observer biases for threshold and positive color selection, applicable to different chromogens, tolerant of hematoxylin, sensitive to small changes in IHC intensity and is applicable to simple automation procedures. These characteristics are advantageous for both basic as well as clinical research in an unbiased, reproducible and high throughput evaluation of IHC intensity.Immunohistochemistry (IHC) for the evaluation of antigen expression as well as higher resolution methodologies for cytogenetic analysis are standard
Hidden infrared image in a uniform CMYK separation hue
Ivana ?iljak Stanimirovi?,Darko Agi?,Jana ?iljak Vuji?
Journal of Graphic Engineering and Design , 2012,
Abstract: Extended colour management is introduced for integrating the colorants visual characteristics in the visual, butalso in the near infrared spectrum (NIR). Many conventional graphic inks are such that their light absorption in thevisual (V) and NIR specter can be very well measured, and we are using this for our goal which is the following:firstly to create a double condition of graphic reproduction - invisible graphics to the human eye, but allowing to beregistered by instruments measuring in the NIR area. The second goal is to design graphic elements that are not recognizedin the NIR specter, but are visible so that we can see them. And thirdly: to produce a “double image” withconventional graphic inks, but in such a way that each image is recognized only in the previously set wavelengths.This approach introduces modified learning on graphic arts separation where two independent images are joinedin creating CMYK printing channels. The second image as a gray record is the desired black component (K) in thefirst visible spectrum image. The standard colour management ends in the visible space (1) but with the help of inksmanagement, a second hidden image can be developed in the NIR space. Channel K acquires a new meaning. It isthe carrier of its own information in image and text form.
科学通报 , 1964,
Abstract: 本文首先将着重交待共价鍵的量子理論,并突出有关的量子效应,然后在这个基础上进一步对共振論有所分析和討論。在有机化学中,共振論是一个占有重要地位的电子結构理論。化学界批評共振论原来提出的量子力学根据并不可信,这种批評是中肯的。在共振论中,共振一直是一个含
CMAC辨识的CMYK到CIE L*a*b*颜色空间转换模型的研究  [PDF]
北京理工大学学报 , 2014,
Abstract: 为了解决设备相关颜色空间CMYK与设备无关颜色空间之间的相互转换问题,利用小脑模型神经网络(cerebellarmodelarticulationcontroller,CMAC)高度非线性拟合能力,研究CMYK颜色空间与CIEL*a*b*之间的转换关系,研究结果显示该方法具有结构简单,易于软件和硬件的实现,将IT8.7/3标准色靶文件中104个专业色块值作为检验样本,检验样本的平均色差为1.6,完全适用于两种不同颜色空间之间的转换过程.
CMYK变换及其在图像处理与地学研究中的应用  [PDF]
地质通报 , 2006,
Abstract: 简要地介绍了CMYK变换及其在图像处理与地学研究中的应用。与常规方法相比较,该方法具有算法简单、操作便捷并生成高质量图像等特点。通过对比分析发现,由此变换所处理出来的融合图像是其他任何方法所不能与之相比的。此外,CMYK变换还提供了一种全新的四波段图像数据合成方法,而且在将遥感图像与其他各类地学数据的综合处理、显示方面有着广阔的应用前景。
朱熹理欲之辨与医患道德修养的契合  [PDF]
华西医学 , 2011,
Abstract: 【】 朱熹理欲之辨的本真与绝对禁欲主义有本质差别,其实际指向为以理性自觉制约过度欲望的道德修养论。医务工作者应加强医德修养、提升医德境界与以理节欲、以理制欲的工夫直接契合,可以为医德修养提供方法论途径。在医患纠纷的预防和处理中,医患双方都需要朱熹理欲之辨所蕴含的理性与秩序,加强自身道德修养,从而减少和避免医疗纠纷和医患冲突的发生。
有机物的电子結构理論問題  [PDF]
科学通报 , 1964,
Abstract: 本文首先将着重交待共价鍵的量子理論,并突出有关的量子效应,然后在这个基础上进一步对共振論有所分析和討論。在有机化学中,共振論是一个占有重要地位的电子結构理論。化学界批評共振论原来提出的量子力学根据并不可信,这种批評是中肯的。
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