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C M Liu,K Abiko,M Tanino Schoolof Materials,Metallurgy,Northeastern University,Shenyang,China Institute for Materials Research,Tohoku University,Sendai,Japan,
C. M. Liu
,K. Abiko and M. Tanino Schoolof Materials and Metallurgy,Northeastern University,Shenyang,China Institute for Materials Research,Tohoku University,Sendai,Japan

金属学报(英文版) , 1999,
Abstract: Theeffectof phosphorusonthehotductility andthesegregation ofsulfuratgrain boundariesin high purityironcontaining 0 002 % sulfur werequantitativelyinvestigated bytensiletestat973 K, SEMobservation of fracture surface and scanning Auger electron spectroscopy.Theexperimental resultscan besum marized as follows:(1) addition of phosphorustothe iron remarkablysuppressestheintergranular fractureinduced bythesegregation of sulfur at973 Kandincreasesthe hot ductility;(2) phosphorusstrikingly decreasesthesegregation ofsulfur atgrain boundaries, whichisresponsibleforthesuppressionoftheintergranularfrac tureat973 K;(3) theremarkably decreasedsegregation ofsulfur atgrain boundariesbytheaddition of phosphoruscan beexplained bythesitecompetitioneffectandtherepulsiveinter action at grain boundariesbetweensulfuratomsand phosphorusatoms;(4) sulfurstrikinglysegregatestothevoid surfacesformed on grain boundaries, while phosphorushaslittlesegre gationtothevoid surfaces.
The Modernization Research of DCXW

Zhou Mingmei,Wang Xing,Yang Kui,Yang Ming,Wang Yitao,

世界科学技术-中医药现代化 , 2002,
Abstract: The study of substance basis and functional mechanism of Chinese Material Medica is the research focus of current Chinese Material Medica study. It is also the study emphasis of national 973 key project. The paper takes DCXW as an example to discuss the study of substance basis, functional mechanism and compose theory of Chinese Formula Medicine.
The Science of al-Biruni  [PDF]
Amelia Carolina Sparavigna
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.364
Abstract: Al-Biruni (973-1048) was one of the greatest scientists of all times. He was an astronomer, mathematician and philosopher, and studied physics and natural sciences. In this paper, we will discuss some of his experimental methods and some instruments he used.
代谢组学研究现状与展望  [PDF]
药学学报 , 2005,
Abstract: 中科院“百人计划”研究基金国家973计划资助项目(2004cb518902);国家高技术研究发展计划(863计划)资助项目(2003aa2z347d).
干旱荒漠区旱生灌木根际土壤磷变化特征  [PDF]
生态学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 国家重点基础研究发展规划项目资助(973项目)(2007cb108903);国家自然科学基金资助项目(30800801)
重离子射线照射对家蚕的生物影响  [PDF]
生态学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 2007年公益性行业(农业)科研专项经费资助(nyhyzx07-020-04);国家重大基础研究发展计划(973计划,2005cb121003)
The role of antiphase boundaries during ion sputtering and solid phase epitaxy of Si(001)  [PDF]
J. C. Kim,J. -Y. Ji,J. S. Kline,J. R. Tucker,T. -C. Shen
Physics , 2003, DOI: 10.1016/S0039-6028(03)00730-1
Abstract: The Si(001) surface morphology during ion sputtering at elevated temperatures and solid phase epitaxy following ion sputtering at room temperature has been investigated using scanning tunneling microscopy. Two types of antiphase boundaries form on Si(001) surfaces during ion sputtering and solid phase epitaxy. One type of antiphase boundary, the AP2 antiphase boundary, contributes to the surface roughening. AP2 antiphase boundaries are stable up to 973K, and ion sputtering and solid phase epitaxy performed at 973K result in atomically flat Si(001) surfaces.
Expression of Wild-type P53 Gene and P16 Gene in Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell Lines
野生型P53、P16基因协同对肺腺癌细胞系生长抑制作用的研究 Expression of Wild-type P53 Gene and P16 Gene in Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell Lines

YAN Cheng-hui,WANG Bai-qiu,WU Yan,FU Song-bin,LI Pu,

遗传 , 2001,
Abstract: To investigate the suppression effect of tumor suppressor genes in lung adenocarcinoma cell lines,we transferred a pair of lung adenocarcinoma cell lines with different metastasis potential,Anip973(High metastasis potential cell line) and AGZY83-a (Low metastasis potential cell line)and this pair of cell lines transfected with P16 gene:AGZY83-a P16 and Anip973 P16 with wild type P53 gene with adenovirus vector.The suppression effects of P53 gene were evaluated by cell growth curve,MTT,western blotting analysis and TUNEL technique.Overexpression of wild type P53 gene in AGZY83-a,Anip973,Anip973 P16 and AGZY83-a P16 inhibited the growth of these four kinds of lung cancer cells and induced apoptosis of the cells.The suppression effect of P53 gene in Anip973 and Anip973 P16 was higher than AGZY83-a and AGZY83-a P16 while co expression of P53 and P16 in this pair of cell lines inhibited the cells more efficiently comparing with the expression of P53 alone.Wild type P53 gene might act as a candidate gene in lung adenocarcinoma gene therapy while co transfection of P53 and P16 genes was a more effective method.
以重大科技项目为主体的我国科技计划管理比较研究  [PDF]
科技进步与对策 , 2013, DOI: 10.6049/kjjbydc.2012030253
Abstract: 组织实施重大科技项目,是世界各国提升科技创新竞争力的重要手段。在对已有重大科技项目研究的基础上,将973计划、863计划、国家科技支撑计划和国家科技重大专项归结为我国重大国家科技计划,并对这些计划的不同定位进行了介绍。分析了973计划、863计划、国家科技支撑计划和国家科技重大专项的组织管理体系,进而比较了4种管理体系的区别和联系。重大科技项目国家科技计划组织管理体系973计划863计划国家科技支撑计划
Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Analysis and Hardness of Diffusion Bonded Titanium-Titanium and Titanium-Copper Plates with Static Force and without Interlayers  [PDF]
Joel Hemanth
Open Journal of Composite Materials (OJCM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojcm.2017.72007
Abstract: In the present research, commercially pure Ti (grade-2) has been diffusion bonded with Ti and Cu plate under static force without any interlayers. The diffusion bonded samples were tested for micro hardness and micro structural analysis through optical microscopy and SEM. It is found from the present investigation that the bonded zone is affected by the processing variables such as bonding time (1 - 2 h), bonding force (250 N), bonding temperature (973 - 1073 K) and surface roughness. Results of the investigation revealed that temperature range of ?973 - 1073 K along with time duration of 1 - 2 hours in vacuum has resulted in a joint having high hardness with minimum pores. Hardness of the bond depends on the grain boundary diffusion at the interface and maximum hardness was achieved in the case of Ti-Cu joints. When Ti-Cu plates were used for bonding at 973 K for 2 hours, Cu-Ti solid solution along with a zone of different intermetallics was formed in the bonded zone. However, at higher temperatures, no continuous zone of intermetallics was found in the bonded region but instead Ti-Cu solid solution appeared.
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