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不通过5种感觉通道交流的双生子猜牌试验研究  [PDF]
第三军医大学学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 目的讨论在儿童双生子个体间是否存在不通过5种感觉通道(视、听、触、嗅、味)的交流现象,并探索其遗传和环境的影响。方法募集6~16岁共同生活的儿童双生子,采集颊黏膜标本以提取DNA进行卵型鉴定,用纸牌试验方式,比较双生子猜牌正确率和数学期望值的大小,按卵型鉴定结果将双生子组分为同卵双生组和异卵双生组,比较猜牌正确率。结果双生子组的猜牌正确率大于数学期望值(P<0.05),同卵双生子猜牌正确率大于异卵双生子,但差异无统计学意义(P>0.05)。结论儿童双生子个体间可能有不通过5种感觉通道的交流现象存在,共同的遗传基础和生活环境可能是该交流现象产生的一个重要原因,尚不能确定遗传和环境对该现象的影响存在轻重之分。
On Muckenhoupt-Wheeden Conjecture  [PDF]
Maria Carmen Reguera
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: Let M denote the dyadic Maximal Function. We show that there is a weight w, and Haar multiplier T for which the following weak-type inequality fails: $$ \sup_{t>0}t w\left\{x\in\mathbb R \mid |Tf(x)|>t\right\}\le C \int_{\mathbb R}|f|Mw(x)dx. $$ (With T replaced by M, this is a well-known fact.) This shows that a dyadic version of the so-called Muckenhoupt-Wheeden Conjecture is false. This accomplished by using current techniques in weighted inequalities to show that a particular $L^2$ consequence of the inequality above does not hold.
Paraexponentials, Muckenhoupt weights, and resolvents of paraproducts  [PDF]
Cristina Pereyra,Lesley Ward
Mathematics , 1996,
Abstract: We analyze the stability of Muckenhoupt's $\RHp$ and $\Ap$ classes of weights under a nonlinear operation, the $\lb$-operation. We prove that the dyadic doubling reverse H\"older classes $\RHp$ are not preserved under the $\lb$-operation, but the dyadic doubling $A_p$ classes $\Ap$ are preserved for $0<\lb <1$. We give an application to the structure of resolvent sets of dyadic paraproduct operators.
Powers of distances to lower dimensional sets as Muckenhoupt weights  [PDF]
Hugo Aimar,Marilina Carena,Ricardo Durán,Marisa Toschi
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: Let $(X,d,\mu)$ be an Ahlfors metric measure space. We give sufficient conditions on a closed set $F\subseteq X$ and on a real number $\beta$ in such a way that $d(x,F)^\beta$ becomes a Muckenhoupt weight. We give also some illustrations to regularity of solutions of partial differential equations and regarding some classical fractals.
On a Muckenhoupt-type condition for Morrey spaces  [PDF]
Natasha Samko
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: As is known, the class of weights for Morrey type spaces $\mathcal{L}^{p,\lb}(\rn) $ for which the maximal and/or singular operators are bounded, is different from the known Muckenhoupt class $A_p$ of such weights for the Lebesgue spaces $L^p(\Om)$. For instance, in the case of power weights $|x-a|^\nu, \ a\in \mathbb{R}^1,$ the singular operator (Hilbert transform) is bounded in $L^p(\mathbb{R})$, if and only if $-1<\nu 1$ we also provide some $\lb$-dependent \textit{\`a priori} assumptions on weights and give some estimates of weighted norms $\|\chi_B\|_{p,\lb;w}$ of the characteristic functions of balls.
华夏性文化史上的两块里程碑---《老子》与《老子想尔注》  [PDF]
东南文化 , 2000,
Abstract: ????本文认为通过《吕氏春秋》可证实老子的性学思想已成为先秦精英阶层的共识,《老子》对性文化作出了极大的贡献,《老子想尔注》是道教创使人对《老子》性文化的整理、继承与发展,《老子》和《老子想尔注》构成了华夏性文化史上的两块里程碑。
Complete interpolating sequences, the discrete Muckenhoupt condition, and conformal mapping  [PDF]
Gunter Semmler
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: We extend the parameterization of sine-type functions in terms of conformal mappings onto slit domains given by Eremenko and Sodin to the more general case of generating functions of real complete interpolating sequences. It turns out that the cuts have to fulfill the discrete Muckenhoupt condition studied earlier by Lyubarskii and Seip.
Muckenhoupt inequality with three measures and applications to Sobolev orthogonal polynomials  [PDF]
E. Colorado,D. Pestana,J. M. Rodriguez,E. Romera
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: We generalize the classical Muckenhoupt inequality with two measures to three under appropriate conditions. As a consequence, we prove a simple characterization of the undedness of the multiplication operator and thus of the boundedness of the zeros and the asymptotic behavior of the Sobolev orthogonal polynomials, for a large class of measures which includes the most usual examples in the literature.
Characterization of a class of embeddings for function spaces with Muckenhoupt weights  [PDF]
Martin Meyries,Mark Veraar
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: For function spaces equipped with Muckenhoupt weights, the validity of continuous Sobolev embeddings in case $p_0\leq p_1$ is characterized. Extensions to Jawerth-Franke embeddings, vector-valued spaces and examples involving some prominent weights are also provided.
A fractional Muckenhoupt-Wheeden theorem and its consequences  [PDF]
David Cruz-Uribe,Kabe Moen
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: In the 1970s Muckenhoupt and Wheeden made several conjectures relating two weight norm inequalities for the Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator to such inequalities for singular integrals. Using techniques developed for the recent proof of the $A_2$ conjecture we prove a related pair of conjectures linking the Riesz potential and the fractional maximal operator. As a consequence we are able to prove a number of sharp one and two weight norm inequalities for the Riesz potential.
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