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Bridges of quadratic harnesses  [PDF]
W. Bryc,J. Wesolowski
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: Quadratic harnesses are typically non-homogeneous Markov processes with time-dependent state space. Using an appropriately defined affine transformation we show that all bridges of a given quadratic harness can be transformed into other standard quadratic harnesses. Conversely, each such bridge is an affine transformation of a standard quadratic harness. We describe quadratic harnesses that correspond to bridges of some Levy processes. We determine all quadratic harnesses that may arise from stitching together a pair of q-Meixner processes.
A few remarks on quadratic harnesses  [PDF]
Pawe? J. Szab?owski
Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1080/10236198.2013.864643
Abstract: We analyze and partially solve system of recurrences that can be derived from the properties of martingale orthogonal polynomials that characterize quadratic harnesses (QH). We also specify conditions for the existence of moments of one dimensional distribution for large classes of quadratic harnesses that are also Markov processes complementing earlier results.
Stitching pairs of Levy processes into harnesses  [PDF]
Wlodek Bryc,Jacek Wesolowski
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: We consider natural exponential families of Levy processes with randomized parameter. Such processes are Markov, and under suitable assumptions, pairs of such processes with shared randomization can be stitched together into a single harness. The stitching consists of deterministic reparametrization of the time for both processes, so that they run on adjacent time intervals, and of the choice of the appropriate law at the boundary. Processes in the Levy-Meixner class have an additional property that they are quadratic harnesses, and in this case stitching constructions produce quadratic harnesses.
Quadratic Harnesses, q-commutations, and orthogonal martingale polynomials  [PDF]
Wlodzimierz Bryc,Wojciech Matysiak,Jacek Wesolowski
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: We introduce the quadratic harness condition and show that integrable quadratic harnesses have orthogonal martingale polynomials with a three step recurrence that satisfies a q-commutation relation. This implies that quadratic harnesses are essentially determined uniquely by five numerical constants. Explicit recurrences for the orthogonal martingale polynomials are derived in several cases of interest.
中国沼野蝇属一新种附该属的种检索表及属征(双翅目:麻蝇科)  [PDF]
昆虫分类学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 沼野蝇属GoniophytoTownsend,1927已记载有6种,其中2种分布于中国。本文描述了在上海蝇类调查中发现的该属1新种G.shanghaiensis的两性特征,并附该属的种检索表及属征的修订。模式标本存于上海出入境检验检疫局媒介生物实验室。上海沼野蝇Goniophytoshanghaiensis,新种(图1~6)本种♂额角几为直角与九州沼野蝇G.horriKurahashietSuenaga,1994近缘;但胫节棕色而非黑色,侧尾叶后缘端半呈直角形明显内凹而非稍微内凹,阳茎腹方有一对宽的近端侧突而非仅呈细长管状。正模:♂,上海南汇区,2005-Ⅺ-25,邓耀华、陈之梓采;副模:5♂♂10♀♀,上海崇明岛,2005-Ⅵ-26,邓耀华、陈之梓采。
Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process with open boundaries and Quadratic Harnesses  [PDF]
Wlodek Bryc,Jacek Wesolowski
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We establish a correspondence between a family of Markov processes called quadratic harnesses and a family of finite state asymmetric exclusion processes with open boundaries. As applications, we give a quick proof of the large deviations principle for the total number of particles in the system, and show how explicit formulas for the average occupancy of a site arise for special choices of parameters.
四川参叶的原植物调查  [PDF]
中国中药杂志 , 1986,
Abstract: 四川参叶的原植物共有3种(其中2栽培种),1亚种,4变种,均为人参属植物。并列有原植物检索表。
正定积分算子的本征值  [PDF]
科学通报 , 1985,
Abstract: 设Ω=(0,1)×(0,1),K∈L~2(Ω),T是由下式定义的积分算子Tf(x)=integralfrom0to1(x,y)f(y)dy。我们称算子T及其核K(x,y)是正定的,指并且对所有f∈L~2(0,1)有算子丁的本征值λ_n是大家感兴趣的。H.weyl(参
Brown Dwarfs  [PDF]
Ben R. Oppenheimer,S. R. Kulkarni,John R. Stauffer
Physics , 1998,
Abstract: After a discussion of the physical processes in brown dwarfs, we present a complete, precise definition of brown dwarfs and of planets inspired by the internal physics of objects between 0.1 and 0.001 M_sun. We discuss observational techniques for characterizing low-luminosity objects as brown dwarfs, including the use of the lithium test and cooling curves. A brief history of the search for brown dwarfs leads to a detailed review of known isolated brown dwarfs with emphasis on those in the Pleiades star cluster. We also discuss brown dwarf companions to nearby stars, paying particular attention to Gliese 229B, the only known cool brown dwarf.
力学与实践 , 1989,
Abstract: 本文通过估计参数改变后相重(或相近)本征值对应的本征向量的可能方向,给出了退化系统本征值、本征向量的摄动计算方法.
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