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noaa/avhrr资料用于草原监测的研究  [PDF]
中国农业资源与区划 , 1998, DOI: 10.7621/cjarrp.1005-9121.199805112
Abstract: 详述了利用noaa/avhrr资料进行草地产量和载畜量监测的方法性研究。
noaa—avhrr卫星资料处理业务系统  [PDF]
遥感技术与研究 , 1993,
Abstract: 介绍了浙江省气象科学研究所自行设计和研制的noaa—avhrr卫星资料处理业务系统(简称inpais)的设计思路、总体结构及主要技术特点,重点介绍了系统软件的构成及其主要的功能模块。
Regional thermal patterns in Portugal using satellite images (NOAA AVHRR)  [PDF]
Maria Jo?o Alcoforado,Suzanne Daveau,António Lopes,Michael Baumgartner
Finisterra - Revista Portuguesa de Geografia , 1995,
Abstract: In this paper two NOAA AVHRR diurnal images (channel 4) are used to determine the required procedures aiming at a future operational analysis system in Portugal. Preprocessing and classification operations are described. Strong correlation between air and surface temperature is verified and rather detailed air temperature patterns can be inferred.
The Accuracy of SST Retrievals from NOAA-AVHRR in the Persian Gulf  [PDF]
A. Ahmadabadi,A. Fathnia,M. Karimi Ahmadabad,M. Farajzadeh
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2009,
Abstract: In the present study, sea surface temperature of the Persian Gulf was estimated using NOAA-14- AVHRR data during the period of 1996-2000. The Persian Gulf, despite being a major economic and political region has not systematic marine measurement in particular that of sea surface temperature. In order to estimate sea surface temperature in areas where no data was available, an attempt has been made to use AVHRR (Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer) data from NOAA (National Ocean and Atmosphere Administration) satellite 14. After computing SST from AVHRR data with the use Murty, Gowda and national center of remote sensing Australia algorithms were assessed with in situ Boushehr buoy sea surface temperature and a linear correlation was formulated to estimate sea surface temperature with a residual mean error of ±0.43 and R2 = 0.994. Finally, this modified formula was tested in 2 months (September and December 1999) of NOAA-14 AVHRR images and Sea Surface Temperature (SST) was computed in the Persian Gulf. Considering this amount of error, time series temperature can be created with this method.
Dendrolimus spp.damage monitoring by using NOAA/AVHRR data

ZHANG Yushu,BAN Xianxiu,CHEN Pengshi,FENG Rui,JI Ruipeng,XIAO Yan,

应用生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: This paper approached the feasibility of quantitatively monitoring Dendrolimus spp. damage by using NOAA/ AVHRR data. The damaged rate of needle leaf was used to represent Dendrolimus spp. harming degree, and < 30%, 30%-60% and > 60% of damaged rate was defined as low, medium and severe harming degree, respectively. The correlation equation of damaged rate and normalized vegetation index (NDVI) was established, based on the ground spectrum observation. The NDVI was 0.8823 when no damage occurred. A relative NDVI value of damaged to undamaged area was used to express the remote sensing index of low, medium and severe harming degree. The index was 1 for undamaged forest, and 0.78-1, 0.57-0.78 and < 0.57 for low, medium and severe harming degrees, respectively. The mixed pixels were separated by linear addable vertical vegetation index in the monitoring, and the quantitative monitoring and analysis was accomplished for years when the three damage degrees happened. It was shown that AVHRR data could be more available in quantitatively monitoring and analyzing serious damage, while low degree damage was difficult to distinguish by AVHRR data, due to the differences of surface properties and atmospheric influences, as well as the lower space resolution of NOAA/AVHRR. The damaged area estimated by AVHRR was 12.1%-14.3% lower than that by TM.
Accurate geometric correction for NOAA/AVHRR data.

HUANG Jing-feng,XU Hong-wei,WANG Ren-chao,JIANG Heng-xian,

浙江大学学报(农业与生命科学版) , 2000,
Abstract: It was pointed out in this paper that accurate geometric correction is the presupposition of rice growth monitoring and yield estimation using NOAA/AVHRR data at province level,therefore it is necessary to select an accurate geometric correction method which should be easy to use for non professional users and to assure the accuracy.After the standard space was established using ARC/INFO and ENVI function and a lot of images transform and enhancement was performed, the ground control points were selected.The combined RMSs were calculated for 59 NOAA/AVHRR data of Zhejiang province, The result of variance ahalysis and multiple comparisons showed that the RMSs differences of RST,1st degree polynomial and 2ed polynomial warping methods were significant.At last,the 2ed polynomial warping methods was selected as accurate geometric correction method and cubic convolution re sampling method was available for sub image of NOAA/AVHRR data for rice growth monitoring and yield estimation.
NOAA/AVHRR影像中红外波段信息提取研究  [PDF]
国土资源遥感 , 2004, DOI: 10.6046/gtzyyg.2004.02.15
Abstract: 对多景NOAA/AVHRR影像的研究发现:CH3波段不仅可以提取高温信息,而且还可以提取常温状态下的物类信息,并且在很多情况下优于CH4波段。文章给出了具体分析,并进行了原因探讨。
Application of Cloud Detection Algorithm for the AVHRR Data
NOAA AVHRR云标识技术的应用分析

LIU Cheng-Lin,WU Bing- fang,

遥感学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 中国农情遥感速报系统对每日的NOAA AVHRR进行定量处理,其中用CLAVR方法进行云标识。本文选择三景不同地区的NOAA AVHRR影像,分析评价CLAVR方法云标识的效果和各个步骤的标识能力,以及空间上的差异,并根据运行经验,对CLAVR方法的部分参数进行了调整,使其更加适应中国大陆的情况。总体上,CLAVR方法标识干净像元和云污染像元的准确性较高,而在标识混合像元时稍差。其中RGCT、RUT、TUT和C3AT的检出率占总检出率89.2%以上,并在不同的地区,不同步骤的贡献度不一致,也说明了云相变化随区域不同而变化。
Using NOAA/AVHRR Data to Monitor Drought with GIS Technique

Wu Xiaobo,Yan Shouyong,Tian Guoliang,Wang Shixing,Xiao Chunsheng,

遥感学报 , 1998,
Abstract: Drought is a major kind of natural disaster that severely influences agricultural production, especially on the growing spring wheat in boreal China. This paper introduces a method and software which use Remote Sensing and GIS technique to monitor drought of spring wheat in Great East Plain of China.This method applies thermal inertia model and CWSI model to estimate soil moisture with NOAA/AVHRR data and meteorological observation data.Under the support of GIS technique, monitoring result is_presented by a map which expresses the spatial distribution of different drought levels,as well as a statistic form which shows the area and percentage of various drought degrees in each county.This software system has been operated for three years since 1994. Tested and verified by observation data, the monitoring result has 83.6% precision in average.
太湖地区noaa—avhrr资料估算水稻种植面积的有效性探讨  [PDF]
遥感技术与研究 , 1994,
Abstract: 运用noaa—avhrr资料估算水稻种植面积,是遥感应用领域中一个新的研究方向,结合国家“八五”攻关项目“太湖地区遥感话产”的要求,在太湖地区进行了初步的尝试:(1)根据估产精度要求和noaa一avhrr资料校正精度,探讨了运用noaa一avhrr资料估产所需的最小区域范围。(2)针对太湖地区的具休地理环境设计了提取水稻种植曲积的技术方案,并在试验区取得了初步成果。
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