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答讀者来問二則  [PDF]
中国中药杂志 , 1958,
Abstract: <正>[問]新疆的天山南北各地,分佈着产量極为丰富的野生党参。如伊犁、烏魯木齊等区仅1957年的产量,就达到拾貳万斤。根据医学史册上的记载,党参大致分成五加科、豆科、桔梗科三个科别,不知究属那个是最标准?(陈文龙)[答](1)药用的党参是桔梗科植物。我国西
答郝钊先生  [PDF]
地质论评 , 1946,
Abstract: (一)武汉大学郝剑先生在上文里,对于作者等所记广西铀矿物的种名及成因等,提出几点意见商讨,值得注意,现在拟作一简单的答覆:
腊牛肉加工技术研究  [PDF]
食品科学 , 1998,
Abstract: ?继承云南腊牛肉传统工艺,利用鲜牛肉,采用现代抗氧化、低盐、添加甜味剂、真空包装保鲜技术研制新型甜味腊牛肉。
???答之二  [PDF]
地质论评 , 1940,
Abstract: (上略)昨日接到「?於测?二十?分之一地??之商?」,?後,知兄?各??莫不悉心研?,以求至善,至?至慰!愚意尚有微末??,?一述及以供?考:
腊胡子鲶的研制  [PDF]
食品科学 , 1994,
Abstract: ?腊胡子鲶的研制但拥材,徐多思四川省川仁肉食品综合加工厂612575家养胡子鲶能吞吃肉联厂价格低廉的肺脏,养殖密度大,生长快,成本低,效益高,近年来,养殖量越来越大。我厂养殖四年,每年捕捞都在5千公斤以上。因不能过冬,多在初冬捕捞,个体重l~3公斤。胡...
The Light and the Grace: Christian Metaphors  [cached]
Essachess : Journal for Communication Studies , 2011,
Abstract: Our present study continues to provide guidance and meaning for those who are open and have the courage to ask the kind of questions superior to reason. The acceptance of unreasonable realities expresses sometimes the portrait of a non-modern and superstitious man, a portrait dismantled by the contemporary science in order to get the assurance of control over the material and spiritual reality around us. However, the acceptance of unreasonable realities, born by the reason’s questions, expresses in other circumstances the access to super-reason and super-faith. The Light and the Grace from super-existence toward the human nature, and the implications these have, as a divine communication method and metaphors, and as a call to dialogic sharing with the Divine, are the objects of our present study. Super-reason and super-faith can and must characterize also the modern man. The Light and the Grace express both the cause and the means; God who is Light and Grace does communicate Himself in a salvific manner through Light and Grace, and we, as destinations of Light and of Grace can communicate ourselves as Light and Grace to our neighbors.
Anselm on Grace and Free Will  [PDF]
Katherin A. Rogers
The Saint Anselm Journal , 2005,
Abstract: Anselm is the first philosopher to attempt a systematic analysis of libertarian freedom. Regarding grace, he embrace's the position that grace is necessary for salvation and unmerited, while preserving a role for human freedom that is not in the least Pelagian. This paper sketches the problems with Augustine's compatibilism and with Pelagianism, and shows how Anselm reconciles human choice with classical theism, which entails that God is the source of everything that has ontological status. The paper concludes with an argument that, although Anselm holds that God does not offer grace to everyone, he could and should have done so.
答读者问  [PDF]
科技导报 , 1985,
Abstract: 问1985年复刊的《科技导报》为何从第4期起算期号?答《科技导报》是由在美籍华裔专家和学者在1980年创办的综合性刊物,当时因不定期出版,采用不分年代的大流水编号,在1980年出版第1期和第2期、1981年出版第3期之后就因故停刊。1984年11月中国科技导报社在北京成立,决定从1985年起恢复出版《科技导报》,并定为季刊。编号仍从停刊前的刊号续排,所以1985年出版的是第4期至第7期。
Integration of GRACE and PYTHIA  [PDF]
K. Sato,S. Tsuno,J. Fujimoto,T. Ishikawa,Y. Kurihara,S. Odaka
Physics , 2001, DOI: 10.1063/1.1405307
Abstract: We have successfully developed a technique to integrate an automatic event-generator generation system GRACE and a general-purpose event generator framework PYTHIA. The codes generated by GRACE are embedded in PYTHIA in the created event generator program. The embedded codes give information on parton-level hard interactions directly to PYTHIA. The choice of PDF is controlled by the ordinary parameter setting in PYTHIA. This technique enables us to create easy-to-handle event generators for any processes in hadron collisions. Especially, in virtue of large capability of GRACE, we can easily deal with those processes containing many (four or more) partons in the final state, such as multiple heavy particle productions. This project is being carried out as a collaboration between the Japanese Atlas group and the Minami-Tateya group, aiming at developing event generators for Tevatron and LHC experiments.
The GRACE system for SUSY processes  [PDF]
Masato JIMBO,MINAMI-TATEYA collaboration
Physics , 1995,
Abstract: We introduce a new method to treat Majorana fermions on the GRACE system which has been developed for the automatic computation of the matrix elements for the processes of the standard model. In the GRACE system, we already have such particles as Dirac fermions, gauge bosons and scalar bosons within the standard model. On the other hand, in the SUSY models there are Majorana fermions. In the first instance, we have constructed a system for the automatic computation of cross-sections for the processes of the SUSY QED. The system has also been applied to another model including Majorana fermions, the minimal SUSY standard model (MSSM), by the re-definition of the model file.
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