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On the symplectic structure of instanton moduli spaces  [PDF]
Roger Bielawski,Victor Pidstrygach
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: We study the complex symplectic structure of the quiver varieties corresponding to the moduli spaces of SU(2) instantons on both commutative and non-commutative R^4. We identify global Darboux coordinates and quadratic Hamiltonians on classical phase spaces for which these quiver varieties are natural completions. We also show that the group of non-commutative symplectomorphisms of the corresponding path algebra acts transitively on the moduli spaces of non-commutative instantons. This paper should be viewed as a step towards extending known results for Calogero-Moser spaces to the instanton moduli spaces.
Moduli spaces of irreducible symplectic manifolds  [PDF]
V. Gritsenko,K. Hulek,G. K. Sankaran
Mathematics , 2008, DOI: 10.1112/S0010437X0900445X
Abstract: We study the moduli spaces of polarised irreducible symplectic manifolds. By a comparison with locally symmetric varieties of orthogonal type of dimension 20, we show that the moduli space of 2d polarised (split type) symplectic manifolds which are deformation equivalent to degree 2 Hilbert schemes of a K3 surface is of general type if d is at least 12.
On moduli spaces of symplectic forms  [PDF]
Ivan Smith
Mathematics , 2000,
Abstract: We prove that, for any n, there are simply-connected four-manifolds which admit n-tuples of symplectic forms whose first Chern classes have pairwise different divisibilities in integral cohomology. It follows that the moduli space of symplectic forms modulo diffeomorphisms on such a manifold has at least n connected components.
Symplectic structures on moduli spaces of framed sheaves on surfaces  [PDF]
Francesco Sala
Mathematics , 2011, DOI: 10.2478/s11533-012-0063-1
Abstract: We provide generalizations of the notions of Atiyah class and Kodaira-Spencer map to the case of framed sheaves. Moreover, we construct closed two-forms on the moduli spaces of framed sheaves on surfaces. As an application, we define a symplectic structure on the moduli spaces of framed sheaves on some birationally ruled surfaces.
Toric symplectic singular spaces I: isolated singularities  [PDF]
D. Burns,V. Guillemin,E. Lerman
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: We generalize a theorem of Delzant classifying compact connected symplectic manifolds with completely integrable torus actions to certain singular symplectic spaces. The assumption on singularities is that if they are not finite quotient then they are isolated.
Symplectic and Poisson structures of certain moduli spaces  [PDF]
Johannes Huebschmann
Physics , 1993,
Abstract: Symplectic and Poisson structures of certain moduli spaces/Huebschmann,J./ Abstract: Let $\pi$ be the fundamental group of a closed surface and $G$ a Lie group with a biinvariant metric, not necessarily positive definite. It is shown that a certain construction due to A. Weinstein relying on techniques from equivariant cohomology may be refined so as to yield (i) a symplectic structure on a certain smooth manifold $\Cal M(\Cal P,G)$ containing the space $\roman{Hom}(\pi,G)$ of homomorphisms and, furthermore, (ii) a hamiltonian $G$-action on $\Cal M(\Cal P,G)$ preserving the symplectic structure, with momentum mapping $\mu \colon \Cal M(\Cal P,G) \to g^*$, in such a way that the reduced space equals the space $\roman{Rep}(\pi,G)$ of representations. Our approach is somewhat more general in that it also applies to twisted moduli spaces; in particular, it yields the {\smc Narasimhan-Seshadri} moduli spaces of semistable holomorphic vector bundles by {\it symplectic reduction in finite dimensions}.This implies that, when the group $G$ is compact, such a twisted moduli space inherits a structure of {\it stratified symplectic space}, and that the strata of these twisted moduli spaces have finite symplectic volume.
Moduli spaces of irregular singular connections  [PDF]
Christopher L. Bremer,Daniel S. Sage
Mathematics , 2010, DOI: 10.1093/imrn/rns103
Abstract: In the geometric version of the Langlands correspondence, irregular singular point connections play the role of Galois representations with wild ramification. In this paper, we develop a geometric theory of fundamental strata to study irregular singular connections on the projective line. Fundamental strata were originally used to classify cuspidal representations of the general linear group over a local field. In the geometric setting, fundamental strata play the role of the leading term of a connection. We introduce the concept of a regular stratum, which allows us to generalize the condition that a connection has regular semisimple leading term to connections with non-integer slope. Finally, we construct a symplectic moduli space of meromorphic connections on the projective line that contain a regular stratum at each singular point.
Birational Geometry of Singular Moduli Spaces of O'Grady Type  [PDF]
Ciaran Meachan,Ziyu Zhang
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: Following Bayer and Macr\`{i}, we study the birational geometry of singular moduli spaces $M$ of sheaves on a K3 surface $X$ which admit symplectic resolutions. More precisely, we use the Bayer-Macr\`{i} map from the space of Bridgeland stability conditions $\mathrm{Stab}(X)$ to the cone of movable divisors on $M$ to relate wall-crossing in $\mathrm{Stab}(X)$ to birational transformations of $M$. We give a complete classification of walls in $\mathrm{Stab}(X)$ and show that every birational model of $M$ obtained by performing a finite sequence of flops from $M$ appears as a moduli space of Bridgeland semistable objects on $X$. An essential ingredient of our proof is an isometry between the orthogonal complement of a Mukai vector inside the algebraic Mukai lattice of $X$ and the N\'{e}ron-Severi lattice of $M$ which generalises results of Yoshioka, as well as Perego and Rapagnetta. Moreover, this allows us to conclude that the symplectic resolution of $M$ is deformation equivalent to the 10-dimensional irreducible holomorphic symplectic manifold found by O'Grady.
Automorphisms of moduli spaces of symplectic bundle  [PDF]
Indranil Biswas,Tomas L. Gomez,Vicente Mu?oz
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: Let X be an irreducible smooth complex projective curve of genus at least 3. Fix a line bundle L on X. Let M_{Sp}(L) be the moduli space of symplectic bundles (E, ExE ---> L) on X, with the symplectic form taking values in L. We show that the automorphism group of M_{Sp}(L) is generated by automorphisms sending E to ExM, where M is a 2-torsion line bundle, and automorphisms induced by automorphisms of X.
Symplectic and Poisson geometry of the moduli spaces of flat connections over quilted surfaces  [PDF]
David Li-Bland,Pavol Severa
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper we study the symplectic and Poisson geometry of moduli spaces of flat connections over quilted surfaces. These are surfaces where the structure group varies from region to region in the surface, and where a reduction (or relation) of structure occurs along the boundaries of the regions. Our main theoretical tool is a new form moment-map reduction in the context of Dirac geometry. This reduction framework allows us to use very general relations of structure groups, and to investigate both the symplectic and Poisson geometry of the resulting moduli spaces from a unified perspective. The moduli spaces we construct in this way include a number of important examples, including Poisson Lie groups and their Homogeneous spaces, moduli spaces for meromorphic connections over Riemann surfaces (following the work of Philip Boalch), and various symplectic groupoids. Realizing these examples as moduli spaces for quilted surfaces provides new insights into their geometry.
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