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Gorenstein Syzygy Modules  [PDF]
Chonghui Huang,Zhaoyong Huang
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: For any ring $R$ and any positive integer $n$, we prove that a left $R$-module is a Gorenstein $n$-syzygy if and only if it is an $n$-syzygy. Over a left and right Noetherian ring, we introduce the notion of the Gorenstein transpose of finitely generated modules. We prove that a module $M\in \mod R^{op}$ is a Gorenstein transpose of a module $A\in \mod R$ if and only if $M$ can be embedded into a transpose of $A$ with the cokernel Gorenstein projective. Some applications of this result are given.
Syzygy Modules and Injective Cogenerators for Noether Rings  [PDF]
Chonghui Huang
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper, we focus on $n$-syzygy modules and the injective cogenerator determined by the minimal injective resolution of a noether ring. We study the properties of $n$-syzygy modules and a category $R_n(\mod R)$ which includes the category consisting of all $n$-syzygy modules and their applications on Auslander-type rings. Then, we investigate the injective cogenerators determined by the minimal injective resolution of $R$. We show that $R$ is Gorenstein with finite self-injective dimension at most $n$ if and only if $\id R\leq n$ and $\fd \bigoplus_{i=0}^n I_i(R)< \infty$. Some known results can be our corollaries.
A Study of Quasi-Gorenstein Rings  [PDF]
Ehsan Tavanfar,Massoud Tousi
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper several quasi-Gorenstein counterparts to some known properties of Gorenstein rings are given. We, furthermore, give an explicit description of the attach prime ideals of certain local cohomology modules.
Rings over which all modules are strongly Gorenstein projective  [PDF]
D. Bennis,N. Mahdou,K. Ouarghi
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: One of the main results of this paper is the characterization of the rings over which all modules are strongly Gorenstein projective. We show that these kinds of rings are very particular cases of the well-known quasi-Frobenius rings. We give examples of rings over which all modules are Gorenstein projective but not necessarily strongly Gorenstein projective.
Gorenstein Projective Modules Over Triangular Matrix Rings  [PDF]
Hossein Eshraghi,Rasool Hafezi,Shokrollah Salarian,Z. W. Li
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: We study totally acyclic complexes of projective modules over triangular matrix rings and then use it to classify Gorenstein projective modules over such rings. We also use this classification to obtain some information concerning Cohen-Macaulay finite and virtually Gorenstein triangular matrix artin algebras.
Relative Invariants, Ideal Classes and Quasi-Canonical Modules of Modular Rings of Invariants  [PDF]
Peter Fleischmann,Chris Woodcock
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: We describe "quasi canonical modules" for modular invariant rings $R$ of finite group actions on factorial Gorenstein domains. From this we derive a general "quasi Gorenstein criterion" in terms of certain 1-cocycles. This generalizes a recent result of A. Braun for linear group actions on polynomial rings, which itself generalizes a classical result of Watanabe for non-modular invariant rings. We use an explicit classification of all reflexive rank one $R$-modules, which is given in terms of the class group of $R$, or in terms of $R$-semi-invariants. This result is implicitly contained in a paper of Nakajima (\cite{Nakajima:rel_inv}).
Rings over which the class of Gorenstein flat modules is closed under extensions  [PDF]
D. Bennis
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: A ring $R$ is called left GF-closed, if the class of all Gorenstein flat left $R$-modules is closed under extensions. The class of left GF-closed rings includes strictly the one of right coherent rings and the one of rings of finite weak dimension. In this paper, we investigate the Gorenstein flat dimension over left GF-closed rings. Namely, we generalize the fact that the class of all Gorenstein flat left modules is projectively resolving over right coherent rings to left GF-closed rings. Also, we generalize the characterization of Gorenstein flat left modules (then of Gorenstein flat dimension of left modules) over right coherent rings to left GF-closed rings. Finally, using direct products of rings, we show how to construct a left GF-closed ring that is neither right coherent nor of finite weak dimension.
Gorenstein injective filtrations over Cohen-Macaulay rings with dualizing modules  [PDF]
Aaron J. Feickert,Sean Sather-Wagstaff
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: Over a noetherian ring, it is a classic result of Matlis that injective modules admit direct sum decompositions into injective hulls of quotients by prime ideals. We show that over a Cohen-Macaulay ring admitting a dualizing module, Gorenstein injective modules admit similar filtrations. We also investigate Tor-modules of Gorenstein injective modules over such rings. This extends work of Enochs and Huang over Gorenstein rings. Furthermore, we give examples showing the following: (1) the class of Gorenstein injective $R$-modules need not be closed under tensor products, even when $R$ is local and artinian; (2) the class of Gorenstein injective $R$-modules need not be closed under torsion products, even when $R$ is a local, complete hypersurface; and (3) the filtrations given in our main theorem do not yield direct sum decompositions, even when $R$ is a local, complete hypersurface.
Characterizations of regular local rings via syzygy modules of the residue field  [PDF]
Dipankar Ghosh,Anjan Gupta,Tony J. Puthenpurakal
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: Let $R$ be a commutative Noetherian local ring with residue field $k$. We show that if a finite direct sum of syzygy modules of $k$ surjects onto `a semidualizing module' or `a non-zero maximal Cohen-Macaulay module of finite injective dimension', then $R$ is regular. We also prove that $R$ is regular if and only if some syzygy module of $k$ has a non-zero direct summand of finite injective dimension.
$F$-stable submodules of top local cohomology modules of Gorenstein rings  [PDF]
Mordechai Katzman
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: This paper applies G. Lyubeznik's notion of $F$-finite modules to describe in a very down-to-earth manner certain annihilator submodules of some top local cohomology modules over Gorenstein rings. As a consequence we obtain an explicit description of the test ideal of Gorenstein rings in terms of ideals in a regular ring.
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