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The geometry of Newton strata in the reduction modulo $p$ of Shimura varieties of PEL type  [PDF]
Paul Hamacher
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper we study the Newton stratification on the reduction of Shimura varieties of PEL type with hyperspecial level structure and the Newton stratification on the deformation space of a Barsotti-Tate group with PEL structure. Our main result is a formula for the dimension of Newton strata and the description their closure in each of the two cases. Furthermore, we calculate the dimension of some Rapoport-Zink spaces as an intermediate result.
Introduction to Shimura varieties with bad reduction of parahoric type  [PDF]
Thomas J. Haines
Mathematics , 2004,
Abstract: This survey article explains the construction of Rapoport-Zink local models and their use in understanding various questions relating to the singularities in the reduction modulo p of certain Shimura varieties with parahoric level structure at p.
Stratifications in the reduction of Shimura varieties  [PDF]
Xuhua He,Michael Rapoport
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: In the paper four stratifications in the reduction modulo $p$ of a general Shimura variety are studied: the Newton stratification, the Kottwitz-Rapoport stratification, the Ekedahl-Oort stratification and the Ekedahl-Kottwitz-Oort-Rapoport stratification. We formulate a system of axioms and show that these imply non-emptiness statements and closure relation statements concerning these various stratifications. These axioms are satisfied in the Siegel case.
On the cohomology of some simple Shimura varieties with bad reduction  [PDF]
Xu Shen
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: We determine the Galois representations inside the $l$-adic cohomology of some quaternionic and related unitary Shimura varieties at ramified places. The main results generalize the previous works of Reimann and Kottwitz in this setting to arbitrary levels at $p$, and confirm the expected description of the cohomology due to Langlands and Kottwitz.
Basic loci in Shimura varieties of Coxeter type  [PDF]
Ulrich Goertz,Xuhua He
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: This paper is a contribution to the general problem of giving an explicit description of the basic locus in the reduction modulo $p$ of Shimura varieties. Motivated by \cite{Vollaard-Wedhorn} and \cite{Rapoport-Terstiege-Wilson}, we classify the cases where the basic locus is (in a natural way) the union of classical Deligne-Lusztig sets associated to Coxeter elements. We show that if this is satisfied, then the Newton strata and Ekedahl-Oort strata have many nice properties.
A toroidal resolution for the bad reduction of some Shimura varieties  [PDF]
A. Genestier
Mathematics , 1999,
Abstract: Borrowing a reduction principle to a recent preprint of G. Faltings (toroidal resolution of some matrix singularities, 1999), we use Lafforgue's compactification of PGL_r^{N+1}/PGL_r to construct a canonical log-smooth toroidal resolution for the bad reduction in a prime p of Shimura varieties of unitary and symplectic type with parahoric level structures at p. Using this result, non-canonical semi-stable resolutions over Z_p[p^{1/\nu}] can be derived.
p-adic Hodge-theoretic properties of étale cohomology with mod p coefficients, and the cohomology of Shimura varieties  [PDF]
Matthew Emerton,Toby Gee
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: We show that the mod p cohomology of a smooth projective variety with semistable reduction over K, a finite extension of Qp, embeds into the reduction modulo p of a semistable Galois representation with Hodge-Tate weights in the expected range (at least after semisimplifying, in the case of the cohomological degree > 1). We prove refinements with descent data, and we apply these results to the cohomology of unitary Shimura varieties, deducing vanishing results and applications to the weight part of Serre's conjecture.
Toroidal compactifications of integral models of Shimura varieties of Hodge type  [PDF]
Keerthi Madapusi Pera
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: We construct projective toroidal compactifications for integral models of Shimura varieties of Hodge type that parameterize isogenies of abelian varieties with additional structure. We also construct integral models of the minimal (Satake-Baily-Borel) compactification. Our results essentially reduce the problem to understanding the integral models themselves. As such, they cover all previously known cases of PEL type, as well as all cases of Hodge type involving parahoric level structures. At primes where the level is hyperspecial, we show that our compactifications are canonical in a precise sense. We also provide a new proof of Y. Morita's conjecture on the everywhere good reduction of abelian varieties whose Mumford-Tate group is anisotropic modulo center. Along the way, we demonstrate an interesting rationality property of Hodge cycles on abelian varieties with respect to p-adic analytic uniformizations.
Kottwitz-Rapoport and p-rank strata in the reduction of Shimura varieties of PEL type  [PDF]
Philipp Hartwig
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: We study the reduction of certain integral models of Shimura varieties of PEL type with Iwahori level structure. On these spaces we have the Kottwitz-Rapoport and the $p$-rank stratification. We show that the $p$-rank is constant on a KR stratum, generalizing a result of Ng\^o and Genestier. We prove an abstract, uniform formula for the $p$-rank on a KR stratum. In the symplectic and in the unitary case we derive explicit formulas for its value. We apply these formulas to the question of the density of the ordinary locus and to the question of the dimension of the $p$-rank 0 locus.
The basic stratum of some simple Shimura varieties  [PDF]
Arno Kret
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: Under simplifying hypotheses we prove a relation between the l-adic cohomology of the basic stratum of a Shimura variety of PEL-type modulo a prime of good reduction of the reflex field and the cohomology of the complex Shimura variety. In particular we obtain explicit formulas for the number of points in the basic stratum over finite fields. We obtain our results using the trace formula and truncation of the formula of Kottwitz for the number of points on a Shimura variety over a finite fields.
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