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Codimension one threshold manifold for the critical gKdV equation  [PDF]
Yvan Martel,Frank Merle,Kenji Nakanishi,Pierre Raphael
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We construct the 'threshold manifold' near the soliton for the mass critical gKdV equation, completing results obtained in arXiv:1204.4625 and arXiv:1204.4624. In a neighborhood of the soliton, this C1 manifold of codimension one separates solutions blowing up in finite time and solutions in the 'exit regime'. On the manifold, solutions are global in time and converge locally to a soliton. In particular, the soliton behavior is strongly unstable by blowup.
Detecting codimension one manifold factors with topographical techniques  [PDF]
Denise M. Halverson,Du?an Repov?
Mathematics , 2009, DOI: 10.1016/j.topol.2009.08.023
Abstract: We prove recognition theorems for codimension one manifold factors of dimension $n \geq 4$. In particular, we formalize topographical methods and introduce three ribbons properties: the crinkled ribbons property, the twisted crinkled ribbons property, and the fuzzy ribbons property. We show that $X \times \mathbb{R}$ is a manifold in the cases when $X$ is a resolvable generalized manifold of finite dimension $n \geq 3$ with either: (1) the crinkled ribbons property; (2) the twisted crinkled ribbons property and the disjoint point disk property; or (3) the fuzzy ribbons property.
The codimension one homology of a complete manifold with nonnegative Ricci curvature  [PDF]
Zhongmin Shen,Christina Sormani
Mathematics , 1999,
Abstract: In this paper we prove that a complete noncompact manifold with nonnegative Ricci curvature has a trivial codimension one homology unless it is a split or flat normal bundle over a compact totally geodesic submanifold. In particular, we prove the conjecture that a complete noncompact manifold with positive Ricci curvature has a trivial codimension one integer homology. We also have a corollary stating when the codimension two integer homology of such a manifold is torsion free.
Formal Frobenius manifold structure on equivariant cohomology  [PDF]
Huai-Dong Cao,Jian Zhou
Mathematics , 1999,
Abstract: For a closed K\"{a}hler manifold with a Hamiltonian action of a connected compact Lie group by holomorphic isometries, we construct a formal Frobenius manifold structure on the equivariant cohomology by exploiting a natural DGBV algebra structure on the Cartan model.
Stable soliton resolution for exterior wave maps in all equivariance classes  [PDF]
Carlos Kenig,Andrew Lawrie,Baoping Liu,Wilhelm Schlag
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: In this paper we consider finite energy, \ell-equivariant wave maps from 1+3-dimensional Minkowski space exterior to the unit ball at the origin into the 3-sphere. We impose a Dirichlet boundary condition at r=1, which in this context means that the boundary of the unit ball in the domain gets mapped to the north pole. Each such \ell-equivariant wave map has a fixed integer-valued topological degree, and in each degree class there is a unique harmonic map, which minimizes the energy for maps of the same degree. We prove that an arbitrary \ell-equivariant exterior wave map with finite energy scatters to the unique harmonic map in its degree class, i.e., soliton resolution. This extends the recent results of the first, second, and fourth authors on the 1-equivariant equation to higher equivariance classes, and thus completely resolves a conjecture of Bizon, Chmaj and Maliborski, who observed this asymptotic behavior numerically. The proof relies crucially on exterior energy estimates for the free radial wave equation in dimension d = 2 \ell +3, which are established in a companion paper.
Equivariant stable stems for prime order groups  [PDF]
Markus Szymik
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: For groups of prime order, equivariant stable maps between equivariant representation spheres are investigated using the Borel cohomology Adams spectral sequence. Features of the equivariant stable homotopy category, such as stability and duality, are shown to lift to the category of modules over the associated Steenrod algebra. The dependence on the dimension functions of the representations is clarified.
A Critical Centre-Stable Manifold for Schroedinger's Equation in R^3  [PDF]
Marius Beceanu
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: Consider the focusing cubic semilinear Schroedinger equation in R^3 i \partial_t \psi + \Delta \psi + | \psi |^2 \psi = 0. It admits an eight-dimensional manifold of special solutions called ground state solitons. We exhibit a codimension-one critical real-analytic manifold N of asymptotically stable solutions in a neighborhood of the soliton manifold. We then show that N is centre-stable, in the dynamical systems sense of Bates-Jones, and globally-in-time invariant. Solutions in N are asymptotically stable and separate into two asymptotically free parts that decouple in the limit --- a soliton and radiation. Conversely, in a general setting, any solution that stays close to the soliton manifold for all time is in N. The proof uses the method of modulation. New elements include a different linearization and an endpoint Strichartz estimate for the time-dependent linearized equation. The proof also uses the fact that the linearized Hamiltonian has no nonzero real eigenvalues or resonances. This has recently been established in the case treated here --- of the focusing cubic NLS in R^3 --- by the work of Marzuola-Simpson and Costin-Huang-Schlag.
On the global stable manifold  [PDF]
Alberto Abbondandolo,Pietro Majer
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: We give an alternative proof of the stable manifold theorem as an application of the (right and left) inverse mapping theorem on a space of sequences. We investigate the diffeomorphism class of the global stable manifold, a problem which in the general Banach setting gives rise to subtle questions about the possibility of extending germs of diffeomorphisms.
Differentiability of the stable norm in codimension one  [PDF]
Franz Auer,Victor Bangert
Mathematics , 2004,
Abstract: The real homology of a compact, n-dimensional Riemannian manifold M is naturally endowed with the stable norm. The stable norm of a homology class is the minimal Riemannian volume of its representatives. If M is orientable the stable norm on H_{n-1}(M,R) is a homogenized version of the Riemannian (n-1)-volume. We study the differentiability properties of the stable norm at points alpha in H_{n-1}(M,R). They depend on the position of alpha with respect to the integer lattice H_{n-1}(M,Z) in H_{n-1}(M,R). In particular, we show that the stable norm is differentiable at alpha if alpha is totally irrational.
Soliton resolution for equivariant wave maps to the sphere  [PDF]
Rapha?l C?te
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We consider finite energy corotationnal wave maps with target manifold $\m S^2$. We prove that for a sequence of times, they decompose as a sum of decoupled harmonic maps in the light cone, and a smooth wave map (in the blow case) or a linear scattering term (in the global case), up to an error which tends to 0 in the energy space.
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