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On the Yamabe Problem on contact Riemannian Manifolds  [PDF]
Feifan Wu,Wei Wang
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: Contact Riemannian manifolds, whose complex structures are not necessarily integrable, are generalization of pseudohermitian manifolds in CR geometry. The Tanaka-Webster-Tanno connection plays the role of the Tanaka-Webster connection of a pseudohermitian manifold. Conformal transformations and the Yamabe problem are also defined naturally in this setting. By constructing the special frames and the normal coordinates on a contact Riemannian manifold, we prove that if the complex structure is not integrable, its Yamabe invariant on a contact Riemannian manifold is always less than the Yamabe invariant of the Heisenberg group. So the Yamabe problem on a contact Riemannian manifold is always solvable.
$α$-curvatures and $α$-flows on low dimensional triangulated manifolds  [PDF]
Huabin Ge,Xu Xu
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper, we introduce two discrete curvature flows, which are called $\alpha$-flows on two and three dimensional triangulated manifolds. For triangulated surface $M$, we introduce a new normalization of combinatorial Ricci flow (first introduced by Bennett Chow and Feng Luo \cite{CL1}), aiming at evolving $\alpha$ order discrete Gauss curvature to a constant. When $\alpha\chi(M)\leq0$, we prove that the convergence of the flow is equivalent to the existence of constant $\alpha$-curvature metric. We further get a necessary and sufficient combinatorial-topological-metric condition, which is a generalization of Thurston's combinatorial-topological condition, for the existence of constant $\alpha$-curvature metric. For triangulated 3-manifolds, we generalize the combinatorial Yamabe functional and combinatorial Yamabe problem introduced by the authors in \cite{GX2,GX4} to $\alpha$-order. We also study the $\alpha$-order flow carefully, aiming at evolving $\alpha$ order combinatorial scalar curvature, which is a generalization of Cooper and Rivin's combinatorial scalar curvature, to a constant.
Combinatorial Yamabe Flow on Surfaces  [PDF]
Feng Luo
Mathematics , 2003,
Abstract: In this paper we develop an approach to conformal geometry of piecewise flat metrics on manifolds. In particular, we formulate the combinatorial Yamabe problem for piecewise flat metrics. In the case of surfaces, we define the combinatorial Yamabe flow on the space of all piecewise flat metrics associated to a triangulated surface. We show that the flow either develops removable singularities or converges exponentially fast to a constant combinatorial curvature metric. If the singularity develops, we show that the singularity is always removable by a surgery procedure on the triangulation. We conjecture that after finitely many such surgery changes on the triangulation, the flow converges to the constant combinatorial curvature metric as time approaches infinity.
On bifurcation of solutions of the Yamabe problem in product manifolds  [PDF]
L. L. de Lima,P. Piccione,M. Zedda
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: We study local rigidity and multiplicity of constant scalar curvature metrics in arbitrary products of compact manifolds. Using (equivariant) bifurcation theory we determine the existence of infinitely many metrics that are accumulation points of pairwise non homothetic solutions of the Yamabe problem. Using local rigidity and some compactness results for solutions of the Yamabe problem, we also exhibit new examples of conformal classes (with positive Yamabe constant) for which uniqueness holds.
On Bifurcation of Solutions of the Yamabe Problem in Product Manifolds with Minimal Boundary  [PDF]
Elkin Dario Cárdenas Diaz,Ana Cláudia da Silva Moreira
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper, we study multiplicity of solutions of the Yamabe problem on product manifolds with minimal boundary via bifurcation theory.
A Yamabe-type problem on manifolds with boundary
Fernando Coda Marques
Matemáticas : Ense?anza Universitaria , 2007,
Abstract: In this article we give a brief survey on a Yamabe-type problem on manifolds with boundary. Given a compact manifold (Mn, g), with nonempty boundary, the problem consists in finding a conformal metric of zero scalar curvature and constant mean curvature on the boundary
Estimates and Existence Results for a Fully Nonlinear Yamabe Problem on Manifolds with Boundary  [PDF]
Qinian Jin,Aobing Li,YanYan Li
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: This paper concerns a fully nonlinear version of the Yamabe problem on manifolds with boundary. We establish some existence results and estimates of solutions.
The k-Yamabe problem on CR manifolds  [PDF]
Ezequiel Barbosa,Luiz Gustavo Carneiro,Marcos Montenegro
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: We introduce the notion of pseudohermitian k-curvature, which is a natural extension of the Webster scalar curvature, on an orientable manifold endowed with a strictly pseudoconvex pseudohermitian structure (referred here as a CR manifold) and raise the k-Yamabe problem on a compact CR manifold. When k=1, the problem was proposed and partially solved by Jerison and Lee for CR manifolds non-locally CR-equivalent to the CR sphere. For k > 1, the problem can be translated in terms of the study of a fully nonlinear equation of type complex k-Hessian. We provide some partial answers related to the CR k-Yamabe problem. We establish that its solutions with null Cotton tensor are critical points of a suitable geometric functional constrained to pseudohermitian structures of unit volume. Thanks to this variational property, we establish a Obata type result for the problem and also compute the infimum of the functional on the CR sphere. Furthermore, we show that this value is an upper bound for the corresponding one on any compact CR manifolds and, assuming the CR Yamabe invariant is positive, we prove that such an upper bound is only attained for compact CR manifolds locally CR-equivalent to the CR sphere. In the Riemannian field, recent advances have been produced in a series of outstanding works.
A combinatorial Yamabe flow in three dimensions  [PDF]
David Glickenstein
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: A combinatorial version of Yamabe flow is presented based on Euclidean triangulations coming from sphere packings. The evolution of curvature is then derived and shown to satisfy a heat equation. The Laplacian in the heat equation is shown to be a geometric analogue of the Laplacian of Riemannian geometry, although the maximum principle need not hold. It is then shown that if the flow is nonsingular, the flow converges to a constant curvature metric.
Minimality in CR geometry and the CR Yamabe problem on CR manifolds with boundary  [PDF]
Sorin Dragomir
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: We study the minimality of an isometric immersion of a Riemannian manifold into a strictly pseudoconvex CR manifold endowed with the Webster metric hence formulate a version of the CR Yamabe problem for CR manifolds-with-boundary. This is shown to be a nonlinear subelliptic problem of variational origin.
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