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Existence of Gorenstein projective resolutions  [PDF]
Peter Jorgensen
Mathematics , 2004,
Abstract: Gorenstein rings are important to mathematical areas as diverse as algebraic geometry, where they encode information about singularities of spaces, and homotopy theory, through the concept of model categories. In consequence, the study of Gorenstein rings has led to the advent of a whole branch of homological algebra, known as Gorenstein homological algebra. This paper solves one of the open problems of Gorenstein homological algebra by showing that so-called Gorenstein projective resolutions exist over quite general rings, thereby enabling the definition of a Gorenstein version of derived functors. An application is given to the theory of Tate cohomology.
Resolutions in factorization categories  [PDF]
Matthew Ballard,Dragos Deliu,David Favero,M. Umut Isik,Ludmil Katzarkov
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: Generalizing Eisenbud's matrix factorizations, we define factorization categories. Following work of Positselski, we define their associated derived categories. We construct specific resolutions of factorizations built from a choice of resolutions of their components. We use these resolutions to lift fully-faithfulness statements from derived categories of Abelian categories to derived categories of factorizations and to construct a spectral sequence computing the morphism spaces in the derived categories of factorizations from Ext-groups of their components in the underlying Abelian category.
Stability of Gorenstein Categories  [PDF]
Sean Sather-Wagstaff,Tirdad Sharif,Diana White
Mathematics , 2007, DOI: 10.1112/jlms/jdm124
Abstract: We show that an iteration of the procedure used to define the Gorenstein projective modules over a commutative ring $R$ yields exactly the Gorenstein projective modules. Specifically, given an exact sequence of Gorenstein projective $R$-modules $G=...\xra{\partial^G_2}G_1\xra{\partial^G_1}G_0\xra{\partial^G_0} ...$ such that the complexes $\Hom_R(G,H)$ and $\Hom_R(H,G)$ are exact for each Gorenstein projective $R$-module $H$, the module $\coker(\partial^G_1)$ is Gorenstein projective. The proof of this result hinges upon our analysis of Gorenstein subcategories of abelian categories.
Stability of Gorenstein objects in triangulated categories  [PDF]
Zhanping Wang,Chunli Liang
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: Let $\mathcal{C}$ be a triangulated category with a proper class $\xi$ of triangles. Asadollahi and Salarian introduced and studied $\xi$-Gorenstein projective and $\xi$-Gorenstein injective objects, and developed Gorenstein homological algebra in $\mathcal{C}$. In this paper, we further study Gorenstein homological properties for a triangulated category. First, we discuss the stability of $\xi$-Gorenstein projective objects, and show that the subcategory $\mathcal{GP}(\xi)$ of all $\xi$-Gorenstein projective objects has a strong stability. That is, an iteration of the procedure used to define the $\xi$-Gorenstein projective objects yields exactly the $\xi$-Gorenstein projective objects. Second, we give some equivalent characterizations for $\xi$-Gorenstein projective dimension of object in $\mathcal{C}$.
Gorenstein cohomology in abelian categories  [PDF]
Sean Sather-Wagstaff,Tirdad Sharif,Diana White
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: We investigate relative cohomology functors on subcategories of abelian categories via Auslander-Buchweitz approximations and the resulting strict resolutions. We verify that certain comparison maps between these functors are isomorphisms and introduce a notion of perfection for this context. Our main theorem is a balance result for relative cohomology that simultaneously recovers theorems of Holm and the current authors as special cases.
Exercises on derived categories, resolutions, and Brown representability  [PDF]
Henning Krause
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: These exercises complement my notes "Derived categories, resolutions, and Brown representability".
Endofunctors of singularity categories characterizing Gorenstein rings  [PDF]
Takuma Aihara,Ryo Takahashi
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: In this paper, we prove that certain contravariant endofunctors of singularity categories characterize Gorenstein rings.
Gorenstein modules and Auslander categories  [PDF]
Dejun Wu
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper, some new characterizations on Gorenstein projective, injective and flat modules over commutative noetherian local ring are given. For instance, it is shown that an $R$-module $M$ is Gorenstein projective if and only if the Matlis dual $\text{Hom}_R(M,E(k))$ belongs to Auslander category $\mathcal{B}(\widehat{R})$ and $\text{Ext}^{i>0}_R(M,P)=0$ for all projective $R$-modules $P$.
Artinian Gorenstein algebras with linear resolutions  [PDF]
Sabine El Khoury,Andrew R. Kustin
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: Fix a pair of positive integers d and n. We create a ring R and a complex G of R-modules with the following universal property. Let P be a polynomial ring in d variables over a field and let I be a grade d Gorenstein ideal in P which is generated by homogeneous forms of degree n. If the resolution of P/I by free P-modules is linear, then there exists a ring homomorphism from R to P such that P tensor G is a minimal homogeneous resolution of P/I by free P-modules. Our construction is coordinate free.
Free resolutions over short Gorenstein local rings  [PDF]
Inês B. Henriques,Liana M. ?ega
Mathematics , 2009, DOI: 10.1112/jlms/jdn027
Abstract: Let R be a local ring with maximal ideal m admitting a non-zero element a\in\fm for which the ideal (0:a) is isomorphic to R/aR. We study minimal free resolutions of finitely generated R-modules M, with particular attention to the case when m^4=0. Let e denote the minimal number of generators of m. If R is Gorenstein with m^4=0 and e\ge 3, we show that \Poi MRt is rational with denominator \HH R{-t} =1-et+et^2-t^3, for each finitely generated R-module M. In particular, this conclusion applies to generic Gorenstein algebras of socle degree 3.
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