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A Random Walk with Collapsing Bonds and Its Scaling Limit  [PDF]
Majid Hosseini,Krishnamurthi Ravishankar
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: We introduce a new self-interacting random walk on the integers in a dynamic random environment and show that it converges to a pure diffusion in the scaling limit. We also find a lower bound on the diffusion coefficient in some special cases. With minor changes the same argument can be used to prove the scaling limit of the corresponding walk in Z^d.
Scaling limit for the random walk on the largest connected component of the critical random graph  [PDF]
David A. Croydon
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: A scaling limit for the simple random walk on the largest connected component of the Erdos-Renyi random graph in the critical window is deduced. The limiting diffusion is constructed using resistance form techniques, and is shown to satisfy the same quenched short-time heat kernel asymptotics as the Brownian motion on the continuum random tree.
Scaling limit of loop erased random walk - a naive approach  [PDF]
Gady Kozma
Mathematics , 2002,
Abstract: We give an alternative proof of the existence of the scaling limit of loop erased random walk which does not use Lowner's differential equation.
Scaling limit of the local time of the $(1,L)-$random walk  [PDF]
Wenming Hong,Hui Yang
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: It is well known (Donsker's Invariance Principle) that the random walk converges to Brownian motion by scaling. In this paper, we will prove that the scaled local time of the $(1,L)-$random walk converges to that of the Brownian motion. The results was proved by Rogers (1984) in the case $L=1$. Our proof is based on the intrinsic multiple branching structure within the $(1,L)-$random walk revealed by Hong and Wang (2013).
Scaling limit of the loop-erased random walk Green's function  [PDF]
Christian Benes,Gregory F. Lawler,Fredrik Johansson Viklund
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: We consider loop-erased random walk (LERW) running between two boundary points of a square grid approximation of a planar simply connected domain. The LERW Green's function is the probability that the LERW passes through a given edge in the domain. We prove that this probability, multiplied by the inverse mesh size to the power 3/4, converges in the lattice size scaling limit to (a constant times) an explicit conformally covariant quantity which coincides with the SLE(2) Green's function. The proof does not use SLE techniques and is based on a combinatorial identity which reduces the problem to obtaining sharp asymptotics for two quantities: the loop measure of random walk loops of odd winding number about a branch point near the marked edge and a "spinor" observable for random walk started from one of the vertices of the marked edge.
On the scaling limit of simple random walk excursion measure in the plane  [PDF]
Michael J. Kozdron
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: The Brownian excursion measure is a conformally invariant infinite measure on curves. It figured prominently in one of the first major applications of SLE, namely the explicit calculations of the planar Brownian intersection exponents from which the Hausdorff dimension of the frontier of the Brownian path could be computed (Lawler, Schramm, and Werner, 2001). In this paper we define the simple random walk excursion measure and show that for any bounded, simply connected Jordan domain D, the simple random walk excursion measure on D converges in the scaling limit to the Brownian excursion measure on D.
Scaling limit of the local time of the Sinai's random walk  [PDF]
Wenming Hong,Hui Yang,Ke Zhou
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: We prove that the local times of a sequence of Sinai's random walks convergence to those of Brox's diffusion by proper scaling, which is accord with the result of Seignourel (2000). Our proof is based on the convergence of the branching processes in random environment by Kurtz (1979).
Scaling limit of the path leading to the leftmost particle in a branching random walk  [PDF]
Xinxin Chen
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We consider a discrete-time branching random walk defined on the real line, which is assumed to be supercritical and in the boundary case. It is known that its leftmost position of the $n$-th generation behaves asymptotically like $\frac{3}{2}\ln n$, provided the non-extinction of the system. The main goal of this paper, is to prove that the path from the root to the leftmost particle, after a suitable normalizatoin, converges weakly to a Brownian excursion in $D([0,1],\r)$.
The scaling limit of loop-erased random walk in three dimensions  [PDF]
Gady Kozma
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: We show that the scaling limit exists and is invariant to dilations and rotations. We give some tools that might be useful to show universality.
Scaling limit theorems for the $κ$-transient random walk in random and non-random environment  [PDF]
Wenming Hong,Hui Yang
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: Kesten et al.( 1975) proved the stable law for the transient RWRE (here we refer it as the $\kappa$-transient RWRE). After that, some similar interesting properties have also been revealed for its continuous counterpart, the diffusion proces in a Brownian environment with drift $\kappa$. In the present paper we will investigate the connections between these two kind of models, i.e., we will construct a sequence of the $\kappa$-transient RWREs and prove it convergence to the diffusion proces in a Brownian environment with drift $\kappa$ by proper scaling. To this end, we need a counterpart convergence for the $\kappa$-transient random walk in non-random environment, which is interesting itself.
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