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Cup Products in Hopf-Cyclic Cohomology  [PDF]
Masoud Khalkhali,Bahram Rangipour
Mathematics , 2004,
Abstract: We construct cup products of two different kinds for Hopf-cyclic cohomology. When the Hopf algebra reduces to the ground field our first cup product reduces to Connes' cup product in ordinary cyclic cohomology. The second cup product generalizes Connes-Moscovici's characteristic map for actions of Hopf algebras on algebras.
Injective Hopf bimodules, cohomologies of infinite dimensional Hopf algebras and graded-commutativity of the Yoneda product  [PDF]
Rachel Taillefer
Mathematics , 2002,
Abstract: We prove that the category of Hopf bimodules over any Hopf algebra has enough injectives, which enables us to extend some results on the unification of Hopf bimodule cohomologies of [T1,T2] to the infinite dimensional case. We also prove that the cup-product defined on these cohomologies is graded-commutative.
Cup Coproducts in Hopf Cyclic Cohomology  [PDF]
Mohammad Hassanzadeh,Masoud Khalkhali
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: We define cup coproducts for Hopf cyclic cohomology of Hopf algebras and for its dual theory. We show that for universal enveloping algebras and group algebras our coproduct recovers the standard coproducts on Lie algebra homology and group homology, respectively.
Cup products in Hopf cyclic cohomology with coefficients in contramodules  [PDF]
Bahram Rangipour
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: We use stable anti Yetter-Drinfeld contramodules to improve the cup products in Hopf cyclic cohomology. The improvement fixes the lack of functoriality of the cup products previously defined and show that the cup products are sensitive to the coefficients.
Cup products in Hopf cyclic cohomology via cyclic modules I  [PDF]
Bahram Rangipour
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: This is the first one in a series of two papers on the continuation of our study in cup products in Hopf cyclic cohomology. In this note we construct cyclic cocycles of algebras out of Hopf cyclic cocycles of algebras and coalgebras. In the next paper we consider producing Hopf cyclic cocycle from "equivariant" Hopf cyclic cocycles. Our approach in both situations is based on (co)cyclic modules and bi(co)cyclic modules together with Eilenberg-Zilber theorem which is different from the old definition of cup products defined via traces and cotraces on DG algebras and coalgebras.
Hopf bimodules are modules over a diagonal crossed product algebra  [PDF]
Florin Panaite
Mathematics , 2001,
Abstract: If H is a finite dimensional Hopf algebra, C. Cibils and M. Rosso found an algebra X having the property that Hopf bimodules over H^* coincide with left X-modules. We find two other algebras, Y and Z, having the same property; namely, Y is the "two-sided crossed product" H^*#(H\otimes H^{op})# H^{* op} and Z is the "diagonal crossed product" (H^*\otimes H^{*op})\bowtie (H\otimes H^{op}) (both concepts are due to F. Hausser and F. Nill). We also find explicit isomorphisms between the algebras X, Y, Z.
A Cup Product in the Galois Cohomology of Number Fields  [PDF]
William G. McCallum,Romyar T. Sharifi
Mathematics , 2002,
Abstract: Let K be a number field containing the group of n-th roots of unity and S a set of primes of K including all those dividing n and all real archimedean places. We consider the cup product on the first Galois cohomology group of the maximal S-ramified extension of K with coefficients in n-th roots of unity, which yields a pairing on a subgroup of the multiplicative group of K containing the S-units. In this general situation, we determine a formula for the cup product of two elements which pair trivially at all local places. Our primary focus is the case that K is the cyclotomic field of p-th roots of unity for n = p an odd prime and S consists of the unique prime above p in K. We describe a formula for this cup product in the case that one element is a p-th root of unity. We explain a conjectural calculation of the restriction of the cup product to p-units for all p < 10,000 and conjecture its surjectivity for all p satisfying Vandiver's conjecture. We prove this for the smallest irregular prime p = 37, via a computation related to the Galois module structure of p-units in the unramified extension of K of degree p. We describe a number of applications: to a product map in K-theory, to the structure of S-class groups in Kummer extensions of K, to relations in the Galois group of the maximal pro-p extension of K unramified outside p, to relations in the graded Z_p-Lie algebra associated to the representation of the absolute Galois group of Q in the outer automorphism group of the pro-p fundamental group of P^1 minus three points, and to Greenberg's pseudo-nullity conjecture.
On the cohomology of a smash product of Hopf algebras  [PDF]
Mitja Mastnak
Mathematics , 2002,
Abstract: A five term sequence for the low degree cohomology of a smash product of (cocommutative) Hopf algebras is obtained, generalizing that of Tahara for a semi-direct product of groups.
The Belkale-Kumar cup product and relative Lie algebra cohomology  [PDF]
Sam Evens,William Graham,with an appendix jointly written with Edward Richmond
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: We study the Belkale-Kumar family of cup products on the cohomology of a generalized flag variety. We give an alternative construction of the family using relative Lie algebra cohomology, and in particular, identify the Belkale-Kumar cup product with a relative Lie algebra cohomology ring for every value of the parameter. As a consequence, we extend a fundamental disjointness result of Kostant to a family of Lie algebras. In an appendix, written jointly with Edward Richmond, we extend a Levi movability result of Belkale and Kumar to arbitrary parameters.
The Cup Product on Hochschild Cohomology for Localizations of Filtered Koszul Algebras  [PDF]
Cris Negron
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: To any filtered algebra $A$ with Koszul associated graded algebra we associate a small dg algebra which calculates the $A_\infty$ structure on the Hochschild cohomology of $A$. In particular, it calculates the cup product on Hochschild cohomology. This dg algebra is, as an algebra, simply the tensor product of $A$ and the Koszul dual of its associated graded algebra. We then show that the Hochschild cohomology algebra of any Ore localization of $A$ can be calculated by a localization of the dg algebra associated to $A$. As an application we directly calculate the Hochschild cohomology algebra of the universal enveloping algebra of the Heisenberg Lie algebra.
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