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Intersections of automorphism fixed subgroups in the free group of rank three  [PDF]
A. Martino
Mathematics , 2004, DOI: 10.2140/agt.2004.4.177
Abstract: We show that in the free group of rank 3, given an arbitrary number of automorphisms, the intersection of their fixed subgroups is equal to the fixed subgroup of some other single automorphism.
Fixed points for actions of Aut(Fn) on CAT(0) spaces  [PDF]
Olga Varghese
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: For n greater or equal 4 we discuss questions concerning global fixed points for isometric actions of Aut(Fn), the automorphism group of a free group of rank n, on complete CAT(0) spaces. We prove that whenever Aut(Fn) acts by isometries on complete d-dimensional CAT(0) space with d is less than 2 times the integer function of n over 4 and minus 1, then it must fix a point. This property has implications for irreducible representations of Aut(Fn), which are also presented here. For SAut(Fn), the unique subgroup of index two in Aut(Fn), we obtain similar results.
The automorphism group of a free-by-cyclic groups in rank 2  [PDF]
O. Bogopolski,A. Martino,E. Ventura
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: Let $\phi$ be an automorphism of a free group $F_n$ of rank $n$, and let $M_{\phi}=F_n \rtimes_{\phi} \mathbb{Z}$ be the corresponding mapping torus of $\phi$. We study the group $Out(M_{\phi})$ under certain technical conditions on $\phi$. Moreover, in the case of rank 2, we classify the cases when this group is finite or virtually cyclic, depending on the conjugacy class of the image of $\phi$ in $GL_2(\mathbb{Z})$.
First cohomology groups of the automorphism group of a free group with coefficients in the abelianization of the IA-automorphism group  [PDF]
Takao Satoh
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: We compute a twisted first cohomology group of the automorphism group of a free group with coefficients in the abelianization $V$ of the IA-automorphism group of a free group. In particular, we show that it is generated by two crossed homomorphisms constructed with the Magnus representation and the Magnus expansion due to Morita and Kawazumi respectively. As a corollary, we see that the first Johnson homomorphism does not extend to the automorphism group of a free group as a crossed homomorphism for the rank of the free group is greater than 4.
Rank rigidity for CAT(0) cube complexes  [PDF]
Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace,Michah Sageev
Mathematics , 2010, DOI: 10.1007/s00039-011-0126-7
Abstract: We prove that any group acting essentially without a fixed point at infinity on an irreducible finite-dimensional CAT(0) cube complex contains a rank one isometry. This implies that the Rank Rigidity Conjecture holds for CAT(0) cube complexes. We derive a number of other consequences for CAT(0) cube complexes, including a purely geometric proof of the Tits Alternative, an existence result for regular elements in (possibly non-uniform) lattices acting on cube complexes, and a characterization of products of trees in terms of bounded cohomology.
Curves of given $p$-rank with trivial automorphism group  [PDF]
Jeff Achter,Darren Glass,Rachel Pries
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: Let $k$ be an algebraically closed field of characteristic $p >0$. Suppose $g \geq 3$ and $0 \leq f \leq g$. We prove there is a smooth projective $k$-curve of genus $g$ and $p$-rank $f$ with no non-trivial automorphisms. In addition, we prove there is a smooth projective hyperelliptic $k$-curve of genus $g$ and $p$-rank $f$ whose only non-trivial automorphism is the hyperelliptic involution. The proof involves computations about the dimension of the moduli space of (hyperelliptic) $k$-curves of genus $g$ and $p$-rank $f$ with extra automorphisms.
Free two-step nilpotent groups whose automorphism group is complete  [PDF]
Vladimir Tolstykh
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: Dyer and Formanek (1976) proved that if N is a free nilpotent group of class two and of finite rank which is not equal to 1, or to 3, then the automorphism group Aut(N) of N is complete. The main result of the present paper states that the automorphism group of any infinitely generated free nilpotent group of class two is also complete.
An Automorphism of A Free Metabelian Group Without Fixed Points  [PDF]
Martin Kassabov
Mathematics , 2003,
Abstract: We construct an example of an IA-automorphism of the free metabelian group of rank $n\geq 3$ without nontrivial fixed points. That gives a negative answer to the question raised by Shpilrain. By a result of Bachmuth \cite{Ba1}, such an automorphism does not exist if the rank is equal to 2.
On regular CAT(0) cube complexes  [PDF]
Nir Lazarovich
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: We provide a necessary and sufficient condition on a finite flag simplicial complex, L, for which there exists a unique CAT(0) cube complex whose vertex links are all isomorphic to L. We then find new examples of such CAT(0) cube complexes and prove that their automorphism groups are virtually simple. The latter uses a result, which we prove in the appendix, about the simplicity of certain subgroups of the automorphism group of a rank-one CAT(0) cube complex. This result generalizes previous results by Tits and by Haglund and Paulin.
CAT(0) geometry for the Thompson Group  [PDF]
Dan-Titus Salajan
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: We investigate Farley's CAT(0) cubical model for Thompson's group F (we adopt the classical language of F, using binary trees and piecewise linear maps). Main results include: in general, Thompson's group elements are parabolic; we find simple, exact formulas for the CAT(0) translation lengths, in particular the elements of F are ballistic and uniformly bounded away from zero; there exist flats of any dimension and we construct explicitly many of them; we reveal large regions in the Tits Boundary, for example the positive part of a non-separable Hilbert sphere, but also more complicated objects. En route, we solve several open problems proposed in Farley's papers.
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