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(Quasi-)Poisson enveloping algebras  [PDF]
Yan-Hong Yang,Yuan Yao,Yu Ye
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: We introduce the quasi-Poisson enveloping algebra and Poisson enveloping algebra for a non-commutative Poisson algebra. We prove that for a non-commutative Poisson algebra, the category of quasi-Poisson modules is equivalent to the category of left modules over its quasi-Poisson enveloping algebra, and the category of Poisson modules is equivalent to the category of left modules over its Poisson enveloping algebra.
On quasi-Poisson Cohomology  [PDF]
Yan-Hong Bao,Yu Ye
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: Let $A$ be a Poisson algebra and $\Q(A)$ its quasi-Poisson enveloping algebra. In this paper, the Yoneda-Ext algebra $\Ext^*_{\Q(A)}(A, A)$, which we call the quasi-Poisson cohomology algebra of $A$, is investigated. We construct a projective resolution of $A$ as $\Q(A)$-modules, which enables to compute the quasi-Poisson cohomologies in a standard way. To simplify calculation, we also introduce the quasi-Poisson complex and apply to obtain quasi-Poisson cohomologies in some special cases.
Goldman Algebra, Opers and the Swapping Algebra  [PDF]
Fran?ois Labourie
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: We define a Poisson Algebra called the {\em swapping algebra} using the intersection of curves in the disk. We interpret a subalgebra of the fraction algebra of the swapping algebra -- called the {\em algebra of multifractions} -- as an algebra of functions on the space of cross ratios and thus as an algebra of functions on the Hitchin component as well as on the space of $\mathsf{SL}_n(\mathbb R)$-opers with trivial holonomy. We relate this Poisson algebra to the Atiyah--Bott--Goldman symplectic structure and to the Drinfel'd--Sokolov reduction. We also prove an extension of Wolpert formula.
On quasi-Poisson homogeneous spaces of quasi-Poisson Lie groups  [PDF]
Eugene Karolinsky,Kolya Muzykin
Mathematics , 2003,
Abstract: We provide a quasi-Poisson version of the Drinfeld's correspondence between Poisson homogeneous spaces and Lagrangian subalgebras.
Quasi-Poisson Manifolds  [PDF]
Anton Alekseev,Yvette Kosmann-Schwarzbach,Eckhard Meinrenken
Mathematics , 2000,
Abstract: A quasi-Poisson manifold is a G-manifold equipped with an invariant bivector field whose Schouten bracket is the trivector field generated by the invariant element in $\wedge^3 \g$ associated to an invariant inner product. We introduce the concept of the fusion for such manifolds, and we relate quasi-Poisson manifolds to the previously introduced quasi-Hamiltonian manifolds with group-valued moment maps.
Notes on the Poisson formula  [PDF]
A. N. Parshin
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: These notes are a part of my lectures on representations of adelic groups attached to two-dimensional schemes. They contain a study of the one-dimensional case as a preliminary step to the case of dimension two. We consider the following issues: the Tate--Iwasawa method for algebraic curves; a discrete version and holomorphic duality; the Poisson formula and residues; explicit formulas; relation with the Artin representation; analogues for the number fields. With appendix on the Dedekind zeta-functions by Irina Rezvjakova.
Summation and the Poisson formula  [PDF]
Madhav V. Nori
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: By giving the definition of the sum of a series indexed by a set on which a group acts, we prove that the sum of the series that defines the Riemann zeta function, the Epstein zeta function, and a few other series indexed by $\Z^k$ has an intrinsic meaning as a complex number, independent of the requirements of analytic continuation. The definition of the sum requires nothing more than algebra and the concept of absolute convergence. The analytical significance of the algebraically defined sum is then explained by an argument that relies on the Poisson formula for tempered distributions.
Poisson summation formula and Box splines  [PDF]
Michele Vergne
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We generalize Dahmen-Micchelli deconvolution formula for Box splines with parameters. Our proof is based on identities for Poisson summation of rational functions with poles on hyperplanes.
Some applications of the Poisson summation formula  [PDF]
M. L. Glasser Nikos Bagis
Physics , 2008,
Abstract: We derive special forms of the Poisson summation formula for even and odd functions, which are applied to obtain representations for Euler-type numbers and to sum various series related to elliptic functions.
Poisson Quasi-Nijenhuis Manifolds  [PDF]
Mathieu Stienon,Ping Xu
Mathematics , 2006, DOI: 10.1007/s00220-006-0168-0
Abstract: We introduce the notion of Poisson quasi-Nijenhuis manifolds generalizing the Poisson-Nijenhuis manifolds of Magri-Morosi. We also investigate the integration problem of Poisson quasi-Nijenhuis manifolds. In particular, we prove that, under some topological assumption, Poisson (quasi)-Nijenhuis manifolds are in one-one correspondence with symplectic (quasi)-Nijenhuis groupoids. As an application, we study generalized complex structures in terms of Poisson quasi-Nijenhuis manifolds. We prove that a generalized complex manifold corresponds to a special class of Poisson quasi-Nijenhuis structures. As a consequence, we show that a generalized complex structure integrates to a symplectic quasi-Nijenhuis groupoid recovering a theorem of Crainic.
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