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Rational curves and ampleness properties of the tangent bundle of algebraic varieties  [PDF]
Frédéric Campana,Thomas Peternell
Mathematics , 1996,
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to translate positivity properties of the tangent bundle (and the anti-canonical bundle) of an algebraic manifold into existence and movability properties of rational curves and to investigate the impact on the global geometry of the manifold $X$. Among the results we prove are these: \quad If $X$ is a projective manifold, and ${\cal E} \subset T_X$ is an ample locally free sheaf with $n-2\ge rk {\cal E}\ge n$, then $X \simeq \EP_n$. \quad Let $X$ be a projective manifold. If $X$ is rationally connected, then there exists a free $T_X$-ample family of (rational) curves. If $X$ admits a free $T_X$-ample family of curves, then $X$ is rationally generated.
On plane rational curves and the splitting of the tangent bundle  [PDF]
Alessandro Gimigliano,Brian Harbourne,Monica Idà
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: Given an immersion $\phi: P^1 \to \P^2$, we give new approaches to determining the splitting of the pullback of the cotangent bundle. We also give new bounds on the splitting type for immersions which factor as $\phi: P^1 \cong D \subset X \to P^2$, where $X \to P^2$ is obtained by blowing up $r$ distinct points $p_i \in P^2$. As applications in the case that the points $p_i$ are generic, we give a complete determination of the splitting types for such immersions when $r \leq 7$. The case that $D^2=-1$ is of particular interest. For $r \leq8$ generic points, it is known that there are only finitely many inequivalent $\phi$ with $D^2=-1$, and all of them have balanced splitting. However, for $r=9$ generic points we show that there are infinitely many inequivalent $\phi$ with $D^2=-1$ having unbalanced splitting (only two such examples were known previously). We show that these new examples are related to a semi-adjoint formula which we conjecture accounts for all occurrences of unbalanced splitting when $D^2=-1$ in the case of $r=9$ generic points $p_i$. In the last section we apply such results to the study of the resolution of fat point schemes.
PGL(2) actions on Grassmannians and projective construction of rational curves with given restricted tangent bundle  [PDF]
Alberto Alzati,Riccardo Re
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: We give an explicit parametrization of the Hilbert schemes of rational curves C in P^n having a given splitting type of the restricted tangent bundle from P^n to C. The adopted technique uses the description of such curves as projections of a rational normal curve from a suitable linear vertex and a classification of those vertices that correspond to the required splitting type of the restricted tangent bundle. This classification involves the study of a suitable PGL(2) action on the relevant Grassmannian variety.
Rational curves, Dynkin diagrams and Fano manifolds with nef tangent bundle  [PDF]
Roberto Mu?oz,Gianluca Occhetta,Luis Eduardo Solá Conde,Kiwamu Watanabe
Mathematics , 2013, DOI: 10.1007/s00208-014-1083-x
Abstract: A Fano manifold $X$ with nef tangent bundle is of flag-type if it has the same type of elementary contractions as a complete flag manifold. In this paper we present a method to associate a Dynkin diagram $\mathcal{D}(X)$ with any such $X$, based on the numerical properties of its contractions. We then show that $\mathcal{D}(X)$ is the Dynkin diagram of a semisimple Lie group. As an application we prove that Campana-Peternell conjecture holds when $X$ is a flag-type manifold whose Dynkin diagram is $A_n$ ($X$ is shown to be the complete flag in $\mathbb{P}^n$).
Semistability criterion for parabolic vector bundles on curves  [PDF]
Indranil Biswas,Ajneet Dhillon
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: We give a cohomological criterion for a parabolic vector bundle on a curve to be semistable. It says that a parabolic vector bundle $E$ with rational parabolic weights is semistable if and only if there is another parabolic vector bundle $F$ with rational parabolic weights such that the cohomologies of the vector bundle underlying the para- bolic tensor product $E \otimes F$ vanish. This criterion generalizes the known semistability criterion of Faltings for vector bundles on curves and significantly improves the result in [Bis07].
Chern connections and Chern curvature of the tangent bundle of almost complex manifolds  [PDF]
Nefton Pali
Mathematics , 2004,
Abstract: The $\bar{\partial}_{_{J}}$ operator over an almost complex manifold induces canonical connections of type $(0,1)$ over the bundles of $(p,0)$-forms. If the almost complex structure is integrable then the previous connections induce the canonical holomorphic structures of the bundles of $(p,0)$-forms. For $p=1$ we can extend the corresponding connection to all Schur powers of the bundle of $(1,0)$-forms. Moreover using the canonical $\C$-linear isomorphism betwen the bundle of $(1,0)$-forms and the complex cotangent bundle $T^*_{X,J}$ we deduce canonical connections of type $(0,1)$ over the Schur powers of the complex cotangent bundle $T^*_{X,J}$. If the almost complex structure is integrable then the previous $(0,1)$-connections induces the canonical holomorphic structures of those bundles. In the non integrable case those $(0,1)$-connections induces just the holomorphic canonical structures of the restrictions of the corresponding bundles to the images of smooth $J$-holomorphic curves. We introduce the notion of Chern curvature for those bundles. The geometrical meaning of this notion is a natural generalisation of the classical notion of Chern curvature for the holomophic vector bundles over a complex manifold. We have a particular interest for the case of the tangent bundle in view of applications concerning the regularisation of $J$-plurisubharmonic fonctions by means of the geodesic flow induced by a Chern connection on the tangent bundle. This method has been used by Demailly in the complex integrable case. Our specific study in the case of the tangent bundle gives an asymptotic expanson of the Chern flow which relates in a optimal way the geometric obstructions caused by the torsion of the almost complex structure, and the non symplectic nature of the metric.
Semistability and Hilbert-Kunz multiplicities for curves  [PDF]
V. Trivedi
Mathematics , 2004, DOI: 10.1016/j.jalgebra.2004.10.016
Abstract: We study Hilbert-Kunz multiplicity of non-singular curves in positive characteristic. We analyse the relationship between the Frobenius semistability of the kernel sheaf associated with the curve and its ample line bundle, and the HK multiplicity. This leads to a lower bound, achieved iff the kernel sheaf is Frobenius semistable, and otherwise to formulas for the HK multiplicity in terms of parameters measuring the failure of Frobenius semistability. As a byproduct, an explicit example of a vector bundle on a curve is given whose $n$-th iterated Frobenius pullback is not semistable, while its $(n-1)$-th such pullback is semistable, where $n>0$ is arbitrary.
Complete families of smooth space curves and strong semistability  [PDF]
Olivier Benoist
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We study complete families of non-degenerate smooth space curves, that is proper subvarieties of the Hilbert scheme of non-degenerate smooth curves in P^3. On the one hand, we construct the first examples of such families. Our examples parametrize curves of genus 2 and degree 5. On the other hand, we obtain necessary conditions for a complete family of smooth polarized curves to induce a complete family of non-degenerate smooth space curves. These restrictions imply for example that the base of such a family cannot be a rational curve. Both results rely on the study of the strong semistability of certain vector bundles.
Apolar Ideal and Normal Bundle of Rational Curves  [PDF]
Alessandro Bernardi
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: As in our previous work [1] we address the problem to determine the splitting of the normal bundle of rational curves. With apolarity theory we are able to characterize some particular subvarieties in some Hilbert scheme of rational curves, defined by the splitting type of the normal bundle and the restricted tangent bundle.
Multiplication on the tangent bundle  [PDF]
Claus Hertling
Mathematics , 1999,
Abstract: Manifolds with a commutative and associative multiplication on the tangent bundle are called F-manifolds if a unit field exists and the multiplication satisfies a natural integrability condition. They are studied here. They are closely related to discriminants and Lagrange maps. Frobenius manifolds are F-manifolds. As an application a conjecture of Dubrovin on Frobenius manifolds and Coxeter groups is proved.
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