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Graded Lie Superalgebras, Supertrace Formula, and Orbit Lie Superalgebras  [PDF]
Seok-Jin Kang,Jae-Hoon Kwon
Mathematics , 1998,
Abstract: Let $\Gamma$ be a countable abelian semigroup and $A$ be a countable abelian group satisfying a certain finiteness condition. Suppose that a group $G$ acts on a $(\Gamma \times A)$-graded Lie superalgebra ${\frak L}=\bigoplus_{(\alpha,a) \in \Gamma\times A} {\frak L}_{(\alpha,a)}$ by Lie superalgebra automorphisms preserving the $(\Gamma\times A)$-gradation. In this paper, we show that the Euler-Poincar\'e principle yields the generalized denominator identity for ${\frak L}$ and derive a closed form formula for the supertraces $\text{str}(g|{\frak L}_{(\alpha,a)})$ for all $g\in G$,$(\alpha,a) \in \Gamma\times A$. We discuss the applications of our supertrace formula to various classes of infinite dimensional Lie superalgebras such as free Lie superalgebras and generalized Kac-Moody superalgebras. In particular, we determine the decomposition of free Lie superalgebras into a direct sum of irreducible $GL(n) \times GL(k)$-modules, and the supertraces of the Monstrous Lie superalgebras with group actions. Finally, we prove that the generalized characters of Verma modules and the irreducible highest weight modules over a generalized Kac-Moody superalgebra ${\frak g}$ corresponding to the Dynkin diagram automorphism $\sigma$ are the same as the usual characters of Verma modules and irreducible highest weight modules over the orbit Lie superalgebra $\breve{\frak g}={\frak g}(\sigma)$ determined by $\sigma$.
On the tensor square of irreducible representations of reductive Lie superalgebras  [PDF]
T. Kr?mer,R. Weissauer
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: For semisimple Lie superalgebras over an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero, whose category of finite dimensional super representations is semisismple, we classify all irreducible super representations for which the alternating or symmetric square representation is irreducible or decomposes into an irreducible representation and a trivial representation.
On representations of Cartan map Lie superalgebras  [PDF]
Irfan Bagci
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: This paper describes finite dimensionall irreducible representations of both twisted and untwisted Cartan map Lie superalgebras.
Indecomposable representations of Lie superalgebras  [PDF]
Dimitry Leites
Mathematics , 2002,
Abstract: In 1960's I. Gelfand posed a problem: describe indecomposable representations of any simple infinite dimensional Lie algebra of polynomial vector fields. Here, by applying the elementary technique of Gelfand and Ponomarev, a toy model of the problem is solved: finite dimensional indecomposable representations of vect(0|2), the Lie superalgebra of vector fields on the (0|2)-dimensional superspace, are described. Since vect (0|2) is isomorphic to sl(1|2) and osp(2|2), their representations are also described. The result is generalized in two directions: for sl(1|n) and osp(2|2n). Independently and differently J. Germoni described indecomposable representation of the series sl(1|n) and several individual Lie superalgebras. Partial results for other simple Lie superalgebras without Cartan matrix are reviewed. In particular, it is only for vect(0|2) and sh(0|4) that the typical irreducible representations can not participate in indecomposable modules; for other simple Lie superalgebras without Cartan matrix (of series vect(0|n), svect(0|n)$, svect(0|n)', spe(n) for n>2 and sh(0|m) for m>4) one can construct indecomposable representations with arbitrary composition factors. Several tame open problems are listed, among them a description of odd parameters
Irreducible representations of solvable Lie superalgebras  [PDF]
Alexander Sergeev
Mathematics , 1998,
Abstract: The description of irreducible finite dimensional representations of finite dimensional solvable Lie superalgebras over complex numbers given by V.~Kac is refined. In reality these representations are not just induced from a polarization but twisted, as infinite dimensional representations of solvable Lie algebras. Various cases of irreducibility (general and of type Q) are classified.
The minimal dimensions of faithful representations for Heisenberg Lie superalgebras  [PDF]
Meiwei Chen,Wende Liu
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: This paper aims to characterize the minimal dimensions and super-dimensions of faithful representations for the Heisenberg Lie superalgebras over an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero.
Strongly typical representations of the basic classical Lie superalgebras  [PDF]
Maria Gorelik
Mathematics , 2000,
Abstract: The category of representations with a strongly typical central character of a basic classical Lie superalgebra is proven to be equivalent to the category of representations of its even part corresponding to an appropriate central character. For a Lie superalgebra $osp(1,2l)$ the category of representations with a "generic" weakly atypical central character is described.
On polynomial representations of classical strange Lie superalgebras  [PDF]
Cuiling Luo
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: In this paper, various polynomial representations of strange classical Lie superalgebras are investigated. It turns out that the representations for the algebras of type P are indecomposable, and we obtain the composition series of the underlying modules. As modules of the algebras of type Q, the polynomial algebras are decomposed into a direct sum of irreducible submodules.
Representations of Lie superalgebras with fusion flags  [PDF]
Deniz Kus
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We study the category of finite--dimensional representations for a basic classical Lie superalgebra $\Lg=\Lg_0\oplus \Lg_1$. For the ortho--symplectic Lie superalgebra $\Lg=\mathfrak{osp}(1,2n)$ we show that certain objects in that category admit a fusion flag, i.e. a sequence of graded $\Lg_0[t]$--modules such that the successive quotients are isomorphic to fusion products. Among these objects we find fusion products of finite--dimensional irreducible $\Lg$--modules, truncated Weyl modules and Demazure type modules. Moreover, we establish a presentation for these types of fusion products in terms of generators and relations of the enveloping algebra.
Structure of polynomial representations for orthosymplectic Lie superalgebras  [PDF]
Cuiling Luo
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: Orthosymplectic Lie superalgebras are fundamental symmetries in modern physics, such as massive supergravity. However, their representations are far from being thoroughly understood. In the present paper, we completely determine the structure of their various supersymmetric polynomial representations obtained by swapping bosonic multiplication operators and differential operators in the canonical supersymmetric polynomial representations. In particular, we obtain certain new infinite-dimensional irreducible representations and new composition series of indecomposable representations for these algebras.
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