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The Yamabe equation on manifolds of bounded geometry  [PDF]
Nadine Gro?e
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: We study the Yamabe problem on open manifolds of bounded geometry and show that under suitable assumptions there exist Yamabe metrics, i.e. conformal metrics of constant scalar curvature. For that, we use weighted Sobolev embeddings.
On the Yamabe Problem on contact Riemannian Manifolds  [PDF]
Feifan Wu,Wei Wang
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: Contact Riemannian manifolds, whose complex structures are not necessarily integrable, are generalization of pseudohermitian manifolds in CR geometry. The Tanaka-Webster-Tanno connection plays the role of the Tanaka-Webster connection of a pseudohermitian manifold. Conformal transformations and the Yamabe problem are also defined naturally in this setting. By constructing the special frames and the normal coordinates on a contact Riemannian manifold, we prove that if the complex structure is not integrable, its Yamabe invariant on a contact Riemannian manifold is always less than the Yamabe invariant of the Heisenberg group. So the Yamabe problem on a contact Riemannian manifold is always solvable.
The k-Yamabe problem on CR manifolds  [PDF]
Ezequiel Barbosa,Luiz Gustavo Carneiro,Marcos Montenegro
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: We introduce the notion of pseudohermitian k-curvature, which is a natural extension of the Webster scalar curvature, on an orientable manifold endowed with a strictly pseudoconvex pseudohermitian structure (referred here as a CR manifold) and raise the k-Yamabe problem on a compact CR manifold. When k=1, the problem was proposed and partially solved by Jerison and Lee for CR manifolds non-locally CR-equivalent to the CR sphere. For k > 1, the problem can be translated in terms of the study of a fully nonlinear equation of type complex k-Hessian. We provide some partial answers related to the CR k-Yamabe problem. We establish that its solutions with null Cotton tensor are critical points of a suitable geometric functional constrained to pseudohermitian structures of unit volume. Thanks to this variational property, we establish a Obata type result for the problem and also compute the infimum of the functional on the CR sphere. Furthermore, we show that this value is an upper bound for the corresponding one on any compact CR manifolds and, assuming the CR Yamabe invariant is positive, we prove that such an upper bound is only attained for compact CR manifolds locally CR-equivalent to the CR sphere. In the Riemannian field, recent advances have been produced in a series of outstanding works.
Yamabe metrics on cylindrical manifolds  [PDF]
Kazuo Akutagawa,Boris Botvinnik
Physics , 2001,
Abstract: We study a particular class of open manifolds. In the category of Riemannian manifolds these are complete manifolds with cylindrical ends. We give a natural setting for the conformal geometry on such manifolds including an appropriate notion of the cylindrical Yamabe constant/invariant. This leads to a corresponding version of the Yamabe problem on cylindrical manifolds. We affirmatively solve this Yamabe problem: we prove the existence of minimizing metrics and analyze their singularities near infinity. These singularities turn out to be of very particular type: either almost conical or almost cusp singularities. We describe the supremum case, i.e. when the cylindrical Yamabe constant is equal to the Yamabe invariant of the sphere. We prove that in this case such a cylindrical manifold coincides conformally with the standard sphere punctured at a finite number of points. In the course of studying the supremum case, we establish a Positive Mass Theorem for specific asymptotically flat manifolds with two almost conical singularities. As a by-product, we revisit known results on surgery and the Yamabe invariant. Key words: manifolds with cylindrical ends, Yamabe constant/invariant, Yamabe problem, conical metric singularities, cusp metric singularities, Positive Mass Theorem, surgery and Yamabe invariant.
Solutions of the equation of a spinorial Yamabe-type problem on manifolds of bounded geometry  [PDF]
Nadine Gro?e
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: We consider a spinorial Yamabe-type problem on open manifolds of bounded geometry. The aim is to study the existence of solutions to the associated Euler-Lagrange-equation. We show that under suitable assumptions such a solution exists. As an application, we prove that existence of a solution implies the conformal Hijazi inequality for the underlying spin manifold.
Embeddability for Three-Dimensional Cauchy-Riemann Manifolds and CR Yamabe Invariants  [PDF]
Sagun Chanillo,Hung-Lin Chiu,Paul C. Yang
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: Let M^3 be a closed CR 3-manifold. In this paper we derive a Bochner formula for the Kohn Laplacian in which the pseudo-hermitian torsion plays no role. By means of this formula we show that the non-zero eigenvalues of the Kohn Laplacian are bounded below by a positive constant provided the CR Paneitz operator is non-negative and the Webster curvature is positive. Our lower bound for the non-zero eigenvalues is sharp and is attained on S^3. A consequence of our lower bound is that all compact CR 3-manifolds with non-negative CR Paneitz operator and positive CR Yamabe constant are embeddable. Non-negativity of the CR Paneitz operator and positivity of the CR Yamabe constant are both CR invariant conditions and do not depend on conformal changes of the contact form. In addition we show that under the sufficient conditions above for embeddability, the embedding is stable in the sense of Burns and Epstein. We also show that for the Rossi example for non-embedability, the CR Paneitz operator is negative. For CR structures close to the standard structure on $S^3$ we show the CR Paneitz operator is positive on the space of pluriharmonic functions with respect to the standard CR structure on $S^3$.
Approximately holomorphic geometry for projective CR manifolds  [PDF]
David Martinez-Torres
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: For compact CR manifolds of hypersurface type which embed in complex projective space, we show for all $k$ large enough the existence of linear systems of $\mathcal{O}(k)$, which when restricted to the CR manifold are generic in a suitable sense. In general these systems are constructed using approximately holomorphic geometry, but for strictly $\mathbb{C}$-convex hypersurfaces generic degree one pencils are obtained via dual geometry. In particular known results about the differential topological type of strictly $\mathbb{C}$-convex hypersurfaces are recovered.
Global minimality of generic manifolds and holomorphic extendibility of CR functions  [PDF]
Joel Merker
Mathematics , 2004,
Abstract: Let M be a smooth generic submanifold of C^n. Tumanov showed that the direction of CR extendability parallel propagates with respect to a certain differential geometric partial connection in a quotient bundle of the normal bundle to M. M is said to be globally minimal at a point z in M if the CR orbit of z contains a neighborhood of z in M. It is shown that the vector space generated by the directions of CR-extendability of CR functions on M is preserved by the induced composed flow between two points in the same CR orbit. As an application, the main result of this paper, conjectured by J.-M. Trepreau in 1990, is established: for wedge extendability of CR functions to hold at every point in the CR-orbit of z M, it is sufficient that M be globally minimal at z.
The Harnack estimate for the Yamabe flow on CR manifolds of dimension 3  [PDF]
Shu-Cheng Chang,Jih-Hsin Cheng
Mathematics , 2000,
Abstract: We deform the contact form by the amount of the Tanaka-Webster curvature on a closed spherical $CR$ three-manifold. We show that if a contact form evolves with free torsion and positive Tanaka-Webster curvature as initial data, then a certain Harnack inequality for the Tanaka-Webster curvature holds.
The Lichnerowicz and Obata first eigenvalue theorems and the Obata uniqueness result in the Yamabe problem on CR and quaternionic contact manifolds  [PDF]
Stefan Ivanov,Dimiter Vassilev
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We report on some aspects and recent progress in certain problems in the sub-Riemannian CR and quaternionic contact (QC) geometries. The focus are the corresponding Yamabe problems on the round spheres, the Lichnerowicz-Obata first eigenvalue estimates, and the relation between these two problems. A motivation from the Riemannian case highlights new and old ideas which are then developed in the settings of Iwasawa sub-Riemannian geometries.
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