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Some Rational Solutions to Painleve' VI  [PDF]
Gert Almkvist
Mathematics , 2003,
Abstract: Starting with a Riccati equation solved by hypergeometric functions, some sequences of rational solutions to Painleve' VI are obtained.
Solutions of the Painleve VI Equation from Reduction of Integrable Hierarchy in a Grassmannian Approach  [PDF]
H. Aratyn,J. van de Leur
Physics , 2008,
Abstract: We present an explicit method to perform similarity reduction of a Riemann-Hilbert factorization problem for a homogeneous GL (N, C) loop group and use our results to find solutions to the Painleve VI equation for N=3. The tau function of the reduced hierarchy is shown to satisfy the sigma-form of the Painleve VI equation. A class of tau functions of the reduced integrable hierarchy is constructed by means of a Grassmannian formulation. These solutions provide rational solutions of the Painleve VI equation.
Darboux-Egoroff Metrics, Rational Landau-Ginzburg Potentials and the Painleve VI Equation  [PDF]
H. Aratyn,J. F. Gomes,A. H. Zimerman
Physics , 2002, DOI: 10.1088/0305-4470/36/4/311
Abstract: We present a class of three-dimensional integrable structures associated with the Darboux-Egoroff metric and classical Euler equations of free rotations of a rigid body. They are obtained as canonical structures of rational Landau-Ginzburg potentials and provide solutions to the Painleve VI equation.
Computation of RS-pullback transformations for algebraic Painleve VI solutions  [PDF]
Raimundas Vidunas,Alexander Kitaev
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: Algebraic solutions of the sixth Painleve equation can be computed using pullback transformations of hypergeometric equations with respect to specially ramified rational coverings. In particular, as was noticed by the second author and Doran, some algebraic solutions can be constructed from a rational covering alone, without computation of the pullbacked Fuchsian equation. But the same covering can be used to pullback different hypergeometric equations, resulting in different algebraic Painleve VI solutions. This paper presents computations of explicit RS-pullback transformations, and derivation of algebraic Painleve VI solutions from them.
Darboux-Backlund Derivation of Rational Solutions of the Painleve IV Equation  [PDF]
H. Aratyn,J. F. Gomes,A. H. Zimerman
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1063/1.3367030
Abstract: Rational solutions of the Painleve IV equation are constructed in the setting of pseudo-differential Lax formalism describing AKNS hierarchy subject to the additional non-isospectral Virasoro symmetry constraint. Convenient Wronskian representations for rational solutions are obtained by successive actions of the Darboux-Backlund transformations.
Picard and Chazy solutions to the Painleve' VI equation  [PDF]
M. Mazzocco
Mathematics , 1999,
Abstract: I study the solutions of a particular family of Painlev\'e VI equations with the parameters $\beta=\gamma=0, \delta=1/2$ and $2\alpha=(2\mu-1)^2$, for $2\mu\in\interi$. I show that the case of half-integer $\mu$ is integrable and that the solutions are of two types: the so-called Picard solutions and the so-called Chazy solutions. I give explicit formulae for them and completely determine their asymptotic behaviour near the singular points $0,1,\infty$ and their nonlinear monodromy. I study the structure of analytic continuation of the solutions to the PVI$\mu$ equation for any $\mu$ such that $2\mu\in\interi$. As an application, I classify all the algebraic solutions. For $\mu$ half-integer, I show that they are in one to one correspondence with regular polygons or star-polygons in the plane. For $\mu$ integer, I show that all algebraic solutions belong to a one-parameter family of rational solutions.
The symplectic Kadomtsev-Petviashvili hierarchy and rational solutions of Painlevé VI  [PDF]
Henrik Aratyn,Johan van de Leur
Physics , 2004,
Abstract: Equivalence is established between a special class of Painleve VI equations parametrized by a conformal dimension $\mu$, time dependent Euler top equations, isomonodromic deformations and three-dimensional Frobenius manifolds. The isomodromic tau function and solutions of the Euler top equations are explicitly constructed in terms of Wronskian solutions of the 2-vector 1-constrained symplectic Kadomtsev-Petviashvili (CKP) hierarchy by means of Grassmannian formulation. These Wronskian solutions give rational solutions of the Painleve VI equation for $\mu=1,2,{...} $.
On Algebraic Solutions to Painleve VI  [PDF]
Katsunori Iwasaki
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: We announce some results which might bring a new insight into the classification of algebraic solutions to the sixth Painleve equation. The main results consist of the rationality of parameters, trigonometric Diophantine conditions, and what the author calls the Tetrahedral Theorem regarding the absence of algebraic solutions in certain situations. The method is based on fruitful interactions between the moduli theoretical formulation of Painleve VI and dynamics on character varieties via the Riemann-Hilbert correspondence.
Hankel determinant structure of the rational solutions for fifth Painleve equation  [PDF]
Q. S. A. Al-Zamil
Applied Mathematical Sciences , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper, we construct the Hankel determinant representationof the rational solutions for the fifth Painlev′e equation through theUmemura polynomials. Our construction gives an explicit form of theUmemura polynomials σn for n ≥ 0 in terms of the Hankel Determinantformula. Besides, We compute the generating function of the entries interms of logarithmic derivative of the Heun Confluent Function.
A Four-parametric Rational Solution to Painleve' VI  [PDF]
Gert Almkvist
Mathematics , 2003,
Abstract: Starting with a rational solution to Painleve' VI, coming from a Riccati equation, using Okamoto's theory a four-parametric rational solution is obtained.
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