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Vertex Operators for Deformed Virasoro Algebra  [PDF]
Alexey A. Kadeishvili
Physics , 1996, DOI: 10.1134/1.567114
Abstract: Vertex operators for the deformed Virasoro algebra are defined, their bosonic representation is constructed and difference equation for the simplest vertex operators is described.
Baxter operators with deformed symmetry  [PDF]
D. Chicherin,S. Derkachov,D. Karakhanyan,R. Kirschner
Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1016/j.nuclphysb.2012.12.002
Abstract: Baxter operators are constructed for quantum spin chains with deformed $s\ell_2$ symmetry. The parallel treatment of Yang-Baxter operators for the cases of undeformed, trigonometrically and elliptically deformed symmetries presented earlier and relying on the factorization regarding parameter permutations is extended to the global chain operators following the scheme worked out recently in the undeformed case.
q-deformed noncommutative cat states and their nonclassical properties  [PDF]
Sanjib Dey
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.91.044024
Abstract: We study several classical like properties of q-deformed nonlinear coherent states as well as nonclassical behaviours of q-deformed version of the Schrodinger cat states in noncommutative space. Coherent states in q-deformed space are found to be minimum uncertainty states together with the squeezed photon distributions unlike the ordinary systems, where the photon distributions are always Poissonian. Several advantages of utilising cat states in noncommutative space over the standard quantum mechanical spaces have been reported here. For instance, the q-deformed parameter has been utilised to improve the squeezing of the quadrature beyond the ordinary case. Most importantly, the parameter provides an extra degree of freedom by which we achieve both quadrature squeezed and number squeezed cat states at the same time in a single system, which is impossible to achieve from ordinary cat states.
New nonlinear coherent states associated to inverse bosonic and $f$-deformed ladder operators  [PDF]
M. K. Tavassoly
Mathematics , 2009, DOI: 10.1088/1751-8113/41/28/285305
Abstract: Using the {\it nonlinear coherent states method}, a formalism for the construction of the coherent states associated to {\it "inverse bosonic operators"} and their dual family has been proposed. Generalizing the approach, the "inverse of $f$-deformed ladder operators" corresponding to the nonlinear coherent states in the context of quantum optics and the associated coherent states have been introduced. Finally, after applying the proposal to a few known physical systems, particular nonclassical features as sub-Poissonian statistics and the squeezing of the quadratures of the radiation field corresponding to the introduced states have been investigated.
Lukyanov's Screening Operators for the Deformed Virasoro Algebra  [PDF]
M. Jimbo,M. Lashkevich,T. Miwa,Y. Pugai
Physics , 1996, DOI: 10.1016/S0375-9601(97)00200-4
Abstract: The BRST property of Lukyanov's screening operators in the bosonic representation of the deformed Virasoro algebra is proven.
Deformed photon-added nonlinear coherent states and their nonclassical properties  [PDF]
O Safaeian,M K Tavassoly
Mathematics , 2011, DOI: 10.1088/1751-8113/44/22/225301
Abstract: In this paper, we will try to present a general formalism for the construction of {\it deformed photon-added nonlinear coherent states} (DPANCSs) $|\alpha, f, m>$, which in special case lead to the well-known photon-added coherent state (PACS) $|\alpha, m>$. Some algebraic structures of the introduced DPANCSs are studied and particularly the resolution of the identity, as the most important property of generalized coherent states, is investigated. Meanwhile, it will be demonstrated that, the introduced states can also be classified in the $f$-deformed coherent states, with a special nonlinearity function. Next, we will show that, these states can be produced through a simple theoretical scheme. A discussion on the DPANCSs with negative values of $m$, i.e., $|\alpha, f, -m>$, is then presented. Our approach, has the potentiality to be used for the construction of a variety of new classes of DPANCSs, corresponding to any nonlinear oscillator with known nonlinearity function, as well as arbitrary solvable quantum system with known discrete, nondegenerate spectrum. Finally, after applying the formalism to a particular physical system known as P\"oschl-Teller (P-T) potential and the nonlinear coherent states corresponding to a specific nonlinearity function $f(n)=\sqrt n$, some of the nonclassical properties such as Mandel parameter, second order correlation function, in addition to first and second-order squeezing of the corresponding states will be investigated, numerically.
Nonclassical Sturm-Liouville problems and Schrodinger operators on radial trees
Robert Carlson
Electronic Journal of Differential Equations , 2000,
Abstract: Schrodinger operators on graphs with weighted edges may be defined using possibly infinite systems of ordinary differential operators. This work mainly considers radial trees, whose branching and edge lengths depend only on the distance from the root vertex. The analysis of operators with radial coefficients on radial trees is reduced, by a method analogous to separation of variables, to nonclassical boundary-value problems on the line with interior point conditions. This reduction is used to study self adjoint problems requiring boundary conditions `at infinity'.
Harmonics for Deformed Steenrod Operators  [PDF]
Francois Bergeron,Adriano Garsia,Nolan Wallach
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: We explore in this paper the spaces of common zeros of several deformations of Steenrod operators.
k-Component q-deformed charge coherent states and their nonclassical properties  [PDF]
X. -M. Liu,C. Quesne,F. Song
Physics , 2005, DOI: 10.1063/1.1951607
Abstract: k-Component q-deformed charge coherent states are constructed, their (over)completeness proved and their generation explored. The q-deformed charge coherent states and the even (odd) q-deformed charge coherent states are the two special cases of them as k becomes 1 and 2, respectively. A D-algebra realization of the SU$_q$(1,1) generators is given in terms of them. Their nonclassical properties are studied and it is shown that for $k\geq3$, they exhibit two-mode q-antibunching, but neither SU$_q$(1,1) squeezing, nor one- or two-mode q-squeezing.
A new class of $f$-deformed charge coherent states and their nonclassical properties  [PDF]
M Mortazavi,M K Tavassoly
Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1088/1751-8113/45/24/244011
Abstract: Two-mode charge (pair) coherent states has been introduced previously by using $<\eta|$ representation. In the present paper we reobtain these states by a rather different method. Then, using the nonlinear coherent states approach and based on a simple manner by which the representation of two-mode charge coherent states is introduced, we generalize the bosonic creation and annihilation operators to the $f$-deformed ladder operators and construct a new class of $f$-deformed charge coherent states. Unlike the (linear) pair coherent states, our presented structure has the potentiality to generate a large class of pair coherent states with various nonclassicality signs and physical properties which are of interest. Along this purpose, we use a few well-known nonlinearity functions associated with particular quantum systems as some physical appearances of our presented formalism. After introducing the explicit form of the above correlated states in two-mode Fock-space, several nonclassicality features of the corresponding states (as well as the two-mode linear charge coherent states) are numerically investigated by calculating quadrature squeezing, Mandel parameter, second-order correlation function, second-order correlation function between the two modes and Cauchy-Schwartz inequality. Also, the oscillatory behaviour of the photon count and the quasi-probability (Husimi) function of the associated states will be discussed.
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