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Prospective Teachers’ Views about Critical Pedagogy
Journal of Kirsehir Education Faculty , 2011,
Abstract: The main aim of the research is to examine prospective teachers’ views about critical pedagogy according to various variables. The participants’ views are compared according to gender, the current university program and grade. The sample of the survey model study consists of 567 randomly chosen teachers. Data is gathered by Principles of Critical Pedagogy Scale. The scale consists of three sub-dimensions: “Education System, Functions of School and Emancipator School”. Descriptive statistics, t-test and ANOVA are used for data analysis. According to the research findings, prospective teachers most agree with Emancipator School, Functions of School and Education System respectively. Prospective teachers agree with the following item the most: “Teachers must question themselves when students criticize” and with the following item the least: “Schools waste individuals and societies”. The participants’ views vary according to gender, the current university program and grade. There is a significant difference between the views ofprospective teachers from Thesis and Non-thesis Master’s Programs.
L1 Educational Studies in Language and Literature , 2012,
Abstract: A report is presented of experiences that persuaded a group of experienced Taiwanese Chinese Lan-guage primary school teachers who had visited Hong Kong to observe how the subject they were re-sponsible for teaching was being taught in Hong Kong to change their practice on returning to Tai-wan. Overseen by Taiwanese and Hong Kong university academics, the Taiwan and Hong teachers ex-changed professional experiences and ideas, and school visits were arranged to allow the Taiwanese teachers to see for themselves how reading comprehension was being taught in Hong Kong primary schools. On returning to Taiwan, retrospective impressions of the visit by the Taiwanese teachers were reported to colleagues, and seminars, follow-up focus group meetings and online forum discussions were organized. A group of Hong Kong teachers later visited Taiwan to see how their Taiwanese col-leagues were teaching reading. The visits, exchanges of ideas and the follow-up activities were very productive, all serving as catalysts causing the teachers to change their pedagogy on returning to Tai-wan, one of the most important being the experience of seeing at first-hand the strategies used by Hong Kong teachers to improve the reading comprehension of their students and another being the way the students had responded.
Global Paradigm Shift in Pedagogy and English Language Teachers' Professional Development in Pakistan  [cached]
Asim Karim
International Journal of Asian Social Science , 2012,
Abstract: Education system like other areas of modern society has undergone a phenomenal paradigm shift from learning to e learning and teacher to e teacher. The shift embodies substantial departure from objectivist teacher centered instructional methodology to collaborative, interactive, customized, metacognitive and constructivist pedagogical approaches. The paradigm also signifies increased use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in teaching/ learning practices and higher education (Nawaz 2011). Importantly ICTs are now considered essential to knowledge construction and as facilitators of learner centered pedagogy. They have also become integral to teacher-learner partnership in learning, virtual learning creative/critical thinking, higher order skills and customized planning for learning styles. The EFL teachers in Pakistan in this context needs to be made cognizant of this paradigm shift and developed accordingly. They need to be trained in emerging techniques so that they can better innovate in their personalities, teaching methods and their teaching objectives and producing citizens who possesses global adoptability and can communicate across the planet. The study particularly highlights importance of diverse learning styles and use of ICTS in language teaching and learning for meaningful realization of this paradigm shift in our context. The conclusion is drawn that these characteristics need to be incorporated into content areas of education and teachers training templates for sustainable and meaningful changes in the education and training out comes.
The Influence of Dewey’s Pedagogy in the Training of Basic Education Teachers of the Federal University of Amapá-Brazil  [PDF]
J. C. Sá-Oliveira, A. C. E. C. Campos, A. S. Araújo, A. A. D. Alberto
Creative Education (CE) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2017.88086
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to identify the influence of Dewey’s pedagogy in the praxis of teacher-students in formation in the National Teacher Training Plan of Brazil, as well as to identify and reveal to these students the influences of this philosopher in the discipline theory and practice of teaching of Sciences. The methodological approach of the study was qualitative and quantitative, involving 65 student-teachers who were fulfilling this discipline. The research trajectory began with the use of questionnaires on world education theorists, explaining Dewey’s theory to the evaluation of the plans developed by the student-teachers, observing indications pertinent to Dewey’s pedagogy. The results showed that students did not know Dewey’s educational ideas, although they used them at various points in their pedagogical activities. The influence of the ideas of this theorist in the discipline was evident in the development of the plans elaborated by the students, without excluding the influences of other important theoreticians of world education, as well as in their praxis, whether due to the compliance with the guidelines of the National Curricular Parameters or by the pedagogy intuition that each one has. It was also noticed that there is a gap in the formation of the student-teachers who participated in this study in disciplines that are responsible for presenting the main theorists of national and world education, especially the theoreticians whose ideas are implicit in the Brazilian National Curricular Parameters.
Creativity in Greek Music Curricula and Pedagogy: An Investigation of Greek Music Teachers’ Perceptions  [PDF]
Dimitrios Zbainos, Ariadni Anastasopoulou
Creative Education (CE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2012.31009
Abstract: Creativity’s enhancement through education has been widely discussed and promoted in Greece, especially in the past few decades. In the music domain, teaching philosophy and practice seem to focus on ways that can encourage children to learn and apply their knowledge through creative music activities. This paper reports on the outcomes of a study undertaken with 112 general music teachers of different ages and scientific backgrounds, who teach in 235 primary and secondary schools in Greece. Being the first time that such research is being conducted in Greece, the main aim of the study was to reveal how Greek music teachers think, feel about, and influence pupils’ creativity and the teaching conditions that may enhance or inhibit it. It is believed that such a study may contribute to the development of creativity enhancement projects through music teaching. The findings suggest that creativity is associated by Greek music teachers with a natural gift that cannot be addressed in all students, and can only be partly taught in music classroom. They also indicate that teachers do not have an explicit understanding of music creativity as well as creativity assessment, since most of them tend to assess students’ creative performance on the basis on non musical criteria (i.e. participation, eagerness, etc.). Results also show that creative musical activities are more often applied in primary education, while in secondary education they are successively replaced by music theory and history. Finally, teachers’ negative views about the music curriculum, text- books and number of teaching hours are identified. Such findings lead to suggestions for numerous changes in music teachers’ education, establishing training in teaching for creativity as a fundamental priority.
Portrayal of Teachers in Popular Media: Pushing the Frontier of Collaboration with Media Business in Pedagogy and Technology  [PDF]
Orest Cap, Joanna Black
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2014.25028

This presentation is based on a unique Summer Institute at the University of Manitoba, Canada in which the presenters examined the relationship between pedagogy and the popular mass media from ([6] Butler, 2000; [12] Maruri, 2012) and beyond [11] Dalton (2010). The image of the tea- cher provides thematic explorations of school culture, pedagogy, human rights, equality, race, gender, bullying, poverty, stereotyping, and power relations [7] Bulman (2005). The authors of the paper describe a case study which was carried out in a Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Education and Master of Education program at the Faculty of Education over a two-week period in August of 2013 with 24 pre-service public school teachers and technical college instructors.

A transsexual patient searching for adjustment
Dui?in Dragana,Raki? Zoran,Bari?i? Jasmina,Nikoli?-Balkoski Gordana
Srpski Arhiv za Celokupno Lekarstvo , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/sarh0808406d
Abstract: Introduction Transsexual phenomenon is very complex, which is confirmed in everyday practice with these patients. There are many reasons why we have chosen to present this patient's case report. Case outline The aim of this case report was to indicate how our female-to-male (FtM) transsexual patient tried to change her own sexual drive with the purpose of showing high adaptation in social environment as her personal representation of mental health. At the same time, this was an attempt to escape from gender dysphoria by becoming heterosexual escaping from her basic sexual drive. Our patient could not put her erotic attributes in sexual relations, so she had numerous heterosexual, bisexual and homosexual relationships. Conclusion By this case report, we want to present how conviction of belonging to the opposite sex can affect erotic contact with the same and different sex.
Addressing the Principles for School Mathematics: a Case Study of Elementary Teachers’ Pedagogy and Practices in an Urban High-Poverty School  [PDF]
Robert Q. Berry,Linda Bol,Sueanne E. McKinney
International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education , 2009,
Abstract: The extent to which four novice teachers assigned to an urban high-poverty school implemented the Principles of School Mathematics during their mathematics instruction program was investigated using a case study design. The research team conducted 36 unannounced observations of the participating teachers and utilized a developed assessment to guide their observations. Results indicated that only one teacher was judged proficient for all the Principles. The remaining three teachers fell short in the implementation and direction of the Principles. Detailed descriptions of the pedagogical practices of the teachers are provided.
The right to health care for transsexual people in Cuba
Roque,Alberto; Rodríguez,R. Mayra;
MEDICC Review , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1555-79602012000200009
Abstract: gender identity is a sociocultural construct based (in nearly every society) on a binary norm: female and male. transsexual individuals suffer from intense family and social discrimination because they express a dissident sexuality incongruent with this norm. they assert they feel trapped in a body that does not belong to them, so they seek help from health professionals to modify their bodies, to "adapt their bodies to their minds." this essay discusses health care for transsexual persons in cuba from a human rights perspective that does not pathologize their gender identification.
The right to health care for transsexual people in Cuba  [cached]
Alberto Roque,R. Mayra Rodríguez
MEDICC Review , 2012,
Abstract: Gender identity is a sociocultural construct based (in nearly every society) on a binary norm: female and male. Transsexual individuals suffer from intense family and social discrimination because they express a dissident sexuality incongruent with this norm. They assert they feel trapped in a body that does not belong to them, so they seek help from health professionals to modify their bodies, to "adapt their bodies to their minds." This essay discusses health care for transsexual persons in Cuba from a human rights perspective that does not pathologize their gender identification.
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