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计算机科学 , 1996,
Abstract: 溯因推理(Abduction)是已知某一结果已经发生,去寻找这个结果的原因。具体地说,给定原因集
Alegoria californiana Californian allegory  [cached]
Julio Ramos
Alea : Estudos Neolatinos , 2012,
Abstract: O ensaio parte dos murais de Diego Rivera realizados nos anos 1930 nos Estados Unidos para desentranhar neles uma alegoria das rela es Norte e Sul, América do Norte e América Latina. A viagem do muralista mexicano aos Estados Unidos alegoriza essa rela o em que se formulam estratégias de combina o entre técnica e natureza, máquina e corpo, nestes murais que representam a linha de produ o fordista e a racionaliza o do tempo do trabalho físico. A viagem de Rivera alegoriza ainda a constitui o do "latino-americanismo", como campo universitário em que se inserem as representa es culturalizadas da América Latina nos Estados Unidos. A partir dessa matriz o ensaio se detém sobre as políticas da língua hispanica que se inscreve como língua diaspórica nos Estados Unidos, segundo o paradigma da tradu o, e encarnando-se em maneiras possíveis de convoca o do corpo como corpo da língua nos poemas de Rosário Castellanos e no clássico de Pablo Neruda, "Alturas de Macchu Picchu". El ensayo parte de los murales de Diego Rivera realizados durante los a os 30 en Estados Unidos para desentra ar en ellos una alegoría de las relaciones Norte y Sur, América del Norte y América Latina. El viaje del muralista mexicano a Estados Unidos alegoriza esa relación en que se formulan estrategias de combinación entre técnica y naturaleza, máquina y cuerpo, en estos murales que representan la línea de producción fordista y la racionalización del tiempo del trabajo físico. El viaje de Rivera alegoriza también la constitución del "latinoamericanismo", como campo universitario en que se insertan las representaciones culturalizadas de América Latina en Estados Unidos. Partiendo de esa matriz, el ensayo se detiene sobre las políticas de la lengua hispánica que se inscribe como lengua diaspórica en Estados Unidos, según el paradigma de la traducción, y encarnándose en maneras posibles de convocación del cuerpo como cuerpo de la lengua en los poemas de Rosario Castellanos y en el clásico de Pablo Neruda, "Alturas de Macchu Picchu". The essay takes its cue from Diego Rivera's murals accomplished in the thirties in the United States in order to localize in them an allegory of North-South relations, North America and Latin America. The Mexican muralist's trip to the United States allegorizes this relationship in which are formulated strategies for combining technology and nature, the machine and the body, in these murals which represent the Fordist production line and the racionalization of time in physical labor. Rivera's trip also allegorizes the constitution of "Latin Americanism", as
Vision, Big Data, and the Allegory of the Cave  [PDF]
Kurt Stuke
Open Journal of Business and Management (OJBM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojbm.2015.34041
Abstract: The importance of vision in guiding a leader and an organization is paramount. Given the importance of vision, leaders will often seek assistance from tools in order to amplify their vision. Big data is one of the primary tools commonly sought. In this brief article, the advantages and disadvantages of relying on big data are explored. Plato’s allegory of the cave is used to advance the position that a proper vision ought to dwell in experience first and only secondarily resort to abstraction.
A Modern Allegory of The Color Purple  [cached]
De-yan GUO
Canadian Social Science , 2009,
Abstract: Alice Walker became the first black woman to win a Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1983 for The Color Purple. Even though it has been severely attacked by some people for its nasty language, lesbian relationship and domestic violence, The Color Purple is still hailed as a classic book in exploring the pathos of black women in social context. The strength of the book mainly derives from the regeneration of the multitude of characters with the protagonist Celie in the forefront. Facing the overwhelmingly powerful patriarchal culture, Celie unresistingly places herself under the domination and authority of men, as revealed in her way of naming men, her fear of men and of God. While later through the wholesome influence of Sofia and mothering nurturing of Shug, Celie’s sense of ego is gradually awakened. She finally enters the world of creation. In return, the arrogant Shug and Amazon-like Sofia become more compassionate and gentle. While the black women enjoy their close bond and dearly selfhood, the black men as exemplified by Mr. ____and Harpo also go through the process of reexamination of their existence. They no longer view women as objects; instead they begin to acknowledge their equal status as human beings. So at the end of the book, both black men and women discover in themselves the ability to love and to be loved and learn to embrace the selfhood, sisterhood and brotherhood. In this sense, The Color Purple can be interpreted as a modern allegory in which the characters finally reach the state of self-fulfillment and the state of perfection through pains. Key Words: Alice Walker, The Color Purple, Patriarchy, Self-Negation, Self-Realization, Transformation, Allegory Résumé: Alice Walker est devenue la première femme noire qui a obtenu le prix Pulitzer de fiction en 1983 pour son oeuvre The Color Purple. Quoique attaquéviolemment pour sa langue vulgaire , le lesbianisme , et la violance conjugale , The Color Purple est tout de même considéré comme chef-d’oeuvre classique en raison de sa recherche sur la souffrance des femmes noires du point de vue sociologique . Le grand succès du roman réside dans la révélation de régénération spirituelle d’une multitude des héros avec le protagoniste Celie En face d’une phallocratie puissante , Celie , n’ayant aucune conscience de s’y opposer , se laisse opprimer et dominer par l’autorité des hommes . Ce caractère se reflète pleinement dans ses appellations envers les hommes , son effroi de l’homme et de Dieu . Cependant , avec l’influence de Sophia et Shug , sa propre conscience se réveille petit à petit , enfin ,
基于限定的溯因问题求解  [PDF]
软件学报 , 1997,
Abstract: 溯因问题是人工智能中的一个重要研究方向,它在许多领域中有着广泛的应用,但在很多情形下,溯因解释的求取是非常困难的.本文提供一种基于限定理论的溯因解释求法,对于满足完备性公理和正原因假设的理论,可以证明其限定中的相容解释就是溯因解释,并且对horn子句集给出具体的求解算法.
Paul’s use of slavery imagery in the Hagar allegory  [cached]
P. Balla
In die Skriflig , 2009, DOI: 10.4102/ids.v43i1.217
Abstract: In this article it is examined how Paul used slavery imagery in Galatians 4 when dealing with the theme of God’s “children”. The use of words related to the semantic field of slavery in Galatians is briefly discussed. Paul uses these words both with their literal meaning and in a figurative sense. This is also true for the main passage to be discussed in this article – the Hagar allegory. In Galatians 4, Paul first speaks about a real slave wo- man, and then uses this imagery to describe those who do not accept God’s promises to have been fulfilled in Jesus. The way Paul uses the term “allegorise” is examined. It is argued that in Galatians 4 Paul uses the slavery imagery in order to speak about aspects of one’s relationship to God. The background of his use of the Hagar allegory is his “salvation historical” view concerning God’s covenantal relationship to his people. He uses allusions to Old Testament texts to express his view re- garding who belongs to God’s people in the era of the new covenant.
Glaucia Dunley
Psicanálise e Barroco em Revista , 2007,
Abstract: Inspired by Marcel Carné’s movie “Les visiteurs du soir”, an allegory against the totalitarian power present in France during german occupation in the Second World War, I intend to workin three concepts belonging to Nietzsche’s philosophy – niilism, will for power, and eternal recurrence – which shall be the operators in my critical reading of Freud’s work and of theactual state of psychoanalysis. My objective is that these concepts, owners of strangeness, might trnsform our certainties (that I called “petrifications”) in uncertainties, stimulating theraise of the radical doubt in order to obtain a productive and contemporary knowledge in psychoanalysis.
水:中国法思想的本喻  [PDF]
法学研究 , 2010,
Abstract: 中国法思想的类型在本源上就不同于西方。早期的中国哲人对法的思考并不借助于概念和逻辑,而是来自于对水这种物质的观审、想象和沉思,由水所提供的意象成为中国法思想的一个原型。从治水的经验中提取出对治人一样有用的“准绳”概念,从“静止的水”的观省中建构了法的模型,从“源头之水”、“水舟关系”建立起中国传统政治法律关系原型。对于中国传统法思想而言,“水”不是说明“法”的一个文学意义的比喻,而是对法进行概念认知过程中的一个“本喻”,是概念体系的基础。
溯因推理问题的碰集求解方法  [PDF]
软件学报 , 2015, DOI: 10.13328/j.cnki.jos.004694
Abstract: 溯因推理为归纳与演绎推理之外的另一种重要的推理形式,在人工智能等领域有着广泛的应用.通俗地讲,溯因推理是从观察(结果)去推断原因的推理过程.不同于以往的研究思路,通过使用本原蕴含式和素蕴含,证明了可以把命题逻辑和命题模态逻辑系统s5中求溯因问题的极小解释转化为求对应集合的极小碰集问题.给出了求解溯因问题的一种新方法.
溯河幼对虾的摄食习性和蜕皮特性  [PDF]
分析化学 , 1983,
Abstract: “溯河”是幼对虾生活周期中一个重要特性.为了探索溯河幼对虾(Penaeusorientalis)发育生长与饵料生物和其他环境条件因素的关系,做了两项试验工作.在渤海湾大口河用跨网试验幼对虾的进河数量和在盐用田喂养幼对虾.
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